Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

Kudos to The Supreme Court - #GetRidofJohnCornyn

June 25, 2022 Jeff Dowdle Episode 121
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
Kudos to The Supreme Court - #GetRidofJohnCornyn
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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This episode we talk about the great news coming from the Supreme Court and then give boos and hisses to Congress for their infringement on our 2A rights. We are starting the movement of #GetRidofJohnCornyn

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Well, welcome to the live to shoot podcast. My name is Jeff Dole and I've been a licensed firearm dealer for the last 14 years in this podcast. We talk about the second amendment as well as my throwing a sports story or something going on in my personal life. So welcome. Welcome. Welcome everybody. Thank you for listening to my podcast. Today is Saturday, June 25th. And what a week it's been? Um, it has been crazy. It's been crazy the last few weeks and there is so much talk, talk about, and for me to try and keep this. The 10 minute limit that I try and keep these at. It's gonna be tough, but you know, first thing I wanna say is Texas it's hot. It is so hot. I'm so ready for fall, but, um, and things have been hot in the news lately. So I'm gonna start with the Supreme court first off. I wanna get those that outta the way that good news and what good news is, is the Supreme court rule in favor of the New York pistol and, and shooting club, uh, in their case. Regarding, uh, the method that, uh, New York uses to issue concealed carry licenses. And essentially what that case showed are confirmed is that. In the Heller case several years ago, in 2008, the Supreme court essentially confirmed the, the belief that the second amendment provides protects your ability to carry a weapon, have a weapon in your home. This decision now confirms that you have the ability to. Carry a weapon outside of your home. And that right. Cannot be infringed upon and what they are doing in New York, whether you're having to prove that you had a need to carry was infringing upon that benefit. So this is gonna open it up. It's gonna, um, not make, you know, every state constitutional carry, but it'll help. Knock down some of the barriers that some of these states and municipalities have put in place in terms of issuing, carry, permits, uh, to their citizens and their, their resonance. So it is a big step forward, but it, again, affirms that the second amendment is an individual, right. And is a right to carry a weapon. In your home and in public. So those it is that this was a big step forward for the second amendment. So we all cheers. And I don't wanna make this one seem any more or less important, but the decision that overturn RRY V Wade, I know. This is about the second amendment, but this to me personally was a big decision. I'm a Christian. I am very pro-life. You can, uh, disagree with me on that, but I do believe that we have to protect our unborn and to overturn Roe V Wade. And it doesn't, um, abolish abortion as much as I would like to see that done. Uh, it just says the states now have the ability to dictate. Do they want to allow abortion or not. And some of these states that already had trigger laws in place and Missouri is I think it's the first one is outlaw abortion, or I think it's after 15 weeks, but you know, two big chairs. For the Supreme court. Um, we have to tip our hats to, uh, Clarence Thomas, who is, who is, who is the man. He is a man. Um, we, where would this world be without Clarence Thomas? Of course, just Amy Barrett and, uh, Kavanaugh and Alito. Um, those justices were, were solid and we just have to, and we have to thank Donald Trump for getting, uh, Uh, Kavanaugh and, um, Amy Cohen, Amy on the court, big kudos for that, but now the booze and the hises go out to her Congress. And these are absolute jokester, the Senate, the 14 senates. And I tell you the. John corn, who is one of my senators. He is on my list. I probably, you know, I have contacted his office multiple times. Um, prior to this goes, we'll be back several years. I have not been a fan of John corn for a long time. And it, we have to get rid of all those centers. Some of'em had nothing to lose. They're not re they're retiring. And that is just a chicken ass way to go out. And then you turn around and you look at the, the, uh, house representatives that also passed the bill and Biden has assigned it, um, horrible, horrible, horrible people. And, you know, I've heard people talk about, you know, there's not really much, this is most sleep about mental health in this bill. And there is, there's a lot about mental health. Um, but there's a couple things, I mean, and they didn't, you know, ban anything. They didn't. Universal background checks. They didn't do some of those big, hot button items. You know, it's supposed to be one of those compromises, but it's far from a compromise because this is. Where it was concerning. Let's let's just first take, um, the under 21 population. Now that has had additional requirements placed on their ability to purchase a farm. They have essentially been red flagged automatically everybody under the age of 21 has been red flagged meaning. Now we've got a good dig deeper and to see if we can find any other reason why you might not be eligible to, uh, own a firearm. And you may have made a mistake when you're 14. And now that's gonna be held against you. And what it doesn't tell us though, and also is what happens in those when they get over 21, if they've been, uh, denied when they were 20, and then they turn 20, what happens, you know, are they now automatically eligible? Cause we're not gonna look back there. Probably not imagine all that stuff is secretly gonna move over into their active file and they'll continually be banned. Um, and that is what the problem is. The left love list list. They want you on a list of some sort, and they're, they're putting all the under 20 ones on a list someday. What are you gonna do when you're on that list? That is what my concern is. We've got these red flags and. That they're, you know, promoting they're the, the bill, you know, gives money to states to incentivize them, to issue, to create red flag laws and those, uh, seriously violate due process. They violate your right. Um, and. There's really no control. They sound good, but how, how do you control it? How do you say prevent people from just putting you on a list, red flagging you, and then you having to fight and prove that you shouldn't be, so you are now proven guilty and you have to prove your innocence. And that is not the way our system is built, but they want you on a list. And so that is what they're going to do. They're gonna start creating more and more list and making everything a little tougher. So now at some point you. Now, you know, I'm aging. So at some point, you know, they're gonna start saying, well, people, you know, once you get to 65 or 70, do you really have the mental acuity to own a firearm? You know, a lot of times, you know, they're taking their car away. So why can't we take the right to possess a firearm? So tell you what, once you get to 70, you've gotta go and take a mental acuity test to prove that you still have all your faculties before you five, five harm. Found outrageous. Does it, how far away from that? Not very far, not very far at all. One instance of, of an elderly person, you know, uh, firing off a sh a gun in public and. There we go, they're gonna start. They're gonna create that list then, you know, before long, you know, all white males are gonna be on that list. And that is how they slowly, slowly get you. They just released the just few weeks ago, the, the. Final ruling on private made firearms and some of those, you know how those have to be ized and, and all of that. So again, they're, they're creating ways to make sure everything's documented. And as an FFL, I can't get her, my get rid of my paperwork ever now. So tip, if you're gonna use an FFL for a transfer, you might wanna seriously look at and make sure. That they're not somebody that's in this. I'm gonna be gone in a year or two, because if they do all their stuff, goes back to the ATF. I've been doing this for 14 years. Um, I'm gonna keep doing it. Okay. Um, and so, you know, until I die, those boxes of papers will, will stay with me. But once they do, then they're gonna have to get shipped off. To the ATF and what are they gonna do? They're gonna create a list, more list. So, you know, we had big kudos this week to the Supreme court and, you know, the, the five justices, uh, that, um, with Roberts, our six justices, I guess, with Roberts actually signing on, um, don't know, you know, Where he would've actually fallen. He think he just goes with the, which way the wind's blowing, but, um, big kudos to them. But man, our senators, especially those forts, we have to do something. And now what that means is come November. We have to clear house for all those that we can, and we have to put common sense America, first people that wanna protect our rights as citizens and under the constitution. As well as what benefits this country, first and foremost, we need, we, we gotta keep draining the swamp and they are everywhere. And I will tell you, John, he's the swamp and we've got to get to go. You're this from me more and more. It is my personal mission to get John Hornon outta the Senate. Join me hashtag get rid of John. And one last thing. Uh, few weeks ago, I started a little series on, you know, protecting, you know, self protection using. Sound money, better money than the, the dollar bill. And that was Bitcoin. And I haven't gotten to finish that. I'm gonna come back to it once things settle down here. But if you're listening to podcast, you have an app and you you're using an app to listen to it. Go check out the fountain. App. And what that does is you can actually earn free Sutoshi as you listen, I've been doing it for a couple days. I got a couple thousand Satoshi. That's not a ton of money, but if you keep stacking SATs, that's what it's all about. Stacking SATs. And you can actually pay people that you listen to. You can donate to them, give them a, a little payback for their work, for the podcast that you. I'm not promoting it and asking you to do that for me, but I'll put a link in the show notes on how you can go and, and sign up for the fountain app. Um, you can listen to your podcast. There, it's a little buggy, there's a few things, but, um, about it that they're gonna have to fix, but I, you know, if you, if you can earn free money for just listening to podcasts that you're already listening to. Go for it. And, and Satoshi's, and Bitcoin it's beyond money. It is, it is a premium asset. It's a premier asset. It's it's um, what this is, is it is it fixes things and it is in the future. And I have gone long and I appreciate you listening, but again, hashtag get rid of John Gordon and kudos to our Supreme court. Thank you for listen.