Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

2nd Amendment in Ukraine

February 24, 2022 Jeff Dowdle Episode 106
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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Welcome to the live to shoot podcast.My name is Jeff download.I've been licensed firearm dealer for the last14years in this podcast.We talk about all things related to the second amendment.So it was my,a sports story or something going on in everyday politics or something going on in my life.So welcome,welcome,welcome.And what we have have been our last few weeks anyway,just a little personal site.I injured my hamstring about three weeks ago and I have been struggling with it.And for me,I'm a big runner and I run literally every day.And I'm scheduled to running a half marathon on Sunday.I have not been able to run around a little bit last Sunday and then not got sick.I've been sick the last few days and now an ice storm has roll in and I can get outside.So I have no idea what the result of this hack marathon is going to be.I'm just going to try and finish.This this weekend and see I'd hopefully I can run relatively pain-free.I don't know.It's been a frustrating,frustrating week for me.And so that's just a little bit what's going on going through there is ice with another,you know,I storm come in.So this is the second one this year,you know,we had the big one last year,but nothing like those,like the one last year,like the lasted just a couple of days.Let's start it yesterday.And well probably be gone by tomorrow with the way what temperatures are looking like big news is,is that Russia looks like they did start their invasion of Ukraine last night,missiles and artillery,Pryor,and tanks moving in and you know,I'm not going to get into geopolitics.Or anything because it's really not my strong suit.I do know that I do not want the U S sending troops over to the Soviet union.I don't think this is our fight.We don't need to be involved in this.This does.That's no good.I also don't think if we'd had another precedent in there that Putin would be doing this,but he knows that the us isn't going to do anything in the form of sanctions or anything.Nature.He has obviously not afraid of Biden or any of us.And so I think,you know,Trump had been in there.We wouldn't have be having these conversation.And those are,again,just,just my opinion.I think right now the position of the U S and w on the world stage is significantly weakened,but,you know,that's what it is.That's what we wanted.We wanted,we want to be the lapdog and we wanted everybody to like us.That is what people don't like about Trump is that he was a fat,nasty tweets.And he,you know,he stood up against the bullies.Now you see what happens when you don't stand up against bullies,but.It does look like the second amendment is trying to move his way into Ukraine.And again,don't to talk about Ukraine so much,but their parliament voted on Wednesday to significantly loosen gun control laws that they had to allow their citizens to begin to purchase and possess firearms for self-defense.As the Russian troops are lining up on their border and.I think that it's,it's curious.I wonder.And this is the one thing I've always wondered is what would.Let these and gun control activists be saying if along the Canadian border on the Mexican border or out on,outside on the,the Pacific ocean now,just outside Los Angeles,maybe the Chinese Navy often positioned itself.Just that,that,or the Chinese army.Was it along the Mexican,California border?And,and assembling troops,what would they start saying about having armed citizens?And I think that is something that is often lost where we talk about gun violence,but we don't know what it means to be having armed citizenry and in the Federalist46.Madison.So aptly said that American exp Americans possess the advantage of being armed,unlike almost every other nation in our right to keep and bear arms coupled with the existence of political subdivisions can serve as a check on the out of control,federal government forums,quote-unquote forums,a barrier gets the enterprise of ambition more insurmountable than any which a simple government of any form.So it does form a barrier.I think,you know,when you talk to people in other countries,they understand that America is different because of our arms citizenry.They don't understand it.I think in a lot of cases how,how we got here,but we got here because we had been subject to oppression and we were not going to stand for other people.Have I ever gotten used to it over the thousands of years of just having land taken from them over and over again,that was not going to be the U S way.And our forefathers knew it.They were getting away from it.They knew there was something better out there.And part of that was that we had to maintain our right to protect.But right.To possess a firearms.And they knew that that enemy could be foreign.It could be domestic.And that we could not infringe upon that because as soon as you infringed upon it,a power hungry,a tyrant or tyrannical regime is what we have right now would come in and take advantage of it.You know,Ukraine,it's a little different.They are seeing the,Hey,we need to have an armed citizenry and Italy.Interesting.You know,there's.Yes,it's,it's an art citizen with an AK47alone is not going to be the bill to stop the Russian.For moving in,but just as it said,there are some that are probably on list to be assassinated,to be imprisoned and you have a right to try and to defend yourself from it,from that enemy.And I'm sure if we were in the same position,everybody would be lining up to buy every single firearm and they would be looking at those people that in Texas,that quote unquote,have those military style rifles and might have a few of them might have,let's say eight or nine that they would have regional.You know,and the paper would have called that an arsenal and,you know,a couple thousand rounds of ammunition as looking at them and saying,is that all we've got,I am your neighbor.Please help me.No.This is my,for me,you go by your own,you should've had yours a long time ago,and that is,that is the way this what unfold.So,you know,we're going to sit back,watch what happens in Ukraine.We pray for the Ukrainians.I don't,I don't want to see.Go on don't rush it.It's not our friend,but this should not be happening.We shouldn't have allowed this happen,but we don't need to send our,our blood and our treasure over there to stop it.That is my opinion.We have to continue to.Stand up for our second amendment rights and that's why a Texas primary is going on right now.Tuesday's the actual election early voting ins tomorrow.And other states are going to be falling and so get out and vote,vote for those people that support the second amendment,but not only don't look just at that,they support the second amendment look to see because a lot claim they do,but look to see what their true actions have been in regards to other.Fundamental rights,such as religion in how they thought the,the vaccine mandates play out and what their opinions on those were because.If you,if you're,to me,if you're going to say the government has the right to come in and force an injection upon you,eventually,you're going to say the government has a right to come and take your firearms.If you start giving the government that power and you believe they have that power you'll,you will give it up no matter what you think about the second amendment.So folk.Both intelligently be real.Well-researched have a great weekend help wherever you're listening to this.You are not.I stand and I hope you have a great time and I will talk to you next week.