Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

Are You Ready For The Apocalypse

February 03, 2023 Jeff Dowdle Episode 150
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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Welcome to the Live Shoot podcast. My name is Jeff Dole and I've been a licensed firearm dealer for the last 15 years, and this podcast will talk about all things related to the Second Amendment, might throw a sports story or anything else going on in the news today. They welcome, welcome, welcome. It has been a crazy week here in Texas for us. We have had our, our winter weather. I have been in my house. Since Monday afternoon and time check today is 6:45 AM on Thursday, and it is still a solid sheet of ice. Now the temperature forecast is that it will get above freezing this afternoon. We've got rain coming down right now. It is freezing to a degree. It's just a. Awful mess, but welcome, welcome, welcome. And so this is, you know, had a little downtime, things to think about, things to do, couple things. We went to see the movie left behind last week. And if you're not familiar with the series, it is a Christian oriented movie based on a set of books. Put out back in the nineties is when they first ca came out about in times and people being raptured. And what happens after they're raptured, they're those people that are left behind. Movie was great. It has, Kevin Sorbo really enjoyed it. It's li it's limited relief. They may be able to put it back out in theaters, but if it comes back around you, I suggest you go see it. My son and I have also been watching the show Last of us on H B O Max, and it is another apocalyptic type scenario where we are a virus, a. From a fungus has taken over and it's very walking deadish. These people aren't exactly zombies, but they, they behave very much so like zombies, and so it's just a, the world has come to an end. It is. Catastrophic and it's a very dangerous place. And so as watching these, you know, it starts making you think about a lot of the storylines through both of these were very similar to things going on today in terms of you know, a pandemic hitting in the left behind. We talk a lot about. One, you know, a global government, one world government a great reset, which was what you know is being proposed today. A one great leader, a digital, you know, a central bank digital currency, A C B D C, that's gonna take over the world. A run by a social media company that is going to. Put it out there. Very, very similar. And you listen to the, the storylines that, you know, you can't trust the news and lockdowns and, you know, zones that people can't go into and all of that. And it's, it hits very clo close to home, I think more so than even, you know, prior to 2020. And I'm not a prepper, but, and unfortunately I'm not. You start thinking, am I prepared? Am I even after going through COVID, am I really prepared? There was another show that was out, you know, I don't know, maybe six, seven years ago called Revolution. And it is a show, it will show based on the fact that all of a sudden one day, anything that ran on power quit working, whether it was gas or electricity. Those types of things. Nothing worked, no electronics worked nothing. It all just quit working. And in a matter of just a few days how far society fell because there was just a run on the grocery stores, no food. People then started killing each other for food. And you are like, gosh. But then as I sit here, I've been locked in my house for four days. We're doing fine. Got plenty of food, low on milk, you know, but you start thinking, what are you gonna do? And what are you, are you ready for this? And, and so I say all that to say that, you know, you need to start really thinking about these types of scenarios, and I'm not. Being crazy here and that you need to go get a storage container and bury it underground and vent it and get it all out. I mean, you want to, you can, but start making plans, start stocking up. And this is this is me speaking to me as much as anything else. Get more ammo. Buy more guns. Yes, that's fine. We were talking about this, get more ammo, buy more guns. Stock up on food. We've got a plan here. Not gonna really talk about it, about where we're all gonna go. We've given roles to different members in our family, but in terms of who's, we have gardener, we have, I'm basically bringing the firearms. But in these shows, ammunition and firearms are critical and I know some people. That I would go to now in those times, are they gonna trust me? Are they gonna wanna help me? That, that's one of those things, you know, alliances are all, you know, another important thing is, you know, watch Survivor, but things may not be as go as extreme as like the last of us. And a zombie, you know, you know, in, in world. You know, this idea of the one world government, the central digital currency, you know, this is where I, we talk about Bitcoin and having, you know, true hard money, money that is valuable. And they, they can't suck outta your bank account. Where when we go to that digital central bank during digital currency and we're going there, we are going there, they will be able to control where you spend and who gets to buy things. you know, look at my links. There's some, some more information about Bitcoin. But, you know, those, these are some key ideas about what are you gonna do and, and when things really hit the fan. Just things to think about. Things I've been sitting here thinking about as I look at the ice outside. Just thought it was fun. Didn't really feel like talking about politics today. Go see, see left behind. You know, think about it, you know, think about what, what it means for you spiritually. That's key. What, what will happen to you? And buy more. Stock up on your ammo. Get some Bitcoin. Start preparing for when S hits the fan. Talk to you later.

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