Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

1st and 2nd Amendment Threaten the Left

May 07, 2022 Jeff Dowdle Episode 115
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
1st and 2nd Amendment Threaten the Left
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This episode we discuss the Ministry of Truth, Twitter and how the left is threatened by the 1st and 2nd Amendment.
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Welcome to the live shoot podcast. My name is Jeff doddle and I've been a licensed firearm dealer for the last 14 years. And this podcast, we talk about all things related to the second amendment, as well as things going on in other areas of the news or something going on in my personal life, or just anything that I might find. Interesting. So welcome. Welcome, welcome. It is the Friday, May 6th later in may now, and I did not do a podcast. Last week. It was a crazy week. We have a lot going on. We had baseball, we had my son was involved in an auto accident. He's fine, but we're in the market for a new car. We had, you know, our great niece stay in with us and it's just been crazy. We're at the end of school, both boys are done with school. Now a college kid is home. He's gonna be. Calling games for the Cleburne. Railroaders is summer. So if you are a fan of the Cleveland Claiborne, railroaders, and the independent baseball league, that's where you can hear him do some of his work. So I'm just trying to get back on our feet. And it's been a crazy weekend in the news as well. If you look at just what's going on in the stock market, the Supreme court on and on and on it. And then just, you know, the one thing that Joe Biden has done in his regime has he kept things interesting and is definitely, there is not a lack of things to talk about. And that is one thing that I am wanting to talk about today. We talked about the second amendment a lot here, and I've always said that the second amendment without second amendment, none of the other bills of rights would sustain. We ha if we, they take away our guns, then every other. And that is a true statement, but I will tell you that another right, that is right there, paramount along with the second amendment is the freedom of speech. And when you look at you go back in time and put yourself in the shoes of our founding fathers and they have you know, traveled from England and they'd been over here on their own. Away from the king and we're creating our own country. We're going to start over and do things our way, and they look back over what they've experienced and the things that they've done. And if you're, if you're in that same shoot, you, you know, the first things that you're going to address are the things that have been the biggest. The chief experience. And the first things that they address is attack on the freedom of speech attack on their religion, their attack on their ability to assemble and that the freedom to make sure that they keep their guns. Those are things they were right in the front of their minds of being important. And that's why they wrote those as the first, second amendment. And when you look at what and we are not that far separated from our, our phone, we are. Yeah, my great, great grandfather was born in eighteen hundred, eighteen oh five. And so his father was born really just the beginning of the revolution. So not that many generations between now and then have transpired. So not really changed that much. And you look at the regime that we have in place right now and what they are doing and what they seem as important. And they, we have always known that. Controlling the information controlling the media, controlling what our kids are. Learning has been their tactics and they have come out and they have shown their colors percentages. Did is they just flipped out when Elon Musk bought Twitter, they lost their minds because they were losing control over a major piece of transmission of information to the public and they freaking out about it. And now they're talking about how billionaires can't be owning these companies. We've got to get some control. We can't allow them to control our media well, but he says, oh, this is the Washington post. You know, we've got all that out there. So they just, the billionaires that they don't like then right on the heels of that. And this is a big one at the ministry of truth. They create a department under the department of Homeland defense called the ministry of truth, where they're going to battle misinformation. And what that means is they're going to control. They want to control what is said in the public. Absolute violation of first amendment, but they want to control and handle the narrative. And it's no coincidence that under the department of Homeland security, a law enforcement agency that is designed to help by terrorism. And when you hear a president talking about that, maggot said, use the exact words. Manga is the most extreme group in history who we now know what they think about. And what are they going to do about it? And then a leak comes out of the spring quarter regarding the upcoming finding that could potentially overturn Roe V. Wade. And why, why did that happen? Because the conservative justice right now in. Voting to turn over or at least return the abortion policies and right back to the states and not be a federal issue. And the left is freaking out. And so what do they do? They release it. They're going to go back. They leak it and go out to using their old forms and tactics of riots and threats. They've already started threatening the conservative justice. Their home address has got doxed. So why is this important? Because in all of history, when you look at radical regimes and the way they approach their control and takeover of their people, as they start controlling the information, they create their, their state propaganda arms. And they imprison people that say things against whatever the regime is saying. And then they take away their gun. And that is the exact path that they're going down right now. They are trying to control and make it like free speech illegal, and they are going out redefining what the harms are, making it very vague and making it work, everybody that possesses just about any type of firearm could potentially be a felon. And they're trying to create registries and making sure that all these are serialized. And it sounds crazy, but they have amped up their game because they know they only got a little short period of time. We're going to take over Congress in, in the, in the fall. And then Joe Biden's, don't get beat when he runs for election and we're going back control. So they only have a short period window to get their crazy policies, control the place and make it very hard to avert, you know, reverse some of these things. I echo this since 2012. This is a, we are under serious threat by this regime and their crazy leftist ideas and what they want to do. They want to make this a tyrannical regime that they control us and control everything we do and take away all of our freedoms. That is why it is so important. We're talking about information that you share things as podcasts. Sharon or at least share your thoughts on it with people? I I'm back on Twitter. I am going to I'll put my Twitter handle in the, in the notes with Elon Musk in it. I'm back on Twitter, spread the word. Okay. Let's use it for what we can and get on the other pilot, pat platforms through social parlor, getter, all those spread the word, get messages. As far as we can, if you have to knock on doors, talk to your neighbors, let everybody know what is going on. We have to have the scales dropped from people's eyes so that they can see the truth and see what this regime is trying to do and why they're trying to do it is very important. We have to take this country back. We have to restore freedoms and freedom of speech. And the right to protect ourselves and the right to bear arms are the two most important things that we have to protect. So continue get out there. Thank you for listening again, share this podcast, follow me on Twitter. Keep the message flowing. We've got to keep the information flowing. We can't rely on mainstream media and the mainstream news to tell the truth out there. We have to tell our version and what is the truth. So I appreciate it. Thank you for listening to.