Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

Happy New Year

January 02, 2023 Jeff Dowdle Episode 145
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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Welcome to the Live Shoot podcast. My name is Jeff Dowel. I've been a licensed farm dealer for the last 15 years. In this podcast, we talk about all things related to Second Amendment, as well as my, anything else going on in the world or I don't want a sports story or something else going on in my life. So welcome, welcome, welcome. Today is happy New Year. to everybody took a few weeks off, and so I hope everybody's had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year and we're getting ready to kick off 2023. Can you imagine that? I can't. It is, it has been a a heck of a year. 2022 is, I know a lot of people glad to have it behind them, and so, but we are going to go into 2023 and so, you know, typically, you know, people are gonna do. The year and review type things, you know? And you know, this year you look at what we had going on, we had outrageous inflation, high prices. The economy's just worse. It's not getting better. Big thing for the second Amendment though, was the, the Bruin decision by the Supreme Court. And you know, that thing has really Changed the way second Amendment laws and legislation are being looked at. And that was probably the biggest thing we had for, in regards to the Second Amendment. But it hasn't, you know, it didn't, you know, just completely fix all of our problems. We still have a ton of problems. We have a left wing media that is out there still pressing against this. We have the ATF trying to make their own rules, so you know, there's still a lot going on. But you know, another, just a crazy, crazy year. And you know, we had Eon Musk by Twitter. I think that has changed things drastically. It has opened up a little bit more of the communication and, you know, when we look forward to 2023, you know, it's still going to be a fight and we're gonna have to stay engaged and, you know, as I, this is gonna be a brief podcast, I'm just kicking things off. I'm looking at, you know, doing things a little differently on this podcast. You know, last year when I started I said I was gonna take some of the pressure off me to publish a podcast every week. So I've, I've done that, you know, I've missed some weeks. And I'm still here. I still have people listening, so, eh, you know, It helps, it helps to be able to take a break. Next, this upcoming year, I'm not sure I'm gonna do things a little differently. I'm, I'm, me. Change things up a little bit. The podcasts are still gonna be short. They're all still gonna be primarily focused on the second Amendment. None of that's changing, all of that, you know, but just might approach it just a little differently. Change the intro. I don't know. Who knows? You know, Crazy stuff. I'm, you know, one thing is I'm not big on change. I like to keep things the way they are, but I understand that, you know, other people like, you know, things to change a little bit and, you know, I, I, I need to do it too, to just keep, keep the interest going. But you know, we will do things a little differently. But the one thing that we're gonna have to continue to do, and I, this is the message of this podcast, this fight, fight, fight, fight for that second Amendment. We have. A lot of positives going on. You know, last year we, we won the house. That was, that's a big deal, but we did not win the Senate. And that, you know, the, the, our, the conservative movement, the populist movement is being undercut from every angle. Rhino Republicans are our worst enemy, I think, at this point in time. And they're the worst enemy of the Second Amendment. Mitch McConnell, John Corn. I'm gonna, you know, I am, I have a thing on John Corn, and I am going to, he's still one of my focus when his term is up, but that's another podcast. I may just do a podcast on John Corn, go through and research all the way he's voted and just start getting that out there. But anyway, side note. So but you know, we, we still have, you know, the, the left wing media is still out there, the ATF. A agencies, you know, ATF is continuing to make up their own rules, redefine firearm, you know, working on, you know, completely against what they were put into place to do what their authority is. And they're not being questioned. They get to these left-wing judges and they, they have. They still approve these things. You know, we then we have to take everything up to the Supreme Court and, you know, so it's, it's always like, you know, it's almost sometimes this thing about being a kid and, or, and, you know, always never being able get anything resolved, always happen to go to mom and dad to resolve it. They shouldn't be that way. You know, the, the lower courts should be able to interpret the constitution and rule accordingly. That's just my opinion. But you know, we still have a lot of work to do the Like I said, the media's not on our side. The court's not on our side. The agencies aren't on our side. Even our own you know, party's not on our side. Then I hate to use the word party cuz I really kind of disassociated with the Republican party in general. But people claim to respect the Second Amendment aren't really on our side. They continue to undercut us all, all, all along the. So those are things we're gonna be looking at, you know, gonna be keeping our eye on those things. There's been some new rulings out and I'll probably be talking about that at the end of this week or whenever I get my next one out. So, but, oh, and you know this, I would be extremely remiss if I didn't. Take a minute in this podcast to acknowledge my TCU horn frogs. I should have done that from the beginning. Going to the national championship. I, I walked on the TCU campus in 1985 as a sophomore, and it has been a journey and now a. Hopefully even, hopefully this will help with other schools and other conferences to get a little respect that we don't. In the national championship, we have a team that is not the s e c, it's not Texas, it's not one of these big schools that you would expect is Texas Christian University, the Horn Frogs. We'll be playing Georgia for the national championship and. I'm very proud of, of what my little horn frogs have done. So if you're listening to the show and you're not a Georgia fan, I hope you at least for one day, become a TTU fan. We need every, all the energy moving towards them to, to move them and win this game. So thank you for listening. Like I said that they'll change things a little. but you know, this, this upcoming year is gonna be a tough one. It is gonna be tough and you know, we're gonna be starting the election cycle again, be looking for candidates for 2024. We've gotta get good candidates, we've gotta support those candidates and we have to get organized in our movement. And, but more importantly, we have to continue to fight, fight, fight for the second Amendment. I appreciate it. Thank you for listening and have a happy new year.

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