Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

Victory in Oregon, New ATF Form

December 10, 2022 Jeff Dowdle Episode 143
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
Victory in Oregon, New ATF Form
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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In this episode we discuss  the 2A victory in Oregon, more actions from Jim Jordan and the new ATF Form 4473.

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Well, this is a Lived Shoe podcast. My name is Jeff Dole and I've been a licensed firearm dealer for the last 15 years. In this podcast, we're talking about all things related to the second a. As well as anything that might be going in other news or just a local sports story or anything that I really actually feel like talking about. So welcome, welcome, welcome. And this has been a crazy week, I think in, in a lot of senses, but one thing, if my audio sounds different or weird, I'm trying to experiment. Actually not. Trying forced to. My college student has my microphone. He took it and didn't bring it back to me this week, so I am trying this in, in different format. So we'll see how it comes out. But yeah, it's been a crazy week that we've got. My son was in a basketball game took a, got a, took a hard foul last night, hit his head on the court, had a concussion like symptoms last night, dizzy. So we've been keeping an eye on him. We're praying for him so he can start feeling better. But you know, you look at the, we had another Senate race that the Republicans lost. I think there's some serious talk needs to happen about change in the Republican party. You know, we can't just keep doing the same old, same old in, in losing because it is going to impact our Second Amendment rights. But, you know, on good News, Oregon, which had voted in the law, A new law, what people were saying is one of the most potentially egregious violations of our Second Amendment laws from a state they voted in a permit to purchase law, a forced training requirements. and a maximum magazine of capacity of, of 10 rounds. And they thought they were gonna get around the Second Amendment because they had the citizens vote on it. And Oregon being the leftist, they all voted for it. But that still doesn't negate the Second Amendment. So, so several groups have went in and file suit and. Went to the, the district court in the state of Oregon, and they said, yeah, we're gonna put a hold on. The enforcement of this. It went to the then got appealed to the Supreme Court of Oregon, and they too said, Hey, you know, we, we need to, we're not gonna let this go into effect just yet. There's more to come on this, but that at least there, that's some good news in terms of them putting a, a, a halt on this law going to effect. So we've got that. That was nice. Joe Biden's still out there barking for a more gun control, so No, I'm just wonder did he, has he forgot that he's already said this? You know, we talked about him saying it's thick to be able to buy fully, you know, semi-automatic rifles or guns in general. So he's out there barking at Jim. He he's out there again, you know, doing his thing. And this, this is one that is near and dear my heart. He, he sent a letter to the at TF because the ATF was going to destroy all the guns that were evidence in. I don't know how many remember this. The, the Fast and Furious debacle with the ATF was allowing, Federal gun dealers to sell guns to essentially straw purchases for people that were going and take them to Mexico for the, to the drug cartels and things. And then they were gonna supposedly track these guns, follow'em to the end user, and then, you know, be able to make arrests and everything. Well, you know, in typical government fashion, they lost the guns and these guns got in the hands of bad guys. They killed one of our border patrol officers with. and it all blew up. And then he ate, tried and uhhe all this happening because of the, the gun dealers. And they even put into a fact a new rule that still is out there today that those of us that are gun dealers on border states have to now also report not only multiple handgun cells, but multiple rifle cells. And so that is still out there. And as a result of Fast and Furious and the problems with Fast and Furious was it was. Driven by the government. It was all the atf. And we just, you know, learned more and more about the, what our, our government is, is doing out there. And that's, you know, this week we've had the big Twitter file drops. We've got evidence, you know, that the FBI and, and Department of Homeland Security and all have been. Working with these social media, big tech firms to censor us and not allow certain content out there. There's serious evidentiary that they've been, you know, essentially manipulating the elections. And, you know, this is why elections are so important. We have got to get these people if big. Actors out that they're, they're not concerned about the people. They're not concerned about the, the constitution. They are concerned about profiting in their own ways and being in control. So, and on that end, as an ffl, I got a new 44 73 form that I have to start putting into effect. And again, this form is evident of what. Joe Biden and his administration and the ATF are trying to do to start moving us to enact and gather more information. So there's significant changes on this form. I've been doing this 15 years, and I've never seen a form that really changed this much in terms of its content. They've rearranged it. They added a few things, but this was pretty significant. So the first thing, whenever I identify what is being transferred now, a a, it'll put in a spot to where I have to indicate whether or not it's a privately made firearm. I. Ghost gun, I have to have a box. Now they're preparing for to check it. If this is to facilitate a private party transfer, why is that? Because we wanna get, be ready for whenever they force full background checks on everything. They edited a new section in the demographic section. You know, previously, you know, the great one was when we added a non-binary in sex. But this one, after you put in your address, you have to tell whether or not you reside in the city limits or not. So it's yes, no, or unknown. I'm not really sure why they're gathering that what that purpose is. But like, for example, my address is in a, you know, I have an address, but I don't live in the city limits, so I would've to check a yes. And then they get down to two new disqualifying questions. So if you. Yes, on neither one of these, it's going to disqualify you. And the questions are, do you intend to purchase or acquire any firearm listed on this form and any continuing continuation sheet or ammunition for sale or other disposition to any person described in questions 21 through m or to a person describing question 20. B one who does not fall within a non-immigrant exception. So that's basically, are you trying to buy this firearm for anybody that has already answered yes in these other disqualified questions. It says Then do you intend to sell or otherwise dispose of any firearm listed on this form, and then you can do a sheet or ammunition in further of any of these felonies or. Offense punishable by imprisonment for a term of more than one year federal crime of terrorism or a drug trafficking offense. So are, are you s for anybody or are you gonna sell it to anybody? And then we get into under 21 restrictions. And so if you remember now that anybody under 21 has to go through additional background checks into their juvenile record, and so. If transfer by, I have to note, you know, if they are to under 21 that it's gonna be up to 10 days. I have places now where to check that box and identify that the new timeline is going to be for under 20 ones. And so, again, we're putting all these things in place for you. Things that have already been voted on or they're anticipating voting on. So again, it shows you that the Administration, Biden, they have more that they're gonna want to accomplish and we just have to keep fighting for our second Amendment rights because, you know, we have these victories, we have victories like we have in Oregon. We have victories like court. We now, now won election. We have Jim Jordan looking into the ATF and telling them, Hey, hold your receipts. I'm gonna come look for'em. We're going, do we want to see your document? And then, but then on the other hand, they're still out there chirping from gun control. They are going, doing whatever they can with the administration. The e efforts of just putting things in place without having any vote or reviewed by the legislation. And so we have to be diligent, diligent in our fight, and we have to start winning elections. That's crucial. We have to start winning elections. So I appreciate you listening. Hope this sound is okay. I don't know when I'm gonna get my microphone back. It'll probably be a couple more weeks, maybe even after Christmas break, but we'll see. So thank you, thank you, thank you and have a great rest of your week.

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