Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

ATF Keeps Trying to Change the Definitions

April 28, 2023 Jeff Dowdle Episode 161
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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Welcome, welcome, welcome. This is the Lived Shoot podcast, and my name is Jeff Doel. I've been a licensed farm dealer for the last 15 years, and in this podcast we talk about all things related to the Second Amendment or anything else going on in the news, or maybe a personal story or a sport story, anything that I might find interesting. So welcome, welcome, welcome. Thank you for taking just a few minutes outta your day to listen. I. Appreciate it. I really do. I really do appreciate those of you that listen. I hope you find it interesting. I hope you find a little nugget out of everything that I say if, even if it's just one thing. So, welcome. Today I wanna talk about the importance of definitions and how they're coming into play in today's society. So if you look at back, what's been going on here in the culture and in society, we are changing or modifying. Definitions of a variety of words to fit what we think is the, the times, the culture, what politically is beneficial. We don't know the definition of a woman anymore. We've got a hundred plus genders. The c, d C has changed what a vaccine is from something that actually makes you immune to a disease, to something that. You just take that can help you prevent a disease. Very vague terms. And the most important thing is the ATF is going about trying to change the definitions of what they regulate and. I just wanna talk through these different items and, and just kind of look at the pattern and what's, what our current status is in a lot of these different efforts. So this goes, you know, way back, I mean, there's a, there's a classic and it's not a legend. It is true. You can look it up. The ATF at one point published a letter that stated that a 14 inch shoestring could be cut be, is, would be a machine gun Now, As crazy as it sounds. They did do that, they did rescind the letter eventually, but they actually published a, a ruling, a letter saying that, that that could be construed as a machine gun fast forwards today. So let's look at all the different items we have. The ATF has been doing, they've been changing the definition of firearms, so they went in and in an effort to regulate 80% lowers. They had to change what the definition of a firearm is to accommodate the fact that now something that's not a firearm, doesn't work as a firearm, but could potentially be a firearm. Is a firearm. Do you follow that? And so now 80% lowers are, are restricted Then you have the idea of the bump stocks. And again, this is a plastic device that attaches to a, the end of a semi-automatic rifle that helps facilitate the cycling of that rifle to, to increase the speed that its fire rate does not make it a machine gun. So the classical. Definition between semi-automatic and fully automatic is that a semi-automatic weapon fires one time. Every time you pull the trigger and it cycles itself. A fully automatic does not, will continue to fire as long as the trigger is pulled, and it is not limited to one round per trigger pool. Well, the ATF is like, eh, let's, let's, let's, these bump stocks, it is firing just one round, but it's going a lot faster. We're gonna call that a machine gun. Well, here, just recently, the sixth, sixth Circuit Court of Appeals said, Nope. Guys, we are going to overturn this ban on bump stocks. Now, this just happened last week, so this is new. But that's, that is progress. The next thing that they have done is the pistol brace, and that again, is this piece of thing that attaches to a pistol now can turn that pistol into a rifle, but it's not a rifle, it's a pistol. And they've jumped through a lot of acrobatic hoops to create new definitions of what makes this a rifle, to accommodate the fact that a, this brace could become a rifle. And you really don't know. They can't really tell you for sure. They, you basically have to, they, they say w. Their definition of it is, is kind of, we'll know it when we see it, if it's a rifle or a pistol. And so if they say it's a rifle, now you're a break in the law because you have an unregistered short barrel rifle that is being challenged in several court cases currently. Then you have the forced reset triggers and. If you follow the news, it seems like the ATF is starting to enforce and crack down on the force reset triggers, and so those were banned. And what they are is basically it a trigger that's designed to refit itself. Again, the it cre it will increase the fire rate of that firearm, but it is still one round. Per trigger pull, it is still semi-automatic, but now the ATF is starting to show up on people's doors and we don't know where they've got the list of those of people that they're investigating. They're sending letters out saying, Hey, we understand you may have one of these. We need to come and inspect and, and start an investigation. So they are cracking down on those already. But again, They, they're doing this by the means of changing the definition of what a machine gun is. And now the last and most recent case is around the auto key card in Matt Hoover. And if you haven't followed this case, basically these two gentlemen produced a credit card like piece of metal that had an etching on it that could. Of a device that if built, that device can be dropped into and it's called a lightning link. Could be dropped into some AR fifteens and convert them into a machine gun. This was just an etching, it was a drawing, it was not a lightning link. It was just basically a picture of a light in England. And they have been convicted of a conspiracy to sell machine guns because, Now pictures just much like a 14 inch shoestring, a picture can become a machine gun. And so again, we continue to modify these definitions and that is what is wrong with society today. True. Truth is no longer true. Everybody has their own opinion of what is true. If it's true to me, then it is true, and that is where we have gotten away from. We have gotten away from black and white, male and female that things are either one way or the other. And we live in this really wacky, weird world. And. It's very serious. Now, when you look at our, our enforcement agencies, whether that's the CDC or the atf, or maybe the FDA or fbi in terms of all sorts of things, now they're creating the rules on the fly to. Enforce what they want to enforce and they're bypassing Congress. And this is the power of this administrative state that is so evil and that is what we have to realize is that we have got to good. And when Trump talked about draining the swamp, I don't even think he understood how bad the administrative state is, but now it is time to. We have to take our government back. We have to take this administrative state back. We have to bring in controls and bring the, bring the power back to the people and not the people that have been hired and sitting in these offices for 40 years. And all they're trying to do is protect their power. So, We've got elections starting to come up. It's gonna be a big one. And there's a lot of controversy going on and there's a lot of, of concern. But I tell you what, if we don't put somebody in there that has the wear for where, for throw and the cajones to take on this administrative state and clean house completely, we are going to be living under. Marshall law, rule of law, the the administrative state, it is gonna be tyrannical and we're gonna lose all of our freedoms. I know it's not a good message. I'm hopeful for us. I'm just trying to point out these things to people so that you can see what's going on around you and you can start to to respond appropriately. So thank you for listening. Have a great weekend and we will talk to you next week.

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