Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

Gun Control = Tyranny

October 22, 2023 Jeff Dowdle
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
Gun Control = Tyranny
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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In this episode  I continue the discussion of Israel and the truth that gun control is just tyranny.

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Welcome to the Lipsheet Podcast. My name is Jeff Dowdell, and I've been a licensed firearm dealer for the last 16 years. In this podcast, we talk about all things related to the Second Amendment, as well as anything else going on in the world, or anything in my personal life, or anything I might find interesting. So, welcome, welcome, welcome. Today is Sunday, October 22nd. Game 6 of the American League Championship Series and it has been just an up and down story for my Rangers. It's just the last three games have just been painful and I'm just hoping for a win today to keep this thing going on. But if not, it has been a great season and just enjoyed it. And another thing I want to talk about before I get on is on to what I want to show is I just want Do a shameless plug for my son's podcast and radio show and YouTube channel that he's doing with two of his college buddies. They're all sports broadcasting majors at Texas Christian University and it's the Riff Ram Review. You can get it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, wherever you get your podcasts, but it's Riff Ram Review. That comes from the TCU's chant of Riff Ram Bah Zoo Lickety Lickety Zoo Zoo Hoo Wah Wah Zoo Give Em Heck TCU. So it's a Riff Ram review. They talk about TCU sports, but then they talk about the NFL, baseball, anything else in the sports world. And it's three college sports majors just talking about what they love, so check it out. But today, you know, we're still talking about what's going on in the world in Israel. This world is crazy just the, the way the media treats this, they're looking for any reason to blame Israel, but we gotta keep praying for Israel. So in the last podcast, you know, I talked about how I was a little bit surprised about the lack of gun ownership in Israel. And so that got me to thinking about, you know, what is the gun ownership like in other countries? So I just, I did some research. No, you know, shocking. You know, the United States leads the world in a, you know, per 120 guns per 100 people. So there's more guns than there are people which is not surprising than there's the Falkland Islands at, than at roughly half the gun ownership of Americans. 62 0.1 per 100. Yemen, Yemen, 52, new Caldonia, 42 Serbia, 39. I was actually surprised Canada comes in at 8 at 34. 7 and it's interesting that Mexico, Guatemala, and the United States are the only countries that actually have it in their constitution that it's a right to own firearms. So it's pretty interesting. So when you look across the countries, some of the most permissive countries with gun control are Albania, Austria, Chad, Honduras. Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Republic of the Condo, U. S., Yemen, Zambia. Then others that have some restrictive gun controls are Argentina, Canada, which as I said you know came in 8th overall in gun ownership. The Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Thailand, and Turkey. And then those with strict gun control is places like China, Cyprus, Greece, Vietnam. Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, that's odd, I don't know, I guess it kind of goes with Great Britain, Netherlands, North Korea. So, a wide expanse of, you know, gun ownerships. And then I was kind of looking at some of the Processes and who's eligible to get guns and I thought it was pretty interesting on some of these. So, if you look at Indonesia, okay, only people, only high level officials, military and police are allowed to own firearms. In Laos, licensed to only high status individuals only. Don't know what that means. Some others are Taiwan fishermen, and Indigenous people only. And on the, I just noticed that Taiwan is basically zero guns per 100 people. Vietnam is authorized state personnel only. And then so you can see that there, in some of these countries, it's very restrictive on who can get it. And if anything, by what's happened in Ukraine, And what's happened in Israel, meaning that they had strict gun control, they get invaded and then they start loosening up those gun controls so the citizenry can own guns. If that doesn't tell you anything, accept that gun control is meant for tyranny only. Do not listen to anybody that's talking about gun violence and reducing gun violence, reducing crime, reducing firearm deaths. That's the ultimate goal. When people want gun control, it's to maintain control. Tyranny. The government wants to keep the people under control. And whenever they start to lose that control, and they need the help of the people, they start to release some of that to get the people on their side, and as soon as they're back under control again, they will take the control away from the people. That is what it's all about, and don't be mistaken by it. It is all around control and keeping the government in power over you and you under their thumb because you don't have a means to protect and defend yourself. Not necessarily from the bad guys, but the bad guys that are the government. And don't believe anything else that you say. Now some other ramifications of things going on in Israel besides Israeli people starting to be, get their rights to own guns a little bit more they've noticed WFAA stationed here in North Texas, they're reporting and just you know unofficial, but just interviewing and talking to gun shops, 300 percent increase in gun sales over the last two weeks. People are going out and buying guns. And again, you know, Texas, you know, we think of ourselves as our own country. We are the Republic of Texas and we are going to defend ourselves. And yes, we are being invaded by the, from the South for our borders and we're under attack. And it's, you know, if, if we, if we get pushed, This is the quote unquote country that you're going to want to be in if Texas Another interesting thing is that Israeli Jews are, are not, I mean American Jews are starting to buy more guns. If you've heard, if you've heard of Yohanda Rimmer, he is the gun advocate. YouTube channel he's the Pew Pew Pew Pew Pew Jew and he says you know in his circles the Jewish people that is in his circles they're all coming to him asking about gun ownership and so and People are starting to up their, their gun ownership in the, in the Jewish community here in America. So they're, they're seeing what's happening to their, their countrymen in Israel, and they don't want that to happen here. And it is definitely a possibility. And that's the other thing. The Jewish people have to start not voting for the Democrats. They have They are the most anti Semitic group. You look at the ones, the people that came out in Harvard, and the student body, and what they had to say, and some of these horrific things that people are saying about, about the Jews being the aggressors in this, and telling them that they can't hurt civilians, they can't have an appropriate response. It's ridiculous. So, But, when you look at these countries, and you look at the United States, And where everybody keeps wanting to push us for more gun control, it's because they want to control the citizenry. And just remember that. And you can see that as evidence in Ukraine and Israel. Once they get invaded, they need the help of the citizenry. So, keep an eye on it. It's what's happening. But don't let people mislead you ever. Do not change your folks. Keep fighting for the Second Amendment, because it's what keeps us safe from... Our biggest threat, maybe, our own government. So, take care, have a great weekend, go Rangers, and I will talk to you later.

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