Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

Individual Gun Sales and Gun Dealers Under Fire

August 12, 2023 Jeff Dowdle Episode 172
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
Individual Gun Sales and Gun Dealers Under Fire
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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In this episode I delve into the complex landscape surrounding gun dealers and the Second Amendment in the face of changing regulations proposed by the Biden administration.  I  examine the proposed rule changes that aim to redefine who qualifies as a gun dealer and discusses the potential implications of these changes. 

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Welcome to the Livestream Podcast. My name is Jeff Dowdle and I've been a licensed fireman dealer for the last 16 years. And this podcast, we're talking about all things related to the state amendment or any other story going on in the day, or maybe something from my personal life. So welcome, welcome, welcome. This is, it's been a week for me. Yesterday we moved my youngest into the dorm at his college. And so now we are empty nesters and that is kind of a tough pill to swallow. But I don't want to go into all that. Let's talk about how, what the Biden administration thinks about gun dealers. It is really a mixed bag if you ask me, but I will tell you overall, they don't like gun dealers. They don't like guns. We know that. And gun dealers are just a facilitator for that. And they have tried and tried to run gun dealers out of business. And now though, they are using gun dealers to manipulate the second amendment, I think. So if you remember from the Bipartisan Safer Community Act. One of the things we talked about in there was that they changed the definition. Of being a dealer. It used to be that someone that was engaged in the business of selling guns to now with somebody that has the to an ambiguous statement that says they're predominantly earning a profit. And so nobody really knows what that means, but basically if you sell a gun potentially and you make money on it, you are a gun dealer. And now, according to John Crump from ammo land, he's got the rough drafts of that rule that, that the ATF is. Drafting now to essentially eliminate all private sales of firearms and Biden wants to close what they call the digital loophole, which are things like gun broker, arms lists and stuff where private individuals can sell firearms to one another. So what they're trying to do now is basically if you are selling a gun and you're going to make a profit, you have to be a licensed gun dealer to do that. Now, how are they going to enforce that? I don't know. They can't even enforce and cover the guns dealers that we have now and So what happens if you sell a gun and you aren't a licensed dealer? Well, now you probably committed a felony. So whether or not they can enforce it or not is one thing, but they're going to make this, they're trying to make this change to impact every deal, whether it's at a gun show online or to your neighbor, that if you're bought a gun. 10 years ago for 300 and you're going to sell it now for 350. You're a gun dealer and you need to go get your FFL. And that's going to be a problem. Here's a story that came across my desk. It's about a farmer, a dairy farmer, and I believe he's Amish and his name is Ruben King, and he has been convicted by a federal jury for selling firearms without a license despite, you know, their. Being, you know, there's no currently legal requirement to be a gun, gun dealer. And so here's, here's a case where they're already starting to go after gun dealers, gun dealers. And what happened was an undercover police officer bought five firearms from King between October 24th, 2019 to March 16th, 2020. Two 2020 in three separate transactions. And according to these documents, the undercover offers soft and filmed an estimated 150 long guns marked with price tags and arrayed on tables in Kings Barn for sale. So he had a lot of guns. He was selling them. And he's act, so by that means he is acting as a firearms dealer, they're interpreting it. Now that wasn't his business, he's a dairy farmer. He wasn't violating any laws, but the ATF is so vague on things, even today, that they determined that he was a dealer. And, you know, that is a problem with everything that happens with the ATF, is that they, they have no clear specifications. And. About what it requires. And so nobody really knows it could be said that this gentleman had a collection of guns that he was wanting to sell. There's nothing wrong with selling your personal property. I don't have to have a license if I want to sell this laptop. I've got, I don't have to have a license. Even if I want to sell my car. To my, to my neighbor. Even if I want to make a profit on it. Now, if I want to be a dealer, a car dealer, and, and benefit from some of those, the being an actual licensed car dealer where I can go to auctions. And I can buy from auctions at a reduced price and then advertise and sell those cars at a profit and do that regularly. Then I'm going to have to go through the licensing requirements to get, get a dealer. If I want to make an arrangement with a manufacturer, Chevrolet or whatever. To buy cars from them and then mark them up and sell them, I am going to have to be a licensed car dealer. But if I want to take my car and sell it to my neighbor and make a profit and then take my son's car and sell it and make a profit, I don't need to be a licensed car dealer. Car dealer for that. If you want to be a licensed gun dealer to where you can go and you can buy from manufacturers, you can buy from wholesalers at a dealer's price and then mark that up and sell it, then you become a licensed dealer. If you want to be able to do transfers for people. From when they buy it on the internet and they need to pick it up, you become a licensed dealer. But if you want to go out and take it and sell somebody your own gun, you don't need to be a licensed dealer. You don't, you're not benefiting from the perks of being a licensed dealer. The reason you're licensed and regulated because there's other. Means of doing that you can get Guns from different sources than you can if you're not licensed But it doesn't mean that if you've got a gun, you can't sell it You can't it doesn't mean that if you've got 10 guns, you can't sell it It just means that you're not licensed to go and benefit from being able to buy from other sources That's the difference between a licensed gun dealer and an unlicensed gun dealer the atf And the Biden administration want to make everybody a licensed gun dealer so that they can control them and they can restrict them. But on the flip side, they believe we're evil. Okay. So they're going to put a rule in place that says if you're going to buy and sell a gun, you've got to be a dealer now, but we don't really like gun dealers from the, every town group that is already promoting this, this helped promote the, the bipartisan Safer Communities Act and putting in this thing about being a licensed dealer. Here's from a study that they did, and this is the report from the study. And it's really not what's said, but it's what they're trying to say. So, here's just some of their key, what they call key findings. The U. S. has nearly 78, 000 licensed gun, gun dealers. More than all the post offices in the United States, more than the number of McDonald's. Burger King, Subway, and Wendy's. Over half of all gun dealers are located in residential communities, including nearly 9, 000 dealers licensed to manufacture firearms. Residential license holders, some in private homes such as me, do not need to notify neighbors or place signage indicating that they can sell or manufacture guns in their homes. One in five public elementary schools is within a half a mile of dealers are bad. A criminal element is associated with gun dealers is what they're saying. I guarantee you there's more pot stores in America than there are gun dealers. I go up to Oklahoma where it's legal and there's CBD tea, CBD and weed stores, 30 of them. Within a block of each other. It seems like it says there are roughly five incidents per day where firearms go missing from gun dealers through robbery, burglary, larceny, and other laws. So they want to make it required to be a gun dealer, but here's another thing says while federal agencies recommend annual or more frequent inspections for elevators and restaurants, federal license holders can expect to be inspected at current rates less than once per decade. States with the most. The most gun dealers per capita have 10 times higher rates of guns trafficked to another state and subsequently used in crime than states with the fewest gun dealers. So they want to make everybody gun dealers, but they acknowledge the fact that the ATF can't even regulate the current number of guns they have. So we don't like gun dealers. We want to make everybody go through a gun dealer. And some of the recommendations that this study had was, you know, that they raise the fee of of being a licensed gun dealer. They need to make it harder to become a gun dealer. They need to place more restrictions on gun dealers. That's the find, what the recommendations from this finding are. So you're going to make it much more tougher to be a gun dealer, but on the flip side, you can't sell a gun unless you're a gun dealer. So what are they going to, they're slowly crimping it in on both sides, meaning you can't become a gun dealer and you can't sell guns unless you're a gun dealer. So what does that mean? We can't sell guns. They hate us. They want to put us in jail like Mr. King for trying to sell our own guns that we have, that we've purchased. It's our own personal property. There's nothing that I, that I have that I can't sell except for guns apparently if, as an individual. So the ATF and the Biden administration are Constantly going to be at war with us if we, if we do not get them out of the office and clean out the ATF. They hate us. They hate gun dealers. Gun dealers, we're the ATF, we're the front lines. The number of, of everything has to come through us, and if we're so bad and evil, That's the implication that we're all gun dealers are, we're just letting people come in and buy guns that aren't supposed to. We ignore the background check. We, we say, Hey, you can't qualify for a background check. Why don't you go out there and get somebody in the crossing street, wink, wink, and they'll have them buy it for you. That's not happening. These gun dealers, by far, are law abiding American patriots that want to do the right thing and they want to support the Second Amendment. And they're out there trying to keep us safe. And just by being a gun dealer doesn't mean that you're inciting a criminal element to be around you. I would probably... argue that gun shops are the safest place you want to be, right? And so what is it, what is, what is the, the, the purpose of all this? The purpose of all of this is to eliminate everybody's ability to buy guns. They can't say, they cannot bomb. That's what, you know, the second amendment has stood up strong over the years and we have to give it to our forefathers for putting it in place. So they, they, you know, they can't keep They can't get rid of of guns, so they're going to crimp down on manufacturers, dealers, and the individuals to make it all harder for us to get them. And this is just another case of it. So watch out for what's going to be coming on along. We'll be keeping you up to date on this new rule. It's not, it's in draft form. It hasn't been published. There's nothing for, to be making comments about. But. As it comes along, it's going to be, this is going to be critical. This is going to be a critical rule, just as important as the pistol brace and the, and the the go, the partial receiver rules that came in. We're going to have to jump on this and, and make comments because the ATF is going to try and eliminate everybody's ability to purchase and sell firearms. Support the Second Amendment. Protect it, defend it, do whatever you can. We are in this for the fight. We have to keep the second amendment. And by that, I mean, who's going to help us. I'm going to continue to preach it. Vote for Donald J. Trump. He is our hope coming up this next election. We have to clean out the ATF, the FBI, CDC, the Department of Education, all those places we need to wipe them out. We need to clean them out. We need to get the administrative state out of the, out of the government. I appreciate for listening and thank you.

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