Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

Guns Are A Public Health Threat

August 27, 2023 Jeff Dowdle Episode 174
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
Guns Are A Public Health Threat
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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In this episode we discuss the upcoming threat to our 2nd Amendment rights and that is the use of public health concerns to take our guns.

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Welcome to the live to shoot podcast. My name is Jeff Dowdle and I've been a licensed firearm dealer for the last 16 years. In this podcast, we talk about all things related to the second amendment, as well as anything else going on in the world or an interesting story from my life or something going on in sports or anything else I might find interesting. So welcome, welcome, welcome. Hope everybody's having a great week. We're towards the end of August. It's still hotter than fire here in Dallas, but it looks like we're on the backside of that and there's supposed to be some temperatures coming up in the 90s next week. So that is a cool off for us. So welcome. You know, last week we talked about the, are we in a simulation? Is this the Truman Show? This world is so crazy and what is happening and what people are not even shocked about anymore. It's, Now reality, and I, it's who, you know, I say assimilation, but you know, and I say that facetiously, but things are crazy and things are going on. This week was no different. If you wake up this morning, you are seeing the mugshot of the former president of the United States. And what does that tell you? And the leading candidate for the Republican nomination for president has been arrested. His mugshot taken, bail posted. For. Exercising his first amendment rights. It's a crazy world and it's just getting crazier. And I say that because what's coming next? Well, there's a lot of things coming and you know, we went through this whole COVID thing and when you talk, start talking about COVID and public health and you look back in 2020 and what they were able to do under the guise of public health. And that is a, they shut down schools, churches, people going to work sporting events, everything, they were able to shut down. They were forcing people to wear masks literally forcing people to get shots, inoculations by putting pressure on the employers to say, you know, you can't come to work, you're going to get fired Mr. Pilot, if you don't get the COVID shot. And all of this was under the guise of public health is we're doing it for the safety of the public because there's a health emergency and it's coming back. If you aren't watching the news COVID is back and they're starting to they've got the booster shots out for this new scary variant that's coming out that is spreads quicker and easier apparently and we've got places like Lionsgate studio is starting to say you got to have masks. To come to work, other schools, colleges that are already forcing masks on people, and this is after we've had multiple reports and studies that I think most people will agree that the masks have no effect. They do no good. They're more harmful, but It doesn't matter. We want to control you. We want to be your betters and we want to control you. That is how we landed all these mail in ballots in 2020 because it was too dangerous to ask people to go out and vote in person, that they had to be able to mail in their ballot. And what did that do? That opened up the doors for all sorts of fraud. And now that is why. We have our former president and potentially our next president having his mug shot taken along with his attorneys and advisors as well. It is crazy. Absolutely crazy. And I say that to say that they're coming for our guns next. This has been on the back burner and it's, the COVID was a test and now they're starting to raise the trial balloon. And they've done this many times. Guns are a public health issue, and there's an interview with a, his name is David Hennyway, he's from the illustrious institution of Harvard, and he's talking about how guns are a public health issue, and he wants to just look at the And he wrote a book, Private Guns, Public Health, and Public Health is, he says it's about prevention, he says while acknowledging the crucial role of law enforcement, it's not a fight about finding fault, it's about finding who did something wrong, it's about trying to figure out ways to prevent the problem from occurring, and the way they're going to prevent the problem from occurring is to take away your guns, because guns are a threat to public health. He said the when, when, When asked, they were asked, how would a public health approach help reduce gun suicides? And he says, and the evidence in the United States that guns in the home increases the risk of suicide in the home is overwhelming. There are case studies, there are ecological studies, there are longitudinal studies that are dangerous to everyone in the house. Guns in your home to protect you. are dangerous. So are a lot of other things in your home. Your cleaning chemicals, your stove, your oven, the knives you have, they're all dangerous. We accept that risk for the functionality that they bring. But Having guns lying around when someone's at risk for suicide is a terrible, terrible thing. And so what do we do? It's a public health emergency. Well, what are they going to do? He talks about going to the psychiatrist. And now we're going to put the authority of Your second amendment rights in the hands of the psychiatrists and doctors, and they're going to say, well, you know, I think this person may be at risk for themselves or someone around them. Let's go into their, their circle, their environment, their and remove all the guns that they can have access to. And, you know, that may not just be their guns that may be their friends, guns, their neighbors, guns, all of that, because that will be the reach that they will have. The bill to extend because we've seen what the power of public health has been able to do. He also says, he also states, you know, that they have these initiatives in Boston trying to reduce the likelihood that women will get involved in gun violence. He said in the United, he quotes it, in the United States, one way that the wrong people get guns is with straw purchases. And we know what a straw purchaser is, and he says, when a woman buys a gun, she is disproportionately likely to be a straw purchaser for buying a gun for her boyfriend who shouldn't have a gun. So, women... exercising their second amendment, aren't doing it for their own self protection. They're not doing it because they want to, they like guns, they like shooting. No, they're doing it because they've got a boyfriend who's bad and he can't buy a gun and he has manipulated her into coming and getting a gun that he will then eventually use on. Or, maybe she likes guns and she does have a bad boyfriend and she's getting one to protect herself. Well, they're going with the likelihood that they are buying it for a bad boyfriend. So, now they're going to start pursuing women buying guns as well. And You can see it coming. That will put you on a list if you're a woman buying guns. Because now you've bought it for a bad guy. All in the guise of public health and to prevent the safety of people. I, I'm all for making people safer. That's why we have the Second Amendment. And guns. Don't kill people, people kill people, and yes, people have mental issues and when they do, we need to remove all those things that could potentially be a danger to themselves, but saying that we're going to revoke somebody's second amendment rights because of public health is again that slippery slope because now That will give the medical industry all the rights in the world, which they've already exercised to take away our right to worship, our right of free speech, our right of assembly. They've already infringed on our rights under the the safety of public safety and public health, and they're going to do it again. And look out, COVID's right around the bend, and they're going to be coming after all of our rights, including our right to carry and possess a firearm. And... A right to vote for the president that we choose. They want to imprison Donald Trump. And he is the only man, and if you watched the debate this week, you can see he is the only one that has any interest in doing anything for you and me. Everybody else is looking out for the donor class, the military, industrial complex, the defense contractors. What have it. But they have no interest in what is important to you and me. And the one man that does is Donald Trump. And he is a threat. He is a threat to the Republicans. He's a threat to the Democrats. And that is why he is, everybody is after him. And that's why we have a mugshot of him this morning. So again, if you want to protect your Second Amendment rights, as I keep saying, and I'm going to continue to say until 2024, vote for Donald Trump. Thank you. Tell all your friends, I'm probably gonna get me a Donald Trump mugshot t shirt. There's already ones out there and we have got to lean into it and support him in any way that we can take care and have a great Friday.

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