Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

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May 19, 2024 Jeff Dowdle Episode 202
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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This was a Lipshoot Podcast. I'm Mr. Jack Dowdle. Well I'm a licensed firearm dealer for the last 17 years and the podcast, we talk about all things related to the second amendment as well as anything else going on in the world or any other stories or especially anything else going in the sports world. So welcome, welcome, welcome. So first off, I want to give a shout out to a few of all that use the new feature in the podcast and in the notes to send me a text. Appreciate it. One I think must have been from Colorado because it was just go avs that didn't age very well as on Friday night, the have the, the stars took down the abs and double overtime. Actually it was in the single overtime, but we won't get into that. Then there's a special shout out that I got from special texts. I got from some folks in Florida. Just message goes out to y'all. We miss you. Want to see you soon. This has been a crazy week in sports. I'm going to talk about that first. Okay. And then last night, my Mavericks going on to conference championships Scotty Scheffler getting arrested at the PGA championship. That's a wild story that was going on. I spent Friday morning. I was working from home and. Turned on my TV as it was actually really live within minutes of it after it happening. I mean and I was just transfixed. If any of y'all know anything about Scottie Scheffler probably one of the best guys in sports, PGA tour, just Family man, Christian, everybody likes him. They want to hate him, but they like him. And, you know, to hear that he's done something and to see him going off in, in handcuffs was a surreal, but that'll get all sorted out. It came back, I think he shot a 66 on Friday. So typical Scottie Scheffler, but you know, this week, let's talk about just some general things going on in the second amendment and just some typical news that's out there. So first off. President Trump, we have the NRA conference going on this week here in Dallas and I did not go to it. I had a lot of other things going on. Plus I have not been a fan of the NRA for probably about the last 10 years. They have not been the stalwart supporters of the second amendment. I think they got money was just flowing in that they didn't know what to do with, and they weren't doing any, really doing any favors. They were compromising a lot of times. And there was organizations out there like Gun Owners of America, Second Amendment Association, Firearms Policy Coalition, that if you look at all the lawsuits, Out there suing the Biden administration about these, their tyrannical, as I like to say, attempts at removing our second amendment right. Majority of them are coming from them. Not the NRA. Now that's Partly because the NRA has been tied up in other pursuits, but they are trying to turn things around. President Trump did speak there last night and he urged all gun owners. If all gun owners would just get out and vote, the election would not even be close. And that is true. And that's, you know, part of the part, part of the purpose of this, this podcast is just to try and encourage whatever handful of people listen to this podcast to vote and vote for your second amendment rights, because of all All of our rights, this, this, this, the left, this progressive left, the one thing they want to do is they want to disarm you and want to take away your power, that your ability to defend yourself, stand up for yourself because then they control you. So get out and vote. That is what this podcast continues to tell you. Get out and vote, vote, vote, vote, vote. And it is coming time. Get your neighbor to vote, do whatever you can, anything you can to vote. But otherwise few, just a few stories. things, a few things happening this last few weeks here in the, in the news Senate Republicans have introduced legislation that would abolish the transfer tax on firearms regulated by the NFA. So they are going after the tax portion of firearms. Of the NFA saying that it, that they were going to abolish that it came into place at, you know, the 200. If you were wanting to transfer something that is a NFA restricted item, a silencer, short rail rifle, fully auto machine gun you have to pay your 200 tax stamp and fill out all your registration background check and do all that. They have introduced, and I love the name of it. It is the Repealing Illegal Freedom and Liberty Excises. RIFLE Act, R I F L E, and it doesn't modify any of the other process. It is strictly going after the money. And then at that point in time, the constitutional basis of the NFA completely collapses because they were formed at a tax collection agency. So we don't even have to debate whether or not These items are protected by the Second Amendment or not, or whatever. If we can just sort of re remove the, the tax, the, the NF a's going to collapse. So very interesting. We'll see where it goes. Again, that's why we need to win elections. Hunter Biden, he's in the news. He his. It's just choice. I love this one. The left chooses to lean on the Second Amendment and he challenged his gun charges based on the Second Amendment. And that the Second Amendment protects him as an illegal substance user to purchase a firearm and the judge struck that down and so he's still moving on to court. His case is moving forward. People say he may still be able to appeal on it. His argument is that based on Bruin, that the historical history and text of the Second Amendment did not take into any account about illegal substances, that there was anything in the, in the You know, when our founders were writing the Second Amendment, that would indicate that they were trying, they would want, would have prohibited illegal substance users at that point. And, you know, I don't even know what all illegal substances were. I think we'll be a little surprised about how Prolific drug use probably was in the 1700s, but that's what they're challenging. Interesting. I don't know. I don't really have an opinion on it, but it's just interesting that that Hunter Biden thinks he needs to be protected by the second amendment. And then the last story I want to talk about is coming from my, my, my most favorite Senator John Cornyn. So I you know, I have. Been very clear. I will not support John Cornyn. I'll do whatever I can when he comes up for election to primary him. He has been historically just a bad senator and he is one of the ones primarily responsible for the Bipartisan Safer Community Act, which is bringing us all these problems that we're having to go to court and battle against. And I get to see, I'm on his email list. You know, you gotta listen to what, what he's you know, you got to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. And so I get all of his announcements and this is Jeff. The Biden administration has proven time and time again that they cannot be trusted. There's nothing they won't do to shove their misguided progressive agenda down the throats of hardworking Americas. Yeah, John Cornyn, they partner with you to help you get it done. So it probably won't surprise you to hear that they're once again, targeting the second amendment rights of law abiding citizens. The Biden administration recently imposed a new rule that ignores the laws passed by Congress and blatantly violates the constitution to try to require anyone who sells a firearm to undergo an expensive, time consuming process to register as a federal firearms licensee, FFL. Yes, John Cornyn, because you allowed that, you put that in place, that framework you started that, that you kicked over the first domino with your Bipartisan Safer Community Act. It's your fault, John Cornyn. He said, that's why I've joined with 45 of my Senate colleagues introducing a new resolution to stop the Biden administration's unconstitutional rule. We will fight lawless, We will fight this lawless rule tooth and nail to ensure the God given right to keep and bear arms is preserved and the willful distortion of our landmark mental health and school safety law is struck down. President Biden and his administration cannot lie their way into stripping Texans of their constitutional rights. We won't allow it. Tough words from a man you Who has been constantly willing to cross the aisle and help the Democrats get their progressive agenda. But yes, the there are 45 senators that have gone and have filed a joint resolution of disapproval under the Congressional Review Act. The resolution aims to strike down the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives rule on the definition of engaged in the business as a dealer of firearms. Critics argue that this rule ignores the law and congressional intent and violates the constitution by requiring anyone who sells a farm to register as a federal farms licensee. You know, there's several Senator Tom Tillis of North Carolina. He was a part of the Bipartisan Safer Community Act, and there's a lot of other rhinos involved in this not to say that it's not necessarily something that we need to pursue. We do. But again, we're, we're spending our efforts fighting something that should have never been put in place if we'd had a backbone to begin with. And that is, again, why elections are so important. So again, vote, vote, vote. It is time to get active and have action and, and don't care what state you're in. You can have an influence. Make sure you get out and vote and get your neighbors to vote. Gun owners need to vote and they need to vote to secure and protect our Second Amendment, our freedoms. And our liberties depend upon it. So share this podcast, text me, use the feature, stay in contact, send me another text this week. I want to hear from y'all. Share it, tell everybody about it. Just tell them to vote. I don't care. Do something this week that protects the second amendment. So have a great week and I will talk to you later.

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