Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

What Is Wrong With This Country?

April 01, 2023 Jeff Dowdle Episode 158
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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Welcome, welcome, welcome. This is the Lived Shoot podcast and my name is Jeff Dole. So this week has been a a, a terrible week, and I just wanna, first, before I start talking about the events in Nashville, I just wanna first issue my condolences and prayers to those families who lost loved ones. No matter what those circumstances, these types of events need to be prevented. And as a parent, I can only imagine. What pain they're going through right now. So we just need to continue to lift those families up in prayer and, and, and just pray for comfort for them. I I also wanna commend the Nashville Police and their response. If you've seen the body cam footage easy, there was urgency in their actions. No hesitation on any of the officers. They were all very brave and very heroic as they, they. Responded to this horrible situation, but you know, it didn't take long for president Biden to remark on it and, and request a ban. And, you know, after he came down and first said, you know, he is only there cuz chocolate chip ice cream. He did, did have some remarks and his first appearance after this shooting, and I wanna just quote his remarks here. Before I begin to speak, and the reason I spent a little time on the kids, I just want to speak very briefly about the school shooting in Nashville, Tennessee. You know, Ben and I have been doing this our whole careers, it seems, and it's just, it's sick. You know, we're still gathering the facts of what happened and why, and we do know that as of now, there are a number of people who are not going to make it, including children, and it's heartbreaking. A family's worst. Nice. And I want to commend the police who responded incredibly swiftly within minutes to end the danger. We're monitoring the situation really closely. Ben, as you know, and we have to do more to stop gun violence. It's ripping our communities apart, ripping the soul of this nation, ripping at the very soul of the nation, and we, we have to do more to protect our schools so they aren't turned into prisons. You know, the shooter in this situation probably had two sole weapons and a pistol. Two AK 40. Not true. So I call on Congress again to pass my assault weapons ban. It's a long time that we begin to make some more progress, but there's more to learn. But I just want to send my concern and hearts out so many people out there. I've been to so many of these sites to Ben knows by virtually everyone but the media, you know, they've been a little bit more quiet than usual. Once that it was determined, you know, that the shooter didn't fit the. It was a female, not a white MAGA that, but she identified as a man and the victims were a Christian school. There were even comments blaming Christian hate as a cause and trans, and that the transgender community were the victims. I also wanted to caution the, the right from blaming transgender people with this. People do, the people that do these types of. Are sick and that sickness will manifest itself in many different areas and in many different mental Issues. And just because you're transgender doesn't mean that, that that's what led to this crime. It was horrific crime. But the media is suggesting that the right is more concerned about protecting the children from drag queen's story, however than guns and, and we don't. We don't protect the people from the guns. I have my fair share of guns in my home and never as one of them got up and tried to shoot me. We wanna protect our children from anyone that harmed them, and that might be in the form of, of not exposing them to age inappropriate behavior such as drag queen, story hour, or being suggested to cut things off their body before they're emotionally ready. We also protect them from people that wanna harm them physically. By just holding their, this might be just by holding their hand the crown, making sure you know who their friends are or, and where they're going during various times of the day. It should also include surrounding areas that are very vulnerable, such as schools and daycares with armed protection. This can be in the forum. Police hired security armed teachers. The more the better. The shooter had identified two targets but eliminated one cuz it was too much security. Now we need to identify what that other location was. Look at it. Review it. And determine what was the, what was specific causes, an event that made this sick person actually use some common sense and think twice before entering it. We protect our elected officials with guns, our banks and money, our airports, our celebrities, our sporting events of any other places. It is normal to protect the things we feel are important with guns and what is more important than the most vulnerable and most precious items that our. And why is it so foreign to the left? I mean, they're the ones that are calling for this, are the ones that, and typically are surrounded by armed security. We need to look at the ships in society. You know, why is, why is this, why is this happening? It's not cuz there's more guns. Actually the amount, there are more guns, but the amount of gun related crimes per the, for those, the increase in guns is actually dropped. So the guns are not the, cause. The access to the guns are not the cause. We can do things, you know, they can call for op, you know, background checks. I'm have not heard yet, but I believe I did hear that this person had legally acquired their guns from local gun stores, which means that she had gone through background. And all had been passed. So if there was nothing in her background that indicated that, you know, she needed to be prohibited, what else are they gonna do? The, the thing that they are calling for bans on assault weapons. One, they don't define the assault weapon. Two, what is that? She would've just bought pistols. She would've just bought shotguns. Whatever it was she needed, she would've bought. All they really know is that they need to, they wanna ban and confiscate all the guns. That's really what they, they believe their solution is because all these other little things, they keep throwing out, they. That they don't make any difference because it would, none of 'em would've ever prevented most of these crimes. We need to look at a broader case of what's going on in our country and our world and why, why this is happening more and more or at least it's being publicized more and more. I believe there's two things. Two recent studies came out. One study showed that as a country we are less patriotic. The Wall Street Journal poll shows that 59% of Republicans say that patriotism is very important compared to just 23% of Democrats. And, and so, you know, one, both those numbers are extremely low. Why are Democrats less patriot? Why do they hate the country so much? Why do people on the left hate this country? But another one that's more pressing is that we as a country are just far less religious. From 2007, a poll dropped down that, that people identify as Christian, that dropped from 78% to 63%, and that they're now 30% of the people identify as having no religion whatsoever. You can believe what you wanna believe, but when you bring God into your life, it changes your perspective. It takes away things away from being about you and being about more about being God. And these incidents that these of these shooters and people that just do evil, it's all about them. They want the attention, they are their has been hurt, they've been threatened. We need to shift that, we need to continue to bring God back into the American culture. We are a Christian nation. You can argue that all along. But it, there it is very clear. We are a Christian nation and we need to be a Christian nation. God is had favor on this country because of that. But it's, he's not gonna continue to keep his hand on this for protection. He will lift it and move on and let things just happen as they may, and that may be a little bit of what we're experiencing now. We have to change society to prevent these types of things. We have to change our people and, and make people more responsible to the community that they're in and have closer ties to the community so that they don't wanna do anything to harm the community. They wanna protect the community. And despite what the left says, we need guns in that society to protect the community. Keep fighting, pray for those victims. Pray that somehow people's eyes open up to the fact that it's not gun control that will solve this problem. Take care. Have a good weekend. Thank you.