Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

The Regime Is Infringing Our Rights Once Again

March 30, 2024 Jeff Dowdle Episode 196
The Regime Is Infringing Our Rights Once Again
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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In this episode  we discuss the Regime's new effort to infringe on our rights once again by using red flag laws.
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Welcome to the live to shoot podcast. My name is Jeff. I've been a licensed firearm dealer for the last 17 years. And this podcast, we talk about all things related to second amendment as well as anything else going on in the world or anything else going on in my life or a sports story or anything else that might be happening. So welcome, welcome, welcome, a happy resurrection weekend. I am recording this on Good Friday. By the time I get it edited and out, that may be actually on Easter weekend. Uh, but you should be hearing this sometime this, this weekend and just, uh, hope y'all have a blessed weekend. A blessed, uh, uh, celebration of the death, resurrection of our, of our savior. Welcome, welcome, welcome. And baseball started last night in the Rangers. And an extra inning up there came back with a win, uh, Jonah Heim got a little revenge, uh, but we won't go into all that. But, you know, this week, uh, not much different than any other week, uh, or the past few weeks. With our, this regime, it's another week of them trying to infringe upon our rights. You wake up and you get another instance of where they are trying to infringe upon our rights. And what am I talking about? Well, I am talking about what is being brought to you. You remember Safer Communities Act, uh, the bipartisan, excuse me, bipartisan Safer Communities Act. And what makes it bipartisan? Well, one was John Cornyn, my state senator. We have talked about him. I am. Ready and done with him. We will be primarying him when that time comes up, but the Bipartisan Safers Community Act, you know, which brought you great hits like extended background checks on those under 21, uh, into their juvenile records, uh, the redefinition of what you, it means to be a, a dealer and what it requires to, to get an FFL. If you want to sell your privately owned property. Firearm and also brought us, you know, the closing of the quote unquote boyfriend loophole, which, you know, that just extended the, uh, domestic abuse clauses, but it also brought us the ability for the government. To spend our money infringing upon our rights and they have kicked that off and they have kicked it off in a glorious fashion with the kick, the creation of the National Extreme Risk Protection Order Resource Center or ERPO. ERPO. Um, and this is being headed by our Vice President Kamala Harris. If you remember, she was put in charge of the White House's gun violence prevention. And so as a part of that, she has created the, or they have created the National Extreme Risk Protection Order. Resource Center. And what is it going to do? Well, it is going to infringe upon our rights, but here's what the, the White House says, uh, the Resource Center will assist states, local governments, law enforcement, prosecutors, attorneys, judges, clinicians, victim services, providers, behavioral health, and other social service providers in optimizing the usage of red flag laws. Laws that allow family member or law enforcement to seek an order to temporarily take away your guns if they feel you may harm themselves or others. Ha! Yes, we're going to talk about that. Um, the Resource Center will provide training and technical assistance which will include developing and disseminating educational opportunities and workshops for a variety of stakeholders providing implementation support. Supporting peer to peer engagements with model learning sites, forming site assessments and developing presentations and webinars that will advance states and local knowledge in key areas related to ERPOs. Um, and it's the second the vice president calling all states to, uh, Oh, here, this also, this key. The Resource Center is funded by the Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance Grant made possible by the BSEA and is run by John Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions, a left wing organization for sure. And it says here, second, the Vice President is calling on states to pass red flag laws and to use BSCA funding to help implement laws already enacted. So, here we go. This is where it gets good. They have, uh, made 750 million dollars. of our dollars, your tax dollars, available in federal funding to implement state crisis intervention programs, which include red flag programs, mental health courts, drug courts, and veteran treatment courts. Uh, they awarded in February, February alone, they awarded 238 million to 51 states territories in the District of Columbia to use these funds to implement the state crisis prevention programs. But you know, here's where it comes. It says, of the 21 states and territories with red flag laws, only six are as accessing the BSCA funding to implement their red flag laws. The remaining 15 with red flag laws are strongly encouraged to get on the US on the BSCA crack, and that's what they wanna do. And they want the 29 states without red flag of laws to enact laws so they can get on the crack. as well. Yes, they are wanting to, uh, uh, throw money at you at these states to get them to, uh, create these red flag laws so that they can get all this additional funding to be used in what other corrupt means they may or may not want to use. So what's wrong with red flag laws? Well, As it said, you know, the Red Flag Laws allow family members or law enforcement to seek a court order to temporarily take away access to guns if they feel a homo, a gun owner may harm themselves or others. So, what, you know, what rights are we violating? Well, first off, we're violating our Second Amendment right. You're infringing on people's ability to possess a firearm based on somebody's feelings. Well, they think you may harm yourself, and then we get into the, the extreme problem of it. There's no due process. You can see that. The law enforcement or a family member can go to court, say, Hey, I think they're going to hurt themselves, and boom, the order, the law is enacted. They come and they take your guns. So. You're violating your second amendment, you're, uh, violating due process. We're also in third amendment, you know, no property can be taken. Um, no personal private property. There is no trial by jury. There's no due process. There's no facing your, your accusers. It's just done and done. Then you sit and you wait till the powers almighty, uh, decide whether or not you, they believe you're fit enough to own a gun and to have a gun in your possession. So there's no, uh, opportunity for abuse here. No, no, no, no, especially when we're throwing 750 million at it. Don't you see the opportunities and where this is going? For example, veterans come back and they seek counseling because they've got, uh, PTSD. Yeah, let's pull that list. Let's make sure that they don't get their guns. It's a great way to shut down every FFL dealer for the most part, you know. Because, you know, start looking at the list of the known gun owners, people in the gun business. Uh, those that will have access to firearms. And let's just pull their medication list. Let's see, are they on any anti anxiety medicine, ADHD, are they on depression medications, um, anti depressants? Mmm, yep, definitely they could be a threat to themselves, a harm to themselves. Let's take all their guns, let's prevent them from being able to, uh, own a firearm, from running a firearm business. All these particular things, this is uh, ripe with opportunities for them to just come and take our guns and that's why they're enacting it and they're throwing money at it and they're, you know, they're wringing their hands. Only six of them are using the money right now. We've got to get more people used to this money, um, so we can, uh, continue to This embedded within their budgets and that they can't get away from it. And that once we do it, one can start twisting their screws and challenging them to go even further. Uh, there's no federal, uh, red light laws yet, but that may be coming as well. So. This is just another instance that this regime is set out to take away our guns, infringe upon all of our rights, and violate everything that God, our creator, those inalienable rights of life, liberty, and pursuit of freedom, that they, It was granted to us and this regime is completely against those. So, you know, watch out for this, you know, watch your state. If they start trying to enact these red flag laws, because why are they doing it? Well, there's money on the table now, and it says that you have to use it for necessarily these red flag laws. So it is definitely going to be a problem. And the, the shining light is that Kamala Harris is in charge of it. So, you know, the, the only one that would have been better would be Pete Buttigieg, uh, I think, you know, either one of those are, they're able to get things done, uh, so well, uh, Kamala Harris hasn't done anything. Um, Pete Buttigieg, we've got doors flying off airplanes, uh, unfortunately tankers hitting bridges, trains getting derailed, uh, it's crazy what's happened to our infrastructure under this administration as well. But that is a whole other. Uh, again, happy Easter, uh, happy resurrection weekend, enjoy this time, uh, celebrate, uh, the death, burial and resurrection of our Savior. And I will talk to you later. Have a great one.

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