Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

Ghost Guns Part 2

April 22, 2022 Jeff Dowdle Episode 114
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Well, welcome to the leadership podcast. My name is Jeff Dowdell and I have been a licensed farm dealer for the last 14 years. And this podcast, we talk about all things related to the second amendment, as well as any stories going on in our local, in our national news or anything going on in my personal life. And just any topic that might just be I think be a pertinent interest. He so welcome. Welcome. Welcome today is Friday the 22nd of April. We're just moving right along through the year and you know, I've got a list of things that I've been wanting to talk about on this podcast. Or I want to go and research and get some materials for, to talk about it. And let's kind of keeps growing, but you know, the Biden administration just kind of keeps me preoccupied with all the things that they're doing and things that we need to talk about. But one thing I can't, I just can't. So last week we talked about the new law. The ruling that ATF is going to be releasing regarding quote unquote, ghost guns. Unsterilized privately manufactured firearms, and I still can't get over it. It's still driving me crazy. And one thing that frustrates me so well is. How well the left is in terms of their use of vocabulary and creating words, redefining words to fit their narrative. And so what they've done is they've attached this word ghost gun to something that is quite innocuous has been around for hundreds of years and effort to. Make them much more scary and the Pfarius and we've got to go out and attack them. And so they're so good that they've done that with the assault weapons, and that's going to be a topic for another podcast. It's on my list about the use of the word assault weapon, a high capacity magazine which, you know, again, they don't define what high capacity is to us. A R for example, comes typically standard with a 20 round magazine, the standard capacity magazine. It's not a high capacity magazine. Anyway, the left is really, really good at that, and it just keeps going on and on, on. And so I'm just really kind of frustrated and kinda got stirred up because there wasn't. That came out by Eric Pratt, who is the senior vice president of gun owners America. And he wrote about this ghost gun thing. And I'm going to just quote a few things out of, out of his article, cause he made some really good points and had some good information that I thought was a war we're sharing. So he talks about in the announcement that was made vice president Kamala Harris said that quote unquote, ghost guns pose and especially grave. To the safety of our communities. There we go, ghost guns. And so he pull some stats and I'm quoting from according to the department of justice, privately made firearms were found at 692 homicide or attempted homicide crimes scenes over six year period. That means that at worst, out of more than 16,000 yearly murders, homemade guns are used in route 115 homicides per year. That far exceeds as as far fewer than murders with many common items that were found in one's house, such as. Knives, which was 1,476 hammers or blunt objects, 397 or fist and feet, 600. And again, he asked the question. So why is the Biden administration trying to regulate those objects? And last week you remember my podcast, I talked about, my opinion is why is one this control power, but they want a registry. They want to know where these guns are and they. That's the only way you can be an, a regime and keep power is eventually to take away the guns. It says the new ATF rule could incarcerate gun owners for committing non-violent highly technical violations of complex and unconstitutional laws, all doing nothing about rising number of enforcement, rising number of crimes. We keep talking about this rise in crime, right? And predictably, he says the murder rate. Has been a downward trend for over 20 years. In fact, 12 democratic controlled cities from Philadelphia to Portland broke homicide records last year, th these are 12 cities where leaders have called criminals yet inexplicably did everything possible, discouraged law, abiding individuals. And we really do want to wish exercise their second amendment rights. And that's what. But then they continue to go after these evil ghost guns and they, they, they want them to be, you know, the, that they're so evil because they don't have a serial number. And, but virtually every gun used in a crime already has a serial number and that's that they that's done nothing to stop or reduce crime. So it, again, it it's, it's an attention to Create a registry and start confiscating our guns. You know, being able to make a firearm has been legal for the last hundreds and hundreds of years. It's it's and people are just now virtually every gun used in a crime already has a serial number. I think that's an interesting fact. If you think about it in all that they're trying to say is that we've got to go get these serialized and make them go through. Transfers and do all of that, but all the guns that are currently using crime have gone through none of that process. So again, this isn't one of those failed efforts. That's doing nothing to reduce violent crime and they don't really intend to, we, we, we know that again, like I talked about. They're here to create a gun registry and that's all, this is about the efforts are going to continue. We have to continue to fight for our second amendment. We have to defend it. You know, one of the other topics that I want to talk about is, you know, why is America different? And you know, there's a lot of reasons. And when you hear people from other countries and they talk about our gun culture and how, what we have is different from every other country for the most part. And I believe that's important. It makes us who we are. It gives us that independent nature and our ability not to be subject to what we consider tyranny. And we came from a background of being from a tyrannical governments. You know, we're not far away from before, since this country has been created. We're not that old of a country and we're not that far. From from our roots and we can't forget it. We have to continue to protect our second amendment and stupid rules like this banning ghost guns, one, it's going to do nothing. It's going to create a lot of headache for those people involved in terms of manufacturers, FFL dealers, even law enforcement. And it's going to have no impact, but again, it's just one more step. To creating that registry, to know where we're at. So I appreciate you listening and have a great weekend and I will talk to you next weekend.