Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

2A News and UFOs

July 29, 2023 Jeff Dowdle Episode 170
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
2A News and UFOs
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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Join host Jeff Dowdle in this  episode of Live and Shoot as he discusses all things related to the Second Amendment, current events, and more!  He dives into compelling news stories from around the country and the world, including intriguing UFO sightings and government secrecy.

Jeff delves into recent indictments and legal battles, including those involving former President Trump and Hunter Biden. He sheds light on a crucial development in gun safety laws, as Gun Owners of America raises concerns about the misuse of federal funds in implementing red flag laws.

Additionally, Jeff examines the shifting preferences in the Second Amendment community as Trump's support surges, while Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis faces challenges. Get ready for a passionate discussion as Jeff advocates for Trump's return to protect Second Amendment rights and the future of the Republic.

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Welcome to the Live and Shoot podcast. My name is Jeff Dowdle and I have been a licensed firearms dealer for the last 16 years. I talk about all things related to the second amendment as well as anything else going in the world or anything in my personal life or anything else that I might find interesting. So welcome, welcome, welcome. August, we're at the end of July and it is hotter than fire here in Texas. We are hitting 100 pretty consistently and this is the time of year that I can't wait till, till fall, but we will get there and then there'll be a time when wishing that the cold weather would go away. But that's just the life in Texas. So welcome, welcome, welcome. This week I thought I'd just talk about a couple things, news stories going on in the, in the, around the country, around the world. And you know, there are plenty to choose from. We could talk about UFOs. And if you've watched that any of the hearing, it's very, very interesting. I... You know, I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm not a big believer in UFOs and aliens and, and such, but some compelling testimony of at least, again, confirming that our government is not very forthright with us, that they want to keep everything confidential, and, and Keep it compartmentalized and even make everything top secret so that we, that the public can't be aware of because they think they are our betters, that they control us. But so we'll see where this story comes up. Trump got another indictment. Again they've indicted his maintenance man at Mar a Lago. As well just all sorts of interesting things going on. Hunter Biden, what can we say about Hunter, right? I mean, his lawyers tried to sneak one path, basically tried to get the courts to grant him a, Get out of jail free card for everything he's ever done in the past or anything else he might do in the future and fortunately a judge who has a little bit of integrity put her foot down on that but so, you know, it is not definitely, it's definitely not a boring time but a couple stories I was, as I go through and I collect stories throughout the week one of them jumped out at me And this one is, it's from the Gun Owners of America, put out a release that said that this department has weaponized a bipartisan gun safety law to confiscate guns from law abiding citizens. So, the word weaponized, we've heard a lot lately, and this goes around that wonderful Bipartisan Safer Communities Act that my wonderful Senator John Cornyn, and this is really where it's more important. Why it popped for me because if y'all remember, he was a key proponent of getting this push and he, you know, he's on my list. I am trying to get him off of this, but anyway, what this release says, and I'll just. Read it. It says that the Republicans and gun rights activists say that the Biden administration unlawfully handed out federal funds to states that do not qualify under the program intended to promote so called red flag laws. In 2022, they passed signed the Bipartisan Commitment Act. In response to mass shootings, blah, blah, blah. The law incentivizes states to pass extreme risk protection laws, also called red flag laws, that allow members of the public and law enforcement to petition courts for civil order to temporarily suspend. After gun right advocates raised Second Amendment concerns, Congress included requirements that states applying for federal grants to implement red flags include certain due process requirements. Thank you. due process protections. So what gun owners of America and the members of, of the Senate who have sent a letter are stating is that Congress is just giving out money. To states that, that don't qualify, says Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas and Rep. Alexander Mooney asserting in a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland, and again, what good is that going to do, that the Justice Department has handed federal funds to states that did not meet the minimum due process criteria. The letter accuses the Biden administration of ignoring Congress and demands to know why grants to at least eight states and territories receive federal funds under the DOJ program. It was signed by seven GOP senators and 26 House lawmakers. The lawmakers wrote the Department of Justice appears to have weaponized the Bipartisan Safer Community Act. Weaponized is a word that we've heard a lot about this administrative state under Biden. And you know, we talked about the other, another Trump indictment and other things going on, and this just seems to be consistent and the fact that John Cornyn, my wonderful Senator here in Texas, has some involvement in it, just again continues to irk me. He is on my list, and we are going to primary him. I promise you. But, another story that Stuck out to me was this one in the Washington Examiner. It said, Second Amendment advocates switch to Trump as DeSantis fades. This was interesting. It says the American Firearms Association on Wednesday that nearly three quarters of its members back Trump for the GOP nomination, giving up on Florida Ron DeSantis, who led in a similar survey in November. It's that they polled over 2, 000 members, revealed a massive shift from late last year when DeSantis was up big in surveys after his impressive re election victory. When the 2nd minute group polled in November, DeSantis was leading Trump 68 28% in the polls. Less than a year later, Trump now leads DeSantis 70%. to 15%. So first things first, you know, this poll back then that it's unusual because there has not been many polls where DeSantis is at any kind of lead, much less a lead as significant as, as that a, you know, two thirds of the voters over Trump preferring DeSantis and then for it to switch so quickly. Now, when it comes to the second amendment. You know, Trump hasn't been the worst. He, you know, he put in the bump stock, you know, ban and supported that and, and some red flag laws type legislation as well. DeSantis has not been bad on second amendment. Got constitutional carry in Florida, but I think the. of it is not who is the most pro second amendment, but who can protect the second amendment who is going to stand up against the ATF, the FBI in Congress, our second amendment rights, who has the most Who has the most strength of character, who will not cave when the times go tough. And I think now, as we've started watching, and we've seen what the deep state, the administrative state is capable of, and all the things they're putting Trump through, that we know that that he can stand up to the fire. Can DeSantis? I don't know. And I think that's what this poll indicates. And I think that, that is why in this podcast, I am pro Trump. I believe anybody that's gonna stand up and hopefully save this Republic is Trump. DeSantis can speak a lot, but he's drifting. You know, Vivek is coming up on, on, has passed the Santas in many polls and, you know, Vivek has, has said, said a lot of things too, but I think when it gets to a national stage of Vivek against anybody else, you know, he's not going to be able to carry the weight and Donald Trump is despite. All the numerous indictments and charges that they keep throwing at him, trying to get him to, to falter. The polls keep just going stronger and stronger now because America public can see, see through it. And they know that this is the man that is going to stand up and hopefully recover this Republic. So. Interesting that, you know, the 2A committee, 2A community is starting to sense that as well and moving in that direction. So, you know, things are going to come. Things will get hotter. We're going to see a lot more pressure on all of our rights. They are pushing the limit on trying to take away our rights, keep us from exerting our freedoms. And one of those ways is going to be to take away our guns. And I will say it again, the man that can help us prevent that is Donald J. Trump, and we need to get him back. And that's what this podcast is going to be pressing for over the next two years is getting Donald J. Trump back in the White House. Continue if you don't agree with me. Don't listen. I want to know why you think that he isn't the best choice for America, especially for to protect our second amendment. Who else? You want to put in Chris Christie in there? Good for you. Joe Biden? Kamala Harris? No. I think we all agree those are failures as well. So let me know what you think though. Give me your feedback. I appreciate it. And I will talk to you later.

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