Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

Pistol Brace Update and Rhinos

June 18, 2023 Jeff Dowdle Episode 167
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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Well, welcome to the Live Shoot podcast. My name is Jeff Dole, and I've been a licensed firearm dealer for the last 16 years. In this podcast, we talk about all things related to the Second Amendment, as well as anything else might be going on in the news or something going on in my personal life. Well, welcome, welcome, welcome. Today is June 18th and it's Father's Day, and so happy Father's Day to all my fellow fathers out there, and you guys are, Critical to the success of our children and the future of our country. And so Happy Father's Day. Enjoy your time off. I'm gonna be watching the, the US Open and maybe some the Canadian grand Prairie Formula One. That's gonna be my day on the couch. So welcome. We'll go. Welcome. And it's been another crazy week for me personally too. So on Monday, Monday. Yes, that was my 24th wedding anniversary. So my wife and I have been married for 24 years. On Wednesday, my youngest turned 18, and yesterday as part of his birthday present, he and I jumped out of an airplane. Yes, we went skydiving tandem, skydiving. Amazing. Lot of fun. Don't know if I'll do it again. Maybe I'm not afraid of it. It was definitely fun and thrilling. Really hard to explain too, what it's like, but it, it, it was a really good experience, so I was glad I did it. So welcome, welcome, welcome. So few things this week in the news that we'll just, we'll talk about these first, the house finally, despite their blackmail and extortion of, of representative Clyde, they finally did get pressured to bring the Joint resolution 44 to the floor regarding the pistol brace rule, and it did pass primarily on party lines. Now, just, and, and this is what I like about, I want to, I'll read it to you. I don't think I've read this to you before because it's, it's really short and simple. It's says, providing for congressional disapproval under chapter eight of the Title Five United States Code of the Rules submitted by the Bureau of Alcohol, tobacco, firearms and Explosives relating to factoring criteria for firearms. With attached stable braces, resolved by the Senate. And House of Representatives of the United States of America assembled that Congress disapproves rules submitted by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms explosives related to factoring criteria for firearms with attached stabilizing braces and no and such rules shall have no four orry or factory Simple. Pretty easy to understand. That's why I think all bills should be, I don't think we need to have these big, huge, 17,000 page bills or whatever. They need to be one page. And if more takes more than that, you need to divide it up. But part that did pass on party lines, the there were two Rhino Republicans that voted no on it. And so if. They are. If you are in their district, or even if you're not, reach out. Tell'em how displeased you are. Brian Fitzpatrick in Pennsylvania and Tom Keen in New Jersey. Keep them on your radar. They are on the list of those that we need to primary. And speaking of primary There was another rule that that was brought to the floor by Anna Paulina Luna. It was Stuart censure Adam Schiff and fine him for all the lies and that he did, and, and presented and bringing the fact that he brought a impeachment hearing on, on Donald Trump on evidence that he knew was fake, that he tried to present evidence to the public that was not true and factual, that he was one of the driving forces behind the Russiagate scheme. To say that president by President Bush, I mean President Trump had colluded with the Russians. Now there was 20 Republicans that didn't go on that side, and I'm not gonna go down on their list, but look'em up. They need to hear from you. Now, some of'em said they didn't think it was constitutional, you know, they're gonna bring it back again next week for another vote without the fine where he'll just be a censure and he will get a slap on the wrist. But again, this is just more evidence about how weak these Republicans can be. They. The de Democrats don't care if it's constitutional or not, they're gonna do it and then make Schiff fight it out in court, spend his money, spend his lawyers go after and try and defend him in two years. Maybe get some kind of resolution. That's the way the Democrats do it, not the Republicans. And we need to take on a little bit more of that advice, but Kay Granger. In Texas. She's not in my district, but I have a former college friend that has announced his can and he is actually going to concern in the primary. So I am, you know, throwing my support to John O'Shea in the 12th District, Texas to primary Kay Granger. She has gotten weaker over the years. So we've gotta keep doing this. We've gotta get rid of these Republicans that are not voting. For America, but they're looking out more for their own interest. And finally, a last bit of a little good news, I guess might say, I think it's funny, but Kamala Harris has been tapped to be like, I guess the guns are like she has the borders are. She's gonna be responsible for gun control and going forward and that, and getting that accomplished. According to press releases that President Biden has tapped her for, that he seems to tap her for the things that he doesn't wanna be involved in at all. He wants to distance immigration gun control the, the hot topics and If she's successful with it, if she's been on the border, you know, we're gonna keep our guns for a while, we can be successful at that. So I guess that has some good news that whenever incompetency, incompetency can work in your favor. So celebrate that. Making this bit short since it is Father's Day. So have a great Father's day, everybody, and I will talk to you later.

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