Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

The ATF/FBI creating more list of gunowners and the 2A is a "Domestic Violent Terrorism Symbol"

August 05, 2022 Jeff Dowdle Episode 126
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
The ATF/FBI creating more list of gunowners and the 2A is a "Domestic Violent Terrorism Symbol"
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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In this episode we discuss  how how the ATF and FBI are creating more list of gunowners and the flagging of patriotic symbols as domestic terrorist symbols.

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,Well, welcome to the live to shoot podcast. My name is Jeff Dole and I have been a licensed firearm dealer for the last 14 years. And this podcast, we talk about all things related to the second amendment, or am I throwing a sports story or something going on in my everyday life? So welcome. Welcome. Welcome. It is 6:14 AM on Friday is when I'm recording this. I'm not sure when I'll get it edited and, and. Put out, but I am getting this done. It is still dark out. I think I told you in my last podcast, we're take my great nieces staying with us this week. And so I am trying to get this done before chaos breaks out in the house. And I say that with all the love in the world, she's our she's sweet and we enjoy. But even with the fun we've had with her being here and, and everything, I am spitting mad. And I, I, I don't say. Lightly and that's this, that isn't even really what I wanted to talk about when I was gonna decide what I wanted to update y'all on this episode. So I'm gonna talk about what I wanted update you originally, and then I'll tell you what's got me riled up. And so one thing I wanted to tell you is, is, and I, it's got been a common theme of this podcast about what, what our government. What the left, what the ATF one of their main objections objectives is to create list, find out who owns the guns and start making this mean list. And we've talked about a lot of different initiatives that they've been put in place over the last couple years. Just heard one. So today and not to digress, but this was Chris Ray has been being, I don't know, interviewed by the, the Senate this week. And he, he is pathetic. He's a he's, I've watched some of it and it's just a waste of time. He won't answer any question. And one of the questions posed to him by Senator Josh Holly is why is the FBI going. To local county sheriffs in the state of Missouri and asking for their list of their concealed carry holders. In Missouri, the sheriffs are the only ones that have that list. It's not anything hill that the state level is a very decentralized list. And the FBI FBI has been going to on one by one. And this has been reported by many different shares in the state of, of Missouri. And so I ask you. Why are they doing that? Why are they collecting those names? Why are they collecting the names of the license to carry holders in the state of Missouri? Well, you know, one, cuz it is a decentralized process. It's, it's a little harder to do. They may be doing that. And all the states, they may be going state by state and starting to collect, gather up that information. And it's not supposed to be shared. Most states have a loss against, against sharing that and keeping that information confidential. So. Again, why, what do they want? Why are their main objective? Get a list and that there's an option and another avenue that they're getting a list. But what I wanna talk about was the letter I got today from the, from the ATF from the FBI Nick's updates that I get from them periodically as an FFL. And this says, it's the heading it's the Nick's denial notification act. And it synopsis on or around 9 26, 22 FFLs will be prompted to provide the address of the buyer on all denied and delayed transactions. So, what it's telling me is that on or around September 26th, if I have somebody that. And I'm just gonna say delayed at this point, because you go, you first are delayed and then you're denied. Typically very rarely. I've only had a few people just flat denied or even denied at all, but Mo majority of the people are delayed and a good number of people get delayed and. There's not sometimes there's they, they don't know why they ATF. Won't tell you the FBI. Won't tell you why you were delayed. You're just get delayed. Sometimes it just goes through the three day period and they don't return a response or within maybe a few hours, they come back with an approved whatever it's. But now if you get delayed, I have to put in your address in the system. So previously, when you do a background check, all I'm putting in is your first name, last name, middle name. Your date of birth, place of birth you know, your race ethic, ethnicity. What's your, is it a handgun, firearm, handgun, long gun, other like a receiver? If you provide it your social security number that helps on the background check. I don't like giving it to'em, but I do like trying to get, as you know, I don't wanna cause delays and not get approvals and. Now, and that's all they have. They, they, they know your name. They don't know, you know, they know where I am, but they don't know where you live. But now if you get delayed, I also have to put in your address. So now they've got that information. They've got name and address and they're trying to buy a gun. What are they gonna do with it? Now? The law is after 48 hours. The next data is supposed to be purged there's no, you know, we don't know if they actually do that. I do know that I can't go in and if I search a transaction that's over 48 hours I don't get the, the, the, what comes back to me in the, is the status of that transaction, whether it was approved or delayed or, or, or whatever. And. But it doesn't tell me the name of that I'd put in. So it does appear that it does purge it. At least from my view, I don't know what's going on in the background, but nowhere in here does this state anything that this, that information is gonna be purged. And then especially then once it's denied, they've got that information. So now they've got, and. According to a, a study done, 90% of denials are in error. So with that information, you know, they're going to be going and investigating people that have no reason to be investigated. They, these people more likely have no reason to don't have any idea why they they've been denied. You know, granted there might be a few that are gonna be bad actors, but that that's gonna just again, have them invading. Our privacy trampling over our rights and creating lists of names of people that have tried to buy firearms or have bought firearms and their address and where they live, what are they gonna do with that information? Well, we know what they wanna do with it. And. The pieces that are coming together more and more. And because they don't like us, they don't like us. They wanna take our guns. That's what they wanna do, cuz they want control. And that is why this next thing is I am spitting mad. So some in whistle blowers. Have leaked finally have leaked some FBI documents to the, the great and wonderful project Veritas. I mean, there are some organizations that are doing some great work and project Veritas is one of them. So some of this information is now being presented to, to Christopher Ray. I said, he's testifying or being interviewed to the, in front of the Senate. I saw the questioning that. Senator Cruz did of director Ray yesterday. I think it was yesterday or a few days ago, but anyway, the F internal documents have late that show that the FBI has created a list. And, and on this list, these, they have identified these as domestic violent terrorism symbols. So if you display these symbols you are getting. As domestic, a domestic violent terrorist or a militant violent extremist, and these horrible symbols that they have identified is one the second amendment, the Betsy Ross flag. If you are mention Ashley. B from January 6th, the Gaon flag, you know, don't tread on me, the Gonzalez flag don't you know, come and take it. And those, those, those from Texas that is a very popular symbol around here. The Punisher skull, the Spartan helmet just the initials two, a any of those items are domestic terrorist symbols. Militant violent, belonged to militant violent extremists. My neighbor down the street, he flies the cats and flag along with the, the us flag. And. I didn't know I was living next to a militant, violent extremist, but apparently I am in what, but he does know he's living next to me and I, I am apparently a militant, violent, extremist. And one question about this by Senator Cruz and Senator Cruz. I thought it was funny. He self reported himself. He put, took his boots off and put his boots up on the, on. Table showing that on his boots, they have the come and take it cannon on the back of his boots. And so I thought that was a nice little bit, but Chris Ray had no response. Didn't know it. Hadn't heard about it. Didn't know anything about it. You know, when asked about the sheriffs in, in Missouri, why the FBI's going, Chris Ray didn't know anything about it. Gonna have to go research. Does he not? Is the, is the, the agency that much outta control or is he hiding? So. Imagine he's hiding something. So they hate us. They don't like us. They wanna take her guns. They're creating lists and they have to be stopped. We have to donate to America. First candidates, people that support the second amendment, get these people, elected it. It's$10 at a time. And don't just, if you live in state of Texas and your elections, you're. Election is, is, you know, pretty secure, donate to other states, donate in Arizona. Blake masters, Herschel Walker donate to some of these people. We have to get the right people in office that's first step. Second step is we've gotta fight them. We've gotta protect ourselves. And buy more guns that may sound extreme, but they're, they're gonna wanna take'em away. And so we need to make sure that we've got plenty. And I know good folks at Texas are doing that. So I thank you for listening again. This is for information purposes, you have to be aware of what's going on out there. They don't like us. They're coming for our guns. They want to put you on a list and. So that they know when they, they have to start kicking doors down, they know which doors to kick down. So we all need to be prepared for that reality. Thank you. Have a great weekend. Share this podcast, give it to people, give it a rate, give it review emailing and contact information's in the, in the show notes, do all that fun stuff and just, you know, let's get the word out. Thank you. And have a great.

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