Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

Supreme Court, George Floyd, Riots and a new 4473.

May 30, 2020 Jeff Season 1 Episode 22
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
Supreme Court, George Floyd, Riots and a new 4473.
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
Supreme Court, George Floyd, Riots and a new 4473.
May 30, 2020 Season 1 Episode 22

This episode we update the status of the Second Amendment cases before the Supreme Court, commentary on George Floyd and the riots and the new 4473 being issued by the ATF.
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Show Notes Transcript

This episode we update the status of the Second Amendment cases before the Supreme Court, commentary on George Floyd and the riots and the new 4473 being issued by the ATF.
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Welcome to the

various topics

so I've got a lot of different topics on my mind today that I just want to run through real quick see how long this takes but uh and i apologize my neighbor is mowing his yard if you hear some some noise in the background I don't you know, obviously have a sound studio at this point and I I'm limited on time this weekend so I had to do it really want to get to sit down and do this one thing from my mind and

knock this out and

not wait on my neighbor to finish this yard. So. So real quick, I was hoping that this episode. This week I'd be able to talk about which case the Supreme Court had picked up to here Around this regarding the Second Amendment, and unfortunately in the conference meeting that they had last Thursday, a week before the week of previous of the Thursday, when they announced on Tuesday that they had not picked up any of the cases, but again, they relisted them for the conference that was gonna that was just held this Thursday, they conference every Thursday apparently, um, and so that those tents are still on there. So hopefully they're going to pick one up shortly. Some theories I've heard is that the court is just being very mindful and thoughtful about which case it is that they want to select. They want to make sure they choose one that covers all the different aspects that they want to hear. And is I guess, more or less, more

overarching for the towards the second

And one of the things that some of these have in common is that in the past the Second Amendment we haven't, there's been cases about the right to keep arms. But a lot of these cases are built more around the right to bear arms. And the I think the court is really trying to choose which one of those that they want to hear. And speaking of the court, I just want to I want to emphasize how important elections are, and especially this upcoming election for those of us that support the Second Amendment and don't want to see it threatened.

Is that the

the elections and the opportunity to to pick a new justice if one retires. In particular, Justice Ginsburg, who is Think wanting to wait out the election to see what the result is and hope and hoping that democrat will be put in and then she will promptly retire. If Trump wins, which I firmly hope and believe he will. I'm not sure what she'll do. But President Trump has had put in, you know, just cabina. Gorgeous, had both been excellent choices. But the conservatives are being have been let down by Chief Justice Roberts. Why we believe he is on the conservative side, he has more and more signing with the the left and an exact excellent example is that in our ruling this week, that was rushed to the court on whether or not California they could restrict the number of people attending a worship service and that it violated The first amendment and that while you can go to as many people were able to go into Costco, Lowe's and Home Depot's they were putting restrictions around church services and whether or not this was constitutional. And unfortunately, they ruled in a way that this was still allowable, and Chief Justice did side on the affirmative on that. He was one of the dissenters. So I think again, this just demonstrates he's, he's about 5050. On which side he lands on it. So he is not somebody that's vote that we can count on. So please, please, please, for those of you that that list and listen to the estate, make your vote count. Make sure we put President Trump back into the office on this week, this this year. So we can hopefully get at least one more justice on the court. That has more of a constitutional originalist point of view around the Constitution. So, now, some other disturbing topics. You know, we've got a lot going on this week with the unfortunate death of George Floyd. And, you know, there's no excuse for his death, at least in my opinion from everything that you've seen. The it does appear that the, his death was not through a fixie ation, but he probably had some sort of a heart attack or stroke or something along that that was caused by the elevated stress, stressful condition that he was placed in. But again, still no excuse. Why that officer perform like he did is still undecided. And now you know, want to withhold any judgments on that until all the facts Come out. But one thing that is unequivocally unacceptable. Are these riots now, I can understand some protest. Yes, it's a unfortunate situation. The police need to be held accountable for their actions. Their actions, obviously I support the blue back the blue all the way they have a tough job. And in very stressful situations. I can understand where sometimes their decision making can be challenged. But you know, you have to spend a day in their shoes, but in this situation was full it was fully restrained, that he was no threat. There was plenty of time to just take a beat and relax and let the situation calmed down. And this officer did not do that and somebody will need to be held accountable, but the riot and destroy your neighborhood and now spread out into Other cities is ridiculous. I don't understand what their purpose is, I don't think know what they want to accomplish. It's here in Dallas, there are reports that pallets of bricks were placed in corners of the street.

So don't tell me that these are just pop

up situations. These are fully organized and it's moving across the United States. It's as if days, these groups have a phone tree that they start calling and calling into action whenever

they see a subject that they

think that they can riot. And I would challenge you that I would bet a good number of those people out there riding don't even know George Floyd's name, have no idea what they're out there. They're just out there throwing bricks and setting fires. And it's ridiculous and it needs to come to a stop and those people too, also need to be held accountable for their actions. So

that's right now what I'm

going to say on George Floyd, you know, we've had several these topics here and it's unfortunate that we have to have discussions about them. But

you know,

and again, the the rights themselves also, to me show another excellent example of why the Second Amendment is so important. I can guarantee you if they started riding in my neighborhood right now,

it would not last very long.

And I don't even know.

Again, like I said, what their point

of it is

one thing that I just ran across that I want to, and I'm kind of bouncing around, I've got, you know, several things I want to talk about today and a few things that just popped up. And so, I apologize if this seems a little haphazard, but again, just want to cover some topics. I just found an article on a bill house, HR bill, a are 557 17 and I'm going to start following this and given updates on it. But this was introduced by Representative Johnson out of Georgia. And that, quote unquote, the bill's intent is to end the epidemic of gun violence and build safer communities by strengthening federal firearm laws and supporting gun violence research, intervention and preventive initiatives, as stated in his introduction, but one of the things that it ultimately does is it imposes a 30% tax on all gun sales and 50% tax on ammunition sales. Now, this is what I believe it was voted on and committee hasn't been voted on by the full house yet, but we'll kind of just keep an eye out on how this particular bill is progressing.

The last topic I wanted to talk about

was just a lot And I guess it is announced a while back that a new form 4473 was going to be released by the ATF. And that's the transfer form that you fill out when you purchase a firearm or transfer one off of the internet. And since I've been an ffl, they've had several variations, the one I'm currently currently using was released in October 2016. I think this one's going to be coming out in October, November, same time period. So it's going to be, you know, four years since the last revision, and I honestly don't remember what all changed in this last one. But I know overarching, you know, since I've been in FL, some of the changes that have made was, you know, the first change that they made was they went away from the old yellow


and they made them white. And now it's in there were some and they weren't, they're more put into a book form instead of the longer, full length form. And then along the years they've added they added the ethnicity and race question. You know, are you Hispanic or not? And then you know, are you Asian American, Indian, black, Native Hawaiian or white? And then I do remember following the, and this may be what the 2016 revision wasn't or maybe not. Was that they?

They added the question about

See here,

reading in the form right now,

trying to make sure Oh, have you ever been adjudicated as mentally mentally defective? Or if you've been committed to a mental institution, they had that question following the Virginia Tech shootings because the shooter had been mentally adjudicated, adjudicated mentally defective, I'm sorry, but it had not gotten reported into the system by the doctors of the hospital. So he passed the background check. So now put it on the forum. They ask the person Yeah, have you ever again, I don't know what how good it's gonna be. But in this new revision, there's a lot of changes, it looks, it looks like a lot of its formatting changes. But I'm the one that I know at least my customers are going to have a lot of fun with. And again, I don't understand what the purpose of it is. But one of the questions on this is what is your sex male, female, and a new version? You get to make the choice of male, female or non binary. So why? I don't know, why does it matter? I don't know. Why are we spending dollars to make this change? I don't know. But

it's coming out and being released. So

as something we'll talk about more when it comes out. So, you know, to recap, you know, still keep an eye on the second on the

Supreme Court.

We need to keep an eye out on House Bill 54 What is it 5717 I'll follow that story long for most of you for y'all. George Floyd, tragic situation could have been avoided, and all this nuttiness could have been avoided as well. So, again, you know, subscribe, email me with any comments or questions for this to other people tell them about it. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors and hit the like button. Write me five stars on Apple. Let's help get this podcast out growing and until it till next time, y'all take care

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