Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

Go Vote!

October 30, 2022 Jeff Dowdle Episode 138
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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Welcome to the Live to Shoot podcast. My name is Jeff Dole and I've been a licensed firearm dealer for the last 15 years. And this podcast we talk about all things related to the Second Amendment, as well as anything that else that might be going on in the world. I might even throw in a sports story or something going on in my personal life. So welcome, welcome, welcome. Today is Sunday, No, October 30th. Tomorrow is Halloween, and then we start November. It is amazing how fast things are going. But more importantly, how close we are to getting to the elections for the midterms. And that's what I wanna talk about today. But before we get started, I wanna throw out a shout out to my TCU horn frogs who won yesterday. They went eight and oh. And, and they, the rankings haven't come out, but they're still seventh in the nation. And as a horn frog, you know, we have had some ups and downs over my Life is a, as a TC horn frog. And so it's good to, to see him. They made some mistakes yesterday, made some stupid coaching decisions in my opinion, and some players made some stupid plays. They still have a lot to work on, but it's good to see him winning. And as much as I miss Coach Patterson Coach Dyke seems like he has stepped in and has turned, turned this program around. So, That is awesome news for us on rock fans, and today I get to root my cowboys on against the bear, so go cowboys. But more importantly though, than any of that is we are nine days away from the midterm elections. And all I wanna do in this brief podcast, this brief episode, is to make sure that you have, if you haven't, that you get out to vote. This is critical the. You will hear people say that this is the most important election of our lifetime. And I believe that's true. I believe we are though at a point probably where every election I am certain, once we get to 2020 2024 and we're doing an election for the president, that we will definitely be saying that, you know, that we have got to get rid of the tyrannical Biden regime if he is still present at that time and that it is the most important election, but right. November 8th is the most important election cuz it is the one right in front of us and we have some great opportunities. And don't take anything for granted. Don't listen to the polls one way or the other. There's a lot of good polls out there showing that we are in some very key races, that we are up and that we're winning. But don't take it for granted. Go out and vote. And if, even if that your poll shows that you're losing in, or if you're in a, in a state that has predominantly been, you know, a democratic district or whatever, and you don't think that anything you can do, there are a lot of you out there, a lot of you are hidden. And you and you all, if you all get out and vote, you might surprise yourself because there are some places where the Democrats have been like a plus 13 UN up, and they, those races have tightened to where they're neck and neck statistically. So get out there and vote. And I don't know what state you're listening to. There is key races in every state. I'm in Texas. Texas is red. But there are key races. We have got to continue to vote. We can. You know, we still, you know, we cannot have Beto in as our governor and there might be races when you go in and, and you think you guys just hold your nose and vote. And I encourage you, hold your nose to vote because I will tell you this, Republicans are not the answer to all your problems, but Democrats are the cause. They are the cause of most of our problems. And. To, to get in and say, I'm not gonna vote for this person just cuz I don't like'em. And I'm gonna skip this, you know, this position this, this office and go down to the next one in the ballot. Vote vote Republican. Almost straight ticket. Just straight ticket vote. Do your research. You may be on some of your local offices. We've got a school board election going on here, and if you would listen to our local Republican parties representing they're not representing me. So there are some places where you gotta do your research, but get out there and vote. I mean, in, in 2016, I admit. I was not an non-Trump guy. I did not want Trump. But I went in and I quote, unquote, did what it said. I held my nose and voted, and he won me over. He has turned me around. You know, you might be in Philadelphia and you're talking about eyes. I don't know. Get out there and vote, vote, vote, vote. And the her key races in Colorado, Arizona Wisconsin Michigan. If we can get the Whitmer out as the, as the governor there, there are these key races for governor that we can turn some. Blue states over from the governor's race. And that is so key when it comes down to elections and the presidential election and, you know, election integrity and making sure that they aren't cheating cuz they're gonna continue to cheat. They are going to cheat. So we are nine days away, Get out and vote, vote, vote, vote. Remember this, This is one of the most key ways that we can protect our Second Amendment and they are coming after our second Amendment. You know, it is the most attacked a. Ever, You know, if, if we, if you ever were ever to tell people that, Hey, you know, I'm, I'm, I'm running because I wanna abolish the First Amendment, the freedom of speech, or I wanna abolish the unlawful searches and seizures, or I wanna abolish the right for women to vote. You know, people would be, you would be laughed. But no, whenever people say, I wanna, I wanna get rid of the Second Amendment. They, they, they, they, they see value in that in some places. So our, our amendment is constantly under attack. We have to protect our right to protect our ourselves and prevent ourselves from falling under tyrannical governments. So get out and vote. Vote, vote, vote and take 10 friends with you. Get somebody to vote. Do your part. Send emails. Tell people, ask them if they voted. Do something. But I encourage everybody to get out and vote. Thanks again. Go vote and have a great weekend, and I will talk to you next weekend. Definitely before the election we'll see how things are looking. And we might be talking about some key races, I don't know, but hopefully they, things will be looking good on that side. But go ahead and get out and vote. Thank you.

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