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How Do We Get On The Right Track

August 22, 2022 Jeff Dowdle Episode 128
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Well, welcome to the live sheet podcast. My name is Jeff Dole and I've been a licensed firearm dealer for the last 14 years in this podcast. We talk about all things related to the second amendment, as well as I might talk about a sports story or something going on in my personal life. So welcome, welcome, welcome little late getting this podcast out, move my son into his apartment this weekend and just been a busy weekend. And so I thought I would sit down here this morning and just record something and get it out. Out something that's been on, on my mind for a little while. And it ju it continues to stay on my mind and really just wanna keep encouraging people out there to, to get out and keep fighting for our, for our second amendment rights, our freedoms, our liberties. So I have been lately and I won't go into some of the details are, but I've been doing a lot of online surveys, different, different types of surveys that popping up. And some. Political nature. And I am getting that, that question one, you know, how do you rate present environ? Performance and I am strongly unfavorable and then there's that right track. We on track, right track, wrong track question. Is the country on the right track or is the country on the wrong track? And I'm checking, you know, we're on the, definitely the wrong track. And, you know, I don't know if. My responses are making its way into any of these survey numbers or anything that you see in the national news or where they're going. But, you know, I'm just curious about those people that think we are on the right track. You look at everything that's going on in this country and. I, it it's just it's, it's depressing to me. It worries me and, you know, we have an opportunity. This is a great country. It's, it's built on great values that has a solid foundation. But it is being eaten away by a. Progressive agenda to weaken this country. And it goes to a mindset of trying to maintain control among the elites. To shift the balance of power from the people to, just to select few it's a shift to a more tyrannical government controlled environment where, you know, the, our country, our constitution is based on that. We, the people and we, the people means we are the people, the government is us, not the, these. 50 senators. This president, these 435 re representatives. They are not the government. They represent us, they report to us and, and they really need to be more accountable to us. And that is the, the the shift is that we are the. DEP deplorables as Hillary called us and that they don't need to justify their actions to us. We should be grateful to them. That is not what this country, what made this country great. And we have to stop that movement. And I don't know why so many people seem to. Not get that. Why the media doesn't get it. You know, are they just being mentally lazy? I don't know. You know, you look at countries and you know, that were once great. And Venezuela is one that. Comes to mind. It, it was, has a vast amount of oil. It was rich, it was prospering. And then, then they, you know, it, it, it started to shift. They brought in socialism, they brought in a dictator, they brought in and this is where they. It confiscated all the guns they, they created in 2012, the control of arms munition and disarmament law. And they, you know, they tried these buybacks. And I think they, I thought an article where there were actually 37 recorded voluntary gun surrenders. And then there was over 12,500 that were taken by fors kicking in your door. And we've seen this. This is where the FBI is heading. The ATF has an app where you can report offenders of different types to the, to the government. We've got 87,000 more Iris. So that are gonna be armed gonna be hitting the streets over the next few years. And, you know, it's all in the, you know, the guys of, you know, protect us and that, and that's what they, the people bought into in Venezuela, but it, you know, it. Proven to be unsuccessful over and over again. In 2012, they had in Venezuela, they had 73 murders per 100,000. And in 2016, after they confiscated all the guns, they had 91.8 murders per 100,000 taken away. Guns does not make us safer. It makes us more at risk. It makes us at risk. A tyrannical government that can control us. And again, that is what, what they wanna do. They want to control us. They want to take away our rights and they want to be in control. And that's what the whole idea of a socialist government is, is that the government is in charge of all production. Now what can we do about it? You know, we've talked about this over and over again, and that's the message of this podcast. I'm really concerned about these upcoming elections and that's one thing that's gonna. Be talking about the polling doesn't seem good. We, you know, we look, we we're expecting a red wave and. Right now, the numbers are not looking good. And, and, you know, we, we can all question the polls, you know, they have been wrong almost all the time, but the Democrats are out, out fundraising these conservative America first candidates, 10 to one and many cases. And, and they're just bombarding the media and the public with ads. That is what's concerning. And, and if we don't take advantage of this and if, if we only win slightly and again, I think that the other thing is, is I, I think the, the right, the rhinos only want us to win slightly. They wanna get control, but they don't want a populous base taking over and having to deal with all of. Dingy normal people. They don't want any more Marjorie Taylor greens or Lauren bobbers getting in there that are actually trying to do something and stir things up and sh shine a light on all the, the, the, the the problems and the good old boy and the deal making. We need people that are gonna bring in there, and they're gonna call Ray and me Garland to. To Congress to testify and justify what they're doing. We are going, they will make them accountable. They will wanna know what are these 87,000 IRS agents doing? They'll show up at the, the FBI's office and say, show me your paperwork because a. Again, they work for us. We don't need, we need to, to remember that they work for us and we, as citizens have a right to know and how they do, they wanna keep this down again. They wanna take our guns and they're, they're gonna continue to try and do that. And don't believe anything that you, that, that they say. And I know the people listens podcast, Don, but you've gotta spread the word. And so what can we do again? We have to save this country. And we are on a wrong track and we have to get us back on the right track. And the way they'll do that is in these upcoming elections, we've gotta put America first candidates in, in their in the, in the Senate, in the house, we have to be able to. Make these other departmental agencies more accountable. We have to quit putting these stupid spending bills where we're sending billions of dollars to foreign countries and not protecting our own. We have to get people in that are willing to do that. And so what we have to do is we have to, you know, the easiest thing to do especially is, you know, volunt. Get out and campaign campaign for your candidates. If you're in a place where your candidate is secure, you're in a red area. I am here in Texas, donate to other candidates Blake masters, JD Vance Herschel Walker, those types of folks that we need to get into the office to stir this place up. So I'm gonna put a few links to some different candidates websites in the show notes and donate to. Give 'em 10 bucks. That's all we gotta do is if everybody gives them 10 bucks and we spread this, I mean, I am not a Joe Rogan. I am not reaching out to the millions of people, but we all can do our part by getting the word out. Thank you. Have a great week. God bless America. And I'll talk to you next.