Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

Twitter files and the 2nd Amendment

December 17, 2022 Jeff Dowdle Episode 144
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Live To Shoot podcast. My name is Jeff Dole, and I have been a licensed firearm dealer for the last 15 years. In this podcast, we talk about all things related to the Second Amendment, as well as other stories going on in the news, or I might just talk about a personal story in mind. So welcome, welcome, welcome. It is Friday December 16th. We are a week away from Christmas. Love this time of year. Love this time of year. Been sitting back watching. What's going on with Elon and Twitter and slowly the relief of various internal documents, memos, and conversations as it pertains to things such as banning Donald Trump, the censoring of the Hunter Biden laptop. And a variety of other stories and, you know, it shouldn't be, it's not any, any great revelation that Twitter was run by a bunch of woke leftists who would do what they needed to do to protect the Democratic party, Joe Biden attack Donald Trump. But you know, that you can see in the decision processing that they were doing everything they could to make up the rules as they go along. To in particular banning President Trump, but that's not what's concerning about this. What is the most concerning piece of it is the involvement of the federal government. We, we, we suspected, we actually had confirmation from mark Zuckerberg on Rogan when he said that they were having meetings with the FBI in terms of, of the potential of misinformation. Russian hacking. those types of things. But then when you look at what's go was the Twitter the fbi, they had regular, ongoing meetings almost, you know, I imagine they may have been reoccurring on their calendar with, with the fbi, and that is what is concerning because we have rights are the bill of. Protects us. The Constitution protects us, protects our rights, and this is one clarification that needs to be made and people need to understand it. And I think there's a lot of confusion out there. The constitution, the government, they don't give us our rights. We are, we, we are not given the right of free speech. We are not given the right of freedom of, of religion. We are not given the right to. and Bear arms? No, we have those rights. Those are rights given to us by our creator by God. And what the Constitution, and in particular the Bill of Rights do, is they say the government can't step on those rights. You know, the Constitution would not have been ratified without the Bill of Rights because they thought that Constitution had to, gave the government too much power. People wanted to put some things in there and specifically said, Hey, government, you can't, you can't do this. and so the government is restricted from doing anything. Has it stopped them? No. Have they done everything they can to skirt up right up to it? Yes. And now the next concerning thing is the use of outside actors, third parties by the government to infringe upon our rights that the government can't do. And that is what they were doing with Twitter and Facebook and definitely Google. And that is that we are starting to get the evidence that they've been meaning and, and dictating. Is highly suggesting that these, this these counts, this, these topics as subject matter evidence this evidence not be publicized and that is censorship and using third parties to do that. Is illegal and we need to be on the lookout for it and not, it is also very evident, and this is what, why I'm talking about this is, you know, it's evident that the government has been using third parties to try and restrict our right to bear arms. How are they doing that Well, The government, I believe, you know, went, has gone to other third parties, banks, credit card processing companies, even sporting good stores like Dicks and I think made suggestions. The banks have been de banking people that are in the firearms industry. Credit card companies are not processing credit card payments for. Firearm related companies, other woke companies like Dicks is saying, you know, they're, they're changing the rules that they have that go against what the federal rules are in terms of age limits on buying guns and so on, and so on and so on. And that is what we have to be on the lookout for. We have to keep watching out for the government, getting involved with other actors to restrict. Her rights and her right to keep and bear arms. And that is what's most concerning about these Twitter files is that it's evident that the government has been employing the strategy. How long have they been employing it? I don't know. I know it goes back to at least the Obama administration. And I believe, you know, what's, what happened, at least in The Bahamas registration administration with a lot of these woke. People got in an administration, started implementing these strategies. Trump came in, could not get rid of 'em. It is, it is festered and, and mutated to, to where it's out of control and. Now we've got our, a pickle on our hands and we've got people like Elon Musk and, and I don't know what I think about Elon. I guess truthfully I, I drive a Tesla, love his cars, love his cars really love what he's doing. SpaceX, I think, you know, Neurolink is very, very concerning. That is very concerning. His involvement with the Chinese government and China for lives of manufacturing is concerning. You know, he has stepped in and he has taken a big risk. The risk of trying to, of opening up these, these documents brings Twitter right in line for lawsuits. Now, how that'll happen now that he has bought the company, I don't know. I don't know. But he's, he's been courageous in that sense, and I think he's actually trying to do some good. So we have to continue support him on that front. And I don't know what else we're gonna find out through these releases, but, It's all these big tech firms, Facebook, Google, Google's the worst. Heard a very interesting article or interview with Robert Epstein, a Dr. Robert Epstein, that's been studying Google. I'll put a link to his website. If you, I am doing everything I can to get rid of Google. Use the Brave Browser. Don't use Goo Anything, the Edge or Chrome, because they're based on Google Chrome. Gmail, getting rid of Gmail. Go proton mail, something private. Secure. Google Drive. Google Docs. Google Docs is a hard one right now. I'm trying to find a, a really good replacement. It's not out there yet, but I am de googling my house my life. Been trying to do it for a while, but Google is manipulating us. They are not a search engine. They're data collection and data, data and, and, and behavior modif modifier, and it is. it is part of their ethos. So they're going to definitely try and do everything they can and how to manipulate us and how much the government's involved. I don't know, but all this may sound like, you know conspiracy, you know, I've got my tinfoil hat on, whatever it might be, but we have to be on the lookout. Twitter's showing us what they're doing on a scale, and I think it's much, much bigger. So again, Watch out for the government. Using these third parties to infringe on our right to keep and bear arms. We have to continue to fight. We have to create alternate economies. Other solutions to keep that from happening. So thank you for listening. You know, I don't have any ads, you know, just share this podcast with others. I'm not trying to make any money. A little support. We went to the Fountain app. You can support me through that, but I appreciate it and have a great.