Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

Is This The Truman Show

August 20, 2023 Jeff Dowdle Episode 173
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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Welcome to the Live2Shoot podcast. My name is Jeff Dowdell, and I've been a licensed firearm dealer for the last 16 years. In this podcast, we talk about all things related to the second amendment, other stories going on in the day, or something in my personal life, or a sports story, or anything else you might find interesting. So welcome, welcome, welcome. It is August 19th today, and it is hotter than blazes still in Texas. It has been 100. It hit 110 or 11 the other day. It's gonna be like 106, 107 today. And the long range forecast doesn't show us dropping below 100 until at least September 1st. So it is hot. And I live in Texas, and I should know. I don't need to complain about it. It's still hot and I'm ready for a few temperatures, at least in the nineties, please, please, please. That's all I want. So welcome, welcome, welcome. This week, as I was watching things develop in the news, I started thinking, are we living in the Truman show? Is this some sort of simulation? What's going on? This, the world has really just gone sideways and. I mean, the Truman Show, if you don't know, was a movie in 1998 Jim Carrey, and Jim Carrey played a character that was living his life, but did not know that everybody else around him was an actor, and he was just the main character in his own life, and thanks for being manipulated behind the scenes, and then they just followed him day to day, and Comedy, you know, happened because of that. And, you know, there's others that have this theory that we are in some sort of simulation. That there's somebody else, we're just mice in a maze. And somebody else is playing a game and manipulating things around. We're some sort of sim game, video game, in some other world. And people are just... Throwing out variables and changing things around to see how we all respond and this week really makes me wonder Have they gotten bored playing their game and they thought that they just they would Excuse me. They would start just going out crazy scenarios and invite I mean first we look this these horrible fires in in Maui and going on now for a week and We have images of our old, crazy president just sitting shirtless on a beach as the country is burning. And asked about it, he says no comment. Right now as of the last report I heard, there's over a thousand people missing and his response is no comment. He hasn't been there, he hasn't seen the, the damage. He doesn't care about Americans. And then on the next thing we have is another Trump indictment. And that's where the simulation is. It's like, you know, they didn't really, you know, they, they took this first one and tried, they, you know, let's see how many indictments that we can keep going out there till somebody just snaps. And let's make this one even more ridiculous. Let's indict some people because Mark Meadows got indicted because he texted a Philadelphia lawmaker asking for a couple of phone numbers. Somebody else was indicted because they tweeted out encouraging people to watch OAN. They, variety of different things like that, that were people being indicted for just ridiculous things that we're allowed to do. It's freedom. We have freedom. All these things, even president Trump questioning the election. We're all allowed to question all that, but now they've got people thinking, are we? They changed the rules of the game, and we missed it, and that's where this simulation comes up. Let's change the rules of the game, and just right in the middle of the game, let's see what happens. There's a concept called the overridden window, and that is really a, a spectrum of moving what is acceptable in, in policy, and so you can maybe, you know, so maybe you can consider, you know, a slippery slope, you know, in the second amendment, you know, is The Overton window is, it's acceptable to, you know, have background checks. Well, okay, let's move the Overton window now and say that it's acceptable to have background checks on all purchases. You know, then we move the Overton window again and say, say, you know, basically get to where It's successful. You know, you have to have background check and a three day waiting period and a 10 day waiting period and so on and so on and so on. That is where we're at. And, you know, you look at this world, it's crazy. I don't know what's going on. I stand back and think that I can't believe this is where we're living. You know, you have seen things in history that have been ridiculous, but to be able to have a segment of the population go after a sitting priority. Former president threatening him with a variety of indictments, all of which on the on the surface, the indictments themselves are legal activities. They're so far, he has not been indicted for anything. By law, it's against the law. They're indicting him because they do not want him to run. And we are now on Banana Republic. spectrum. Somebody said that it was, you know, two, two bananas out of, out of five that we were bananas. Banana, but Republic. I don't know. I think we're close to three or four. You know, I, today I just wanted to sit and just kind of talk about the craziness because on a verge, you know There's so many people out there that think this has come to accept this as reasonable as they actually believe What President Trump did is wrong, but the majority of the people don't but the media And the cabal that has, cabal is another word I'm going to use maybe instead of regime sometimes, I don't know we're trying, we're testing it out, or the regime is doing everything they can to retain power and it, it's not about Biden, Biden's a criminal, he's a flat out criminal, we've proven that he's taken bribes and cover up money and yeah. Paid for influence by foreign leaders, treasonous activities and a lot of people's activity. You know, he, he has been influenced, you know, by, by China and, and things like that. Hillary Clinton, you know, she's destroyed evidence where we're saying that, you know, Trump, you know, is hiding, you know, these documents. And Hillary Clinton's the one that actually destroyed all of her hard drives. So, you know, It's again, what is right for thee is not for thee or whatever. I'm not making sure what that saying is, but rules for thee and not rules for thee and not for me, you know, we've got to take a stand when we look at this and again, you know, I keep echoing it and I think we all are going to have to start becoming a. A united force, a posse, per se, to go out and get President Trump elected and, and start banging on the doors and being his surrogates and, and his disciples in, and I don't use that word in a Christian way at all, but to go out and spread the word and be his feet on the ground even more so than we have in the past to, to spread the word and do the things that they're not allowing him to do because he is under indictment. They're going to start probably restricting his travel and things like that, but he is still the only one. that has the ability and the guts to stand up and fight this craziness and they know it. That's why they're coming at him with these crazy, crazy indictments. And, you know, maybe it is a simulation. Maybe we are on the Noah Truman show. My prayer is that Jesus is right around the corner and he's coming. Until then, that happens. We've got to live through this and we've got to make it work. And President Trump is the one that can do that for us. Fighting. Be prepared to do what you need to do. Stand up for our rights. We have to defend that constitution. The constitution is the only thing right now besides President Trump that stands between us and utter tyranny and we have got to fight for it and they're trying, they're going for it. They're trying to destroy it and we can't allow that to happen. Keep watching the news. We'll see what happens. Pray for Maui. Those people are in dire need of help and let's go out there and get president Trump elected. Thanks for listening. Share this podcast, do whatever you want, but thank you for listening and I'll talk to you again.

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