Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

Shipping a firearm

October 21, 2022 Jeff Dowdle Episode 137
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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Welcome to the Live to Shoot podcast. My name is Jeff Do, and I've been a licensed firearm dealer for the last 15 years. And this podcast talk about all things related to Second Amendment or anything going on in other news or anything happening in my personal life that might be interesting. So welcome, welcome, welcome. Happy Friday, T G I F. I'm really gonna shoot to get this episode out today. Get that in and everything. So happy Friday. It is the, it is October 20. So we are speeding through the, the fall and we are Costco and all those places already have their Christmas decorations up. I love this time of year and we will be celebrating the holidays before you know it. So welcome, welcome, welcome. Appreciate you listening. So this is what I wanna talk about today. I. I somewhat embarrassed to talk about how it, it slipped by me somehow, and I just ran across it and don't know how this, how I missed it. But this is related to shooting firearms as an individual and as an ffl. I have done the sh I have helped individuals ship firearms many, many times. Either they're shipping. Handgun and it's just cheaper for me to do it than them going through FedEx or UPS and doing the overnight air, or they're shipping a long gun or handgun and they just prefer to go through an ffl or the person on the other end's. Ffl only will. See a firearm from an ffl. So it's a, just a small service along with my transfers. This is just another little way of trying to help help people out. But you know, I'd always tell everybody, You can do this yourself. You can do it yourself. But. Just make sure they were clear and I would point'em and explain'em how they do it. Just so they knew all the ins and outs that, you know, you couldn't ship handguns to the postal service. You can ship long guns. And, and I would show'em on the FedEx and the UPS sites where they gave their instructions on how to ship firearms. And usually, you know, a handgun had to go next day air. Which usually made about an 80 or$90 transaction and you had to go to another hubs. You couldn't use, you know, the, the UPS store, blah, blah, blah, blah. So, you know, they're already making a little difficult. But about two years ago, FedEx quit, receive, will no longer allow individuals to shoot ship firearms. And on September 1st, UPS changed their policy that they will no longer allow individuals to. Firearms, firearm parts, anything really related to, to a firearm. And you know, I'm just curious why. And so now that what that option leaves individuals. So you sold a gun on gun broker and you need to get it to the buyer in another state, you could ship it to their ffl yourself. Now you've gotta find an ffl on your side. Ship it to an FFL on their side. And so you're gonna incur fees outside shipping on your side. They're gonna, obviously, you know, typically it's the way it always has been received fees on their side and just makes it much more complicated. So, and truth be told, most FFLs. Especially gun stores or any place, you know, brick and mortar places are not gonna wanna help facilitate these shipping. They don't like doing transfers typically, and they're not gonna wanna help facilitate these shipping. So they're just making it more and more difficult. And I still have to understand, don't understand what the motivation is. Are they afraid of being sued? I don't think so. I don't think so at all. Are they anti-gun? Probably so. Don't know their politics, but as we're getting further and further into this, it's coming clear. Now, the other thing that's concerning is, so for me as an ffl, I always use the postal service. They're the easiest, the cheapest they have it down. I can go to any postal office and do it here in my local post office. They got it. They know when a shelf come in, they know exactly what I'm doing and it's always just easiest to do it that way. People don't like the post office and they question them. You know, I will give kudos to the post office in terms of, of. Their shipping and, you know, their ability to put things on vacation hold, and that's all other story hold that I ran, that I have about UPS and FedEx and vacation holds and things like that. But maybe someday we'll talk about that. But ups, the postal service just got, you know, identified. They have their own intelligence agency, their own spying agency, and they've been monitoring pro-gun and proma groups. Identifying, you know, who's going to gun, you know, gun rallies or Second Amendment rallies or mega rallies and just monitoring them for, in, I'm not even sure exactly how they're doing it, you know, Do they're males? They, they're watching their social media. And why does the post office care? Well, they are just another government agency that has information. So now here we've got everything having to funnel through an FFL to be shipped. Hm. What are they trying to do? They're trying to get more tracking again, more tracking. And so I'm just not speculate, I'm just speculating here. You know, did the doj, did the ATF reach out to UPS and say you know, it would be helpful, Right? You know, or we might just start cracking down and investigating you so, I've I've put in my own FOYA request. Don't know how successful it'll be for the ATF on anything related to the U UPS or United Postal Service. See what their communications, their emails pertain regarding that. I might get nothing. Never know, Never done a FOIA request. So not sure how successful it'll be, but I will keep you update on that. But the whole point of this is to make you aware that if you're gonna be shipping your firearms now it's gotten even harder and it's being funneled down to points of contact that have to track that. Ias and Ffl have to log where I got that gun and where I sent it, and the receiving one half log where they got it and where they're receiving it. So we're creating this huge paper trail. It allows the government to eventually track down and start putting just little markers where every gun is gone. So it's, it's very concerning. It's very concerning that our post office is spying on, on pro-gun groups and it's just another thing that's going on that's gonna hinder that. They're trying to hinder our second memory rights. So more to come on this story. If you're in this area, you're local, you know, you can come to me, I'm gonna, I'm willing to help always have been on trying to you know, help you facilitate any sales that you want, any shipping that you need to do, if you need to ship something back to the manufacturer, anything like that. I'm here to help. You know, this is even, you know, hinders, you know, hunters, even oftentimes, you know, if you're going on along, you know, a far away hunting trip, excursion, you can take your guns, ship'em to yourself to resort or wherever you're gonna be, your cabin. And pick'em up there or to your winter house or whatever it might be. And now it's just made even more difficult. You can, as an individual still ship long guns through the, the post office. But you know, now they're, everybody's cracking down. And I would not suggest I used this kind of suggest, you know, it's business, just tell'em it's radio parts. But, you know, I'm, I think their, the, their mechanisms are getting more sophisticated and I don't want to. Have you creating a crime or creating any more problems for yourself. So my suggestion is go to your local ffl, ask for help. Find one that can help you. They're, they're out there. There's good guys out there that'll help. Come to me, I'll help you do it too. So more to come. I'll let you know what I find out on my FOIA request for the ATF and any communication they've had around the ups. I'll keep you update on how these things progress and again, it makes it more important. These elections that are coming up. Vote, get people out to vote. Vote for the proper. Pro Pro Second Amendment candidates. I've got'em in the show notes here. Some that we need to make sure that we support. But the, you know, even your local races and things like that, it, it, your sheriffs, you've got to vote for the right people. So get out there. We've gotta keep getting the right people in the office and, and to protect us, help us protect our rights. So have a great weekend. I will talk to you.

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