Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

Stop John Cornyn

June 04, 2022 Jeff Dowdle Episode 119
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
Stop John Cornyn
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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John Cornyn is trying to broker bi-partisan gun control and he needs to be stopped.

Contact him and let him know your thoughts at

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Welcome to the lifted sheet podcast. My name is Jeff doddle and I have been licensed firearm dealer for the last 14 years in this podcast. We talk about all things related to the second amendment, as well as my throne sports story or something going on in my life, or just discuss other topics within the news. So, welcome. Welcome. Welcome today is the 4th of June. We are already into June. It's hard to believe that we are almost we're halfway through this year. It's just fine by, and I think they say when you get older, That tends to happen to you, but welcome. Welcome. Welcome. I had a, I had an awesome week this last week, my family and I rented an RV and we drove to the black Hills of South Dakota and saw among many things, but primarily saw Mount Rushmore and. It's amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is quite the sight to see. And there are a ton of things to do in the black Hills. We were in the RV. We stayed in the Koa. The Koa outside of Mount Rushmore is the second largest Koa in the country. And. It's awesome. It really has a lot of things to do. We had a great time. And like I said, I love the black Hills. We saw Buffalo, I mean, right up next to our, our, our van, just some great sceneries. We also went and saw the crazy horse Memorial is as well as rode horses, an 1880s train, we rode And just had some great times our family, then not only back, we, we stopped at the Eisenhower presidential library and museum in Abilene, Kansas, and that is the 10th presidential library that my family and I have attended. The, we have the only three that we currently have missing that are currently official presidential libraries and are open our Hoover for, and. FDR now, obviously Obama will have one coming Trump at some point in time. And, but you know, those are yet to open. So we're right now 10 of 13. And you know, it can be tough to get those other three, but we're going to work on it. So, but today, what we need to talk about is John Cornyn, gun control and how we got to stop him as expected after the. Horrible events and of all the, and the shooting, the left has come out, you know, barking for con demanding, you know, common sense gun laws, the assault weapons bans yada yada, yada, yada, and knew it would come. What is more disappointing though? Is that somebody like John Cornyn has reached across the aisle and is trying to negotiate with the left to create some bipartisan gun control measure, and. We have to stop him. We have to contact his office. Phone email, go to his website, contact him. I'll ask him to put a link in my show notes for the gun owners of America that have a pre-written letter that you just have to basically put in your information and hit send, and it will get sent out. To Senator Cornyn as well. And, and this is regardless of whether you live in the state of Texas or not, I am at Texas. He is my, one of my senators and I'm deeply disappointed and I've been disappointed in John Cornyn for quite a while. And he has been on my list when he comes up for reelection. And I think he still asks for more years, unfortunately, before I think I'm not sure exactly when he'll, he'll come back up, but we will have to primary him and get him out. He has been a, just a horrible. Senator, he does not have the interest of Texans at heart and this effort to create the these gun control measures illustrate that you know, you're going to hear things in terms of common sense, you know, red flag laws, you know, you know, let's just keep people that shouldn't own a gun from owning a gun, you know, mentally ill. And that's all sounds fine and good. Who do you trust to make that judgment? Nancy Pelosi, Tony Fowchee, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden Merritt garden, Garland who in our government do you trust to make sound decisions? This is the, they have already declared parents that. Are just interested in trying to protect what is taught to their, to protect their children by knowing what is being taught to them as domestic terrorist, they are putting you on lift and they are looking to add you to any lists that they possibly can. And this is just another one. Red flag laws sound like they could be reasonable, but they're not. They, they, they, there, we already have mechanisms in place to help address this. What we need to start doing is enforcing our existing laws and having law enforcement do their jobs. The other common scent come since law and universal background check. And now. Don't listen to them about the gun show loophole and all that, that we've talked about. That that is, you know, total misinformation. You, if you buy a gun through a licensed firearm dealer, you have to have a background check or have some pre-approved exception. I E R a concealed carry holder, licensed to carry holder, which you've already had your background check done at that point in time that has done what they're trying to eliminate. Well, number two, another private sales and why, because they want to put us on the list. That is all it is. They have got to, they know that before they can go in and confiscate them, they have to know where they are. And this is what they're slowly doing is they're building a list. They're building lists of people that are threats to them, and they're building lists of where these guns are, so they can come and get them. I don't believe anything. Otherwise you can say, put your tenfold hat on and say, it's conspiracy. That is what they eat a regime, a tyrannical regime. And that's what the left has always wanted to have in place is power. And to do that, they have to take away your guns. And that is why the second amendment was put in place. The amendment was put in place to protect all the other amendments. That is, it is not there for hunting and things like that. And new slash show button. When the segment was put in place, you could buy a cannon, like you could buy anything. Right? The ELO militia, there was no private. Okay. We didn't have a private army until Washington until after the constitution was put in place. So you have to continue to fight. And John Cornyn is where we need to start. We have to let him know that this is not accessible and we have to bombard him with calls and emails to tell him that as America. These actions are not acceptable, that our second amendment will stand and it is there for a purpose and we are not going to compromise it. I appreciate you listening again. This is just we've preached on this podcast. No, we have to fight, fight, fight. And you know, those words may sound insurrectionists and things like that. I'm not talking about that. I mean, I am talking about standing up for what is right in our constitution. Protecting our rights that are given to us in the second amendment and by the second amendment and all the bill of rights. It is extremely important that all the things that you share this podcast with other people get, we have to start taking action. We have to start getting the word out. We have to pep people, contacting their congressmen, their senators, to tell them that this is not acceptable, that we will not stand for common sense gun laws or using air quotes around that. And what we do have to do is we have to start enforcing the laws that we have in place. And we have to start having the FBI do their job. Most of these offense shooters that have in the past were on the up yard, but they're around there. They're too busy chasing parents as domestic terrorists. Right. We have to harden our schools that it's. I know, in fact, we've, we've known that for a long time, this has evolved. He shows exactly it was, this was not a failure of the gun laws in terms of. This person purchased these guns legally and had his background check done. So any background check, anything like that would not have stopped this. Okay. And there's the also thrown out there that you have to, they won't raise your age to 2114 by a rifle. If you do that, you need to write race the age to drink, to serve on our military potentially drive a car. Get an abortion have a sex change, operation, all those things we need. If the, if they're if they're not mature enough to, to make the decisions about how to own a gun that are definitely not mature enough to make those decisions as well. So those are just some of my thoughts on the matter you can get me going on this, obviously this is an important matter, but John Cornyn has to be stopped and I'm going to repeat that. Kind of go to this website at the Senate, follow the link. That's going to be in the show notes to gun owners America and send him a note telling him that this is unacceptable. Thank you. Have a great weekend. And I will talk to you later.

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