Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

What Would You Do?

March 19, 2022 Jeff Dowdle Episode 109
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Welcome to the live shoot podcast. My name is Jeff Dole and I've been a licensed firearm dealer for the last 14 years in this podcast. We talked about all things related to second amendments. Well, is anything else that might be going on in today's world or a sports story or anything going on in my personal life. So welcome. Welcome, welcome. Appreciate y'all listening. Today today is the Saturday, the 19th, and we are still conflict in Ukraine. It's still underway has been going on now for about three weeks. And I can tell you that. It's gone on a lot longer than Vladimir Putin would've ever I think hoped he was hoping I imagined for, to get in and get out, and this would be something that he would just March over the the, the Ukrainians. But I think the resolve of the Ukrainian people taken him by surprise and that, you know, it, it's one thing when you're a soldier and you're fighting for just a little piece of ground. versus when you're a soldier or a citizen and you're fighting for your country and your home two different perspectives, two different levels of resolve, especially if you don't really particularly understand why you're going after this little piece of land. And so it's interesting to see how this is going. I feel for the, the, the Ukrainian people You, you know, this is they they're under siege from, from a retirement. Now I'm, you know, not gonna be a Putin apologi or anything, but you know we talk about that. They're fighting for, for the Ukrainians. I keep hearing the people saying they're fighting for freedom. I, you know, they're not necessarily free. They're under a dictator as, as well. And he, isn't the, you know, it's not the friendliest government. In in, in in reality as well, but no country should be just flatly taken over by our neighboring country for really no apparent reason. And so, you know, we have to continue to pray for the Ukrainians and keep them in our thoughts. So, but, you know, whenever I look at this though, and the resolve that the Ukrainian people have and what they're doing to fight and going and getting we talked about this before, you know, it's a, it's a perfect argument for the second amendment. They had strict gun control and all of a sudden the, when this happened, the government loosened those, those restrictions allowed. People to go get firearms. Our us government has been shipping small arms and ammunition over there to the, to the Ukrainians. And you, you wonder, you know, we we've talked about how, you know, the AR 15 you know, what, what do you need it for? Why, why would somebody need it? You know, you don't need it for hunting and things like this, but all of a sudden now the us government's shipping 'em over to the Ukrainian people because they need 'em because they're defending their, their country. They're trying to protect themselves. And that's what all the second amendment have ever been about is to be able to protect your TEALS, defend yourself and, and defend your country from. From foreign or in, in internal invaders. And so that's what we leave, leave to today. What I wanna talk about and, you know, you see little signs that pop up all the time that kind of give you a little indication of where we are as a country. And this is one that I can say doesn't surprise me. It does disappoint me though, but earlier this month Quip pack. GU Pak. I'm not quite sure exactly. Paul came out and they asked a lot of different questions and we'll, we'll talk about a couple of the others. The one of 'em was, if you were in the same position as Ukrainians are now, do you think that you would stay and fight or leap the country over were all 55% of the people said that they would stay and fight, so it's more than half, but. To me that is still extremely disappointing. Now the big difference comes in though 68% of people identifying as Republican said they would 57% that are independents said that they would stay Democrats 40% stay 52% said that they would leave the country and they would not stand and fight for it. Right. There is the difference between the left and the right and why the second amendment is so important and why you, you we need to defend it. And why there's such a conflict over it is because the left doesn't understand it. They're not gonna, they, if they have to, they're not gonna stand and fight for us. They're not gonna protect their country. They don't love the country. That is, that's what it comes down to. There is a, they, they dislike. America and they are not gonna stand up and fight for it. When only you know, when you break it down between men and women, 70% of men would stay fight on only 40% of women. And that's understandable, but that's the same number of women if the Democrats are. So, you know, when we keep going back about this whole, you know, feminizing of the male the. And, and, and those types of things and that that's the whole, the left is all about making men more like women and figuratively. And literally, and here you see it in breaking down the stats they're being successful at it. The entire left they're behaving, just like women, just a bunch of little girls. Now the other question in there was do you approve it to prove the way Joe Biden had any of the job as president and. only 21% approve of what he's doing. But 47% Democrats approve. So first I'd like to know who those 21% are. And that second I'd like to know who the 47% Democrats are. That is just, you know, awful. But the fact that he's even getting 21% of the people approve what he's doing is amazing. But, you know, I ask you, would you stay and fight for your country? if they, they were lying up and they were coming into your neighborhood, what would you do? Would you have run? Would you leave your family behind? Would or would you stay in fight, fight for your house, your land, your country, the freedom for your people, for your children, this future, what would you do? I know what I would do. There'd be no question about it. And I. I know some people I would call because as being an FFL, I know, I know who, who really has the, the serious weapons around me in my neighborhood, in my, in my, my city. And so I know who I'd be knocking on their door saying, Hey, can I borrow a couple things because you've got, you've got the real stuff. And so O I hope it never comes to it. Is it a possibility? Maybe, maybe not, but again, I asked this question several weeks ago, if the Chinese were lining up on the Mexican border or they moved their ships out outside of LA and the ocean in the border, what would we do? What would we as Americans do? You know, it's always been thought that Americans, you know, that's what, what our country's based on. And, but now it seems like, you know, we've softened and we are just a bunch of little girls and they would run and cry. They'd run to Canada. They would run to wherever they need to go to get away from the fight. And they would leave the rest of us here to offended and win because that's what we do. So I leave it to you to ask you, what would you do? Would you stay in five of your country? Or would you run away? The Ukrainians are standing fighting and they're PR proven to be pretty strong and, and they don't have the, quite the, even the capabilities that the us citizen does in terms of having to build access to, to firearms. I would challenge anybody to try and come and take Texas Joe Biden said, oh, your no match for an F 16, you know, You Ukraines have been a match for those MIGS. They, they have not been able to, to, because if you're invading this country just like Russia, they're wanting to try and keep the infrastructure. So, you know, they're not gonna necessarily be controlling the, you know, trying to dominate in the air, but I digress. I just continue leave this with you, you know, think about it. Would your neighbors run a fight, you know, would they have your back. What would you do well, think about that. We will talk to you later. Thank you for listening. Oh, I am on true social now. So I will be putting a link in the show notes to my true social. And I'll be posting this podcast there as well. Let's let's see if we can pump up the, the action on that. I'm gonna try and be a little more active on. True, true social. See how it goes, but you know, follow me, listen to this, like this podcast, do everything you can. I appreciate it. And thank you.