Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

Do People Really Want Gun Control

March 04, 2023 Jeff Dowdle Episode 154
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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Welcome to the Live Shoot podcast. My name is Jeff Dole In this podcast to talk about all things related to Second Amendment other things going on in the. Personal story or something happened in sports even. So welcome, welcome, welcome. Today is March 3rd. We already need to march and we had weather last night. It was crazy. The amount of wind and rain heard that telltale sign of a, of the train that you often hear when it, that it's a tornado, but we didn't have any tornadoes, but we had winds almost up to 80 miles an hour to some places. It. So little crazy night just getting started here today. And, you know, I was asking myself, you know, what does the general public truly think about guns? Because if you read the media and those things, you would come to believe that everybody wants to ban guns, they want more gun control, yada, yada, yada. I mean, so the other day I walked, opened up the internet, went to one of my favorite news sites off the. Dot com and there's these three articles, boom, boom, boom, right beside each other. And it was kind of a telltale sign, I think a little bit of, of reality and fiction right side by side. But you know, the first article was telling us how our lu president vows again to ban assault weapons. You know, like I said, anytime you give him a camera and a mic, Guarantee he's gonna say something. So here's a quote that in this article, Biden vows to ban of assault weapons Come hell or high water in a quote from the president in a speech that he gave, I think on Wednesday, which would've been the 1st of March, I guess. And he said, I know and I want to. I'm gonna quote him and then we're gonna kind of break it down a little bit. But I'm gonna try and quote him more forward, even though sometimes it may be difficult. I know it may make some of you uncomfortable, but that little state above me, Delaware, is one of them, has the highest rate. One of the highest rates of gun ownership. But guess what? We're going to ban assault weapons again, come hell or high water and high capacity mags when we did it last time to reduce mass deaths. So first off, he's pointing out that the state that he represents, I believe the way he's trying to say the state that he represents as a senator for years and work current Cliffs has one of the highest rates of gun ownership in the country. I don't know if that's true or not. I haven't looked at the facts. But I'm gonna say it. I'll say this. So what? And then he says, but guess what? And this is where I lo I love it when Biden by Next's tough. He's old tough Joe. But guess what? We're going to ban assault weapons again. He's referencing the Clinton Eric 1994 gun assault weapons ban that he so proudly claims that he was responsible for comp hell or high water and high capacity magazines. Then he says, when we did it last, To reduce mass deaths. I'm assuming he, he's stating that when they did it last time, it was effective and it reduced deaths, which statistics over and over have be, have at best, have said that's inconclusive and at worst have said. There was no reduced reduction in, in gun-related deaths that in fact that it, it would changed very little. But facts we know have never gotten rid of in the way of Joe Biden. I, I would love to write a book on all the things that he has li he's lied about the stories and just quote'em word for word. You know, his writing Amtrak train and. All those, you know, being a civil rights protestor and being put in jail and everything, but here he is. He's going out saying, I want to ban assault weapons. Then the next article I saw was discover Card. Discover Card to begin tracking gun purchases in April. Now, we've talked about this in the past, that the credit card c. We're going to start putting in a, a code of transaction of things that were, were gun related transactions. And that way we would, they would start being able to track it. They would be able to give it over to the government and tell them who, not only what, but who, who, and that has always been the big question for the go. Who owns guns? Why do we own guns? I mean, who owns them? How do we figure out they are because we wanna come get'em? There's article says there are over 55 million discover cards in use. So a lot of the information on gun purchases can be gathered via that one company, 55 million cards. So right now, my advice to you is don't use discover. Cut it up, throw it away. Visa mascar probably aren't gonna be far behind. In the meantime, don't use Discover, and we have not really, we've talked about on this podcast Bitcoin and what I believe about Bitcoin. we have not talked much about the central bank digital currency, the C B D C that everybody's, you know, clamoring for on the left. Other nations are trying to implement it and there's a strong belief that the United States is going to implement it, and that would be a digital currency that ala Bitcoin, but it is digital controlled by the, you know, central bank digital currency, meaning it is controlled by the central. The government, the Fed, and the, in terms of issuance and, and all of that. And what that would do is that will give them the ability to control you. You control your money. They control you. So if you aren't a good little boy and you say something bad on Facebook, that is against the regime. They suck out$10 outta your CBD C of your account for a little fine. Well, they say, Hey, you know, you can't buy gas anymore. We're gonna cut you off for a week from buying food. You know, those types of things is what the cbd c Well, this credit card code is the beginning of that journey. So, you know, two very negative articles. Obviously nobody really wants anything about guns, but the next article, right underneath it all is 2023 Gun cells start Off Hot Americas choosing to protect themselves. This is an article out of the Washington Examiner. Gun Cells have started hot in 2023 with Americans continuing to arm themselves as crime and random shooting. The FBI today reported near record background checks is for January and February, making 41 41 straight months. That's almost four years. Of 2 million or more checks conducted the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the N S F, it's an industry group, says that sales were 1.3 million in February. And according to the spokesperson for the N S F, this is demonstrative of a steady appetite for Americans from all walks of life, exercising their second amendments right to lawful firearm ownership. So our president can say he's gonna. He's going to do it again. He says he's gonna be successful. Discover Card can say they're gonna start tracking them, but people are still buying guns. You can might read surveys that said We people want more gun control, more regulation stricter laws. But when you actually ask them the, the true questions versus, you know, do you think we should have laws that can keep criminals from buying guns? And people are gonna say yes, but what if they say we should have more laws that keep you from buying guns? People are going to be a little hesitant, and that is what they want. They want to keep you from buying guns, and it's been evident over the last four years. That people wanna buy guns, they see where things are going. In an economy that is not doing well. Gas prices, food prices, everything is through the roof. Housing prices are going up, but people are still finding dollars to spend on buying guns and ammunition because they think it's important. They believe in it. It has, has not impacted that industry. As much as others, and it's because people know that they're people they're going to be trying to take away, and that we've got to be able to protect ourselves from a tyrannical regime like the one we're currently under. And they've seen the writing on the wall. Covid told'em exactly what the government's going to would like to try and do. So you can read all the articles, you can see all the surveys, but when you look at gun sales, that tells you the truth. Those are facts and facts don't lie. People want guns and they want to keep buying'em, and that is not gonna change. That's why we gotta keep fighting for our Second Amendment. We've got to continue to support it because it is the right thing to do. The Second Amendment is still relevant today and we need to defend it. Have a great day and I will talk to you.

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