Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

You Might Be A Gun Dealer If...

September 03, 2023 Jeff Dowdle Episode 175
You Might Be A Gun Dealer If...
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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We discuss the ATF's new rule to restrict private gun sales & move us closer to universal background checks 🤨
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Welcome to the Live2Cheap Podcast. My name is Jeff Dowell and I've been a licensed firearm dealer for the last 16 years and this podcast will talk about all things related to the second amendment, anything else going on in the news or some story from my personal life. So welcome, welcome, welcome. So you know, you might be a redneck if you go to a family reunion looking for girls or as Jeff Foxworthy says, you might be a redneck if you mow your yard and you find a car. Well, the ATF says you might be a gun dealer. If you sell a gun, yes, it's that extreme. This week the ATF launched the new rule that is going to regulate who has to be an FFL dealer, what qualifies, how many transactions that you have to do to become an FFL and. What that is for those that are trying to sell their own personal firearms. So I want to thank the people over at the Reload. They went through the 108 page rule that was dropped by the Biden administration and broke it down to a little bit more readable. We'll probably be getting into more details later on. future episodes about what this all means because this has still hasn't been I don't think put out for comment yet, but it will soon be and we will need to make comments about it. But basically anybody who violates this rule in sales farms when they didn't have a license, it's going to be could face up to 250, 000 in fine. And federal prison up to five years. So watch out. They are coming for our guns and they're doing it in multiple ways. They are trying to get rid of gun dealers by taking away their licenses because they have made certain paperwork errors. They're trying to keep you from selling your guns privately by forcing you under the threat of. Federal imprisonment that you need to have, go through and become a licensed dealer and do background checks and do all of those types of things. So under the new rule, the number of firearms the, the, the language that says, That qualifies you for a dealer. It says offer for sale, any number of firearms and also represents to potential buyers that they are willing and able to purchase and sell them additional firearms, repetitively offer for sale firearms within 30 days after they. Purchased them repetitively, offer for sale firearms that are like new in their original packaging, repetitively offer for sale multiple firearms of the same make and model, or as formerly federally licensed firearms, zero sale firearms that were in the business inventory and not transferred to a personal collection at least a year before the sale addressing the so called fire sale loophole. So one, you see in this language here, they just keep saying repetitively, is that twice? Is it three times? Well, we'll get into that too later. And all of this was put into place because of the Bipartisan Savers Community Act, which my senator, John Cornyn, was instrumental in getting passed. And So now he's given the power to the ATF to do this, and so the reload reached out to every senator who voted for it, and only two came back with respent. And he said, this language is tailored towards individuals regularly selling firearms, selling guns to strangers with the predominant motive of making money through a side business like the person who sold the Midland shooter his weapon, and is drafted in such a way that prosecutors will need to prove more specific intent. on the part of the unlicensed seller. In regards to the administrator's specific proposal, his office said that the Biden admin should expect for this rule to be struck down because it is unconstitutional. So, he said they've gone too far. Senator Joni Ernst said any effort to move beyond the previous boundaries for licensing would go against Congress's intents. President Biden is twisting the law to fit his liberal gun grabbing agenda, her office told the Reload. Yeah. Surprise, surprise, surprise, you give them an inch and they take a mile and we knew this when you allowed this to come in and so that's one reason why in Texas John Cornyn has to go. In this proposal, the law, the definition also includes Anyone who sells an illegal gun, anyone who spends more than their reported taxable gross income during the applicable period of time on guns they buy to resell or repeatedly sell guns. So, they're telling you, anybody that sells buys more than what your gross income is. So that means they're going to tap into the IRS to find out what your gross income is. More violations right there. Or repeatedly sells guns of the same or similar kind. Make model, make model. Caliber gauge and type. And it also says somebody may have to get an FFL even if they haven't actually followed through on their intent to do any of the things that trigger the licensing agreement, licensing requirement. So you've got all these and then they throw in. Yeah, but you still may have to get one, even if you don't do this. It's typical ATF. They never want to tell you what their specific rules are. They're always going to be very vague, but they're coming for our guns. And the ATF also asserts that Americans who use guns and don't specifically fall into any of the categories that is outlined in its rule could still be pursued for dealing guns without a license under some circumstances. The agency did not elaborate on what those circumstances are. So. Again, as I said, they're coming for our guns. They want them. They have always, and they're using any means possible to get them. And that means they're shutting down dealers. They're forcing people to become dealers. So then they can actually, or actually, they don't really want to become dealers. They want them to put them in prison and fine them so that people stop selling guns altogether. That is what their ultimate attempt is. And then In this whole process, they're going to be forcing everyone to go through a 4473. They're going to be finding out who has all the guns. They're creating a list. They're going to be coming to get them. That is their operation. That is all the steps in their plan. And all of this is unconstitutional. When you look at the Constitution, for one, we have the Second Amendment. Two, when you look at the 17 things that the Constitution said that Congress could do, none of this. Is in the constitution, none of our administrative state. There is nothing in there that says that they can regulate the sale of firearms. There's nothing in there now, just like there is nothing in there that says that they, that we have a board to pers enforce free speech. Now they tried it. They tried it a few years ago with the disinformation department or group or whatever that was that quickly got disbanded when people actually figured out what they were trying to do. And that was to actually control free speech. But the ATF has been around, they've allowed it. And now they're getting further and further down the line of using the ATF again to violate all of our Second Amendment rights. So we're going to be watching this when the comment periods are ready, I'm going to be telling you because this is unlawful, this is unconstitutional, the fact that you're, they're going to tell you how to handle your private sales of firearms and they're going to be using it as a way to come down and shut down our second amendment and, and further restrict our ability to buy and sell guns. This regime is out of control. We have to end it, and as every podcast I've said, the man that's going to do it is Donald J. Trump. So, keep pushing for him in the primary, and he is the one that's going to, to eliminate this administrative state. We have to stop these crazy leftists that want to control everything through the government. Thank you, have a happy Labor Day, as we celebrate Labor Day tomorrow. And I will talk to you later.

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