Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

2nd Amendment is Racist

July 02, 2021 Jeff Dowdle Episode 78
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
2nd Amendment is Racist
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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In this episode we discuss  whether the 2nd Amendment is racist or not.
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Well, welcome to the live to sheep podcast. My name is Jeff Dowdell and I've been a licensed firearm dealer for the last 14 years. And this podcast, we talk about all things related to the second amendment plus anything else that might be going on in, in today's news or in sports or in my personal life. So welcome. Welcome. Welcome everybody today is. Friday, July 2nd. It is the 4th of July weekend. So happy 4th of July to everybody out there. To me, this is one of the best holidays outside of Christmas and Easter. In my opinion that we celebrate, we are celebrating the independence of this great nation. That can never be overlooked. We need to continue to recognize how unique our country is and how awesome our country is despite what is the left and the, the Marxist out there are trying to do to, to, to bring it down, to make it another arm of the communist party. The Chinese communist party I should say, and it is it's, it's disappointing and, you know, the, the, the things that are going on in our country in terms of the way our children are being educated and the way they are being their mindsets are being changed. And so for example, the critical race theory, this is a big one as well. Country. And if you haven't seen what critical race theory, it is basically a theory, a belief that is now being taught that those of white supremacy, white skin have dominated. And that the only way to reverse historical prejudice and racism is to be, is to be racist, to, to change those and make that. Change in my, the, the white person pay and in reparations or in awards more proportionately because of based on what is perceived to be disadvantages of those of color per se. So it is again, it is. Does no matter what they say it is, it is, it is racism. It is racism. Yeah. And all, and is teaching our children to be racist and it needs to be stopped. And that is, you know, the, this one, what I want to talk about today is we have it's. Mystery that our secret that's gone on. And for the last 10 years, that if there was anything that the left disagreed with or did not like their, their go-to move is racism. It's it's very easy art Attack that they like to make. It's the first tack they want to make. And it has crippled people, people, it has brought people to their knees because nobody wants to be called a racist. And it's one of the things that there's almost no response to it that that will satisfy anybody. You can't say I'm not racist. Because that, that just makes you racist. I can't say I don't see color. I have now said that if you don't see color, that means you're racist being colorblind is racist. We have to recognize the differences, but and so it is a, it, it has become a powerful weapon that people use and that if you don't bow them, And do, as, as you're told you're, you're going to get slapped with being racist and it's, it's disappointing. I thought a a Ted talk by a gentleman named he was actually interviewed by Dan Crenshaw on his podcast. And then I went and watched his Ted talk and I'll put a link to it cause it's, it's really interesting. And in terms of. How, you know, how, how will we gotten here and really what we w you know, the way we need to approach races. Name's John Gaiden and the Ted talk was called. Everyone has hardship, and that is not what he named the Ted talk. He named it the race card is dead. Okay. In that Ted talk, he gives an example and, and for for clarification that he is African-American, he is black and he is, he tells a story that he was on a flight, got upgraded to first class he's in sitting in first class and he the flight attendant comes along and tea and starts taking everybody's drink orders. And. She's going down through the aisle and she gets to him and she skipped him and continues to move on and then ends up taking his order last. Now he's the only black person in first-class and he's his order was taken left. So obviously this is racist. That is the first that that's the only explanation for this. That is the first explanation that anybody would jump to. And so he was taken back by it a bit, a little bit. And so he thought he would do something different. He would just ask the question. So he pulled the flight attendant over and asked, you know, is there any methodology procedure that you go through that dictates the order in which you take people's orders here in first in first class and the flight attendant responded? Yes, we do it based on flight status. And so in that particular instance, He, he was only a gold member on American airlines while everybody else in first-class. Platinum, executive platinum. And so thus it dictated that his order would be take last taken last, but in most cases, that person would go on to most people would go on and believe that that was a racist event. And so. It's his Ted talk. He talks about how, Hey, let's take race out of the equation and go through th through the data and evaluate and see. Are there any other possible yeah. Explanation as to why a certain event could happen. And, you know, I'll tell you, he tells an interesting story about when he was seven years old and he determined that Santa Claus was racist. And so I encourage you to go listen to it. And I say all that to say, Now, you know, we've come full circle and there is now a book out there that from a Carol Anderson where she is. Saying that the second amendment is racist and that it was created to keep African-Americans down. In her book, she says that the quote unquote well-regulated militia inspired in the second amendment was created to provide a mechanism to quell potential slave upright uprisings Andersen claims. The second amendment provided the cover, the assurances that Patrick Henry and George Mason needed that the malicious would not be controlled by the federal gov. But they're, they would be controlled by the states and at the Beck and call the states to be able to put down any uprisings that they reason that we were arming our populace was to to be able to control the slaves or the African-American. You know anything about our founding fathers, you will know that that is completely false. They having, you know, recently been under the thumb of the great Britain. Now, the founders understood that the capacity of the government to infringe on the rights of its people was universal and that such tyranny could ultimately exist in America. And so the founders viewed the individual right to keep and bear arms as. Essentially preserving the freedom and Liberty of our citizens. Three Anderson in her book, she says she's also a fear-mongering is another move of the left. She says, stayed in her belief that the recent efforts in Texas to pass constitutional carry, which we have path is a result of the growing diversity of Texas and pretense predicts. The state will become a slaughterhouse. The bill continues the law. It goes on talk here. This is a continued, you know, this book is just, again, another continued effort of the left one to rewrite history completely, and to completely change the, the, the viewpoint of our frame, wanting fathers and why this country was created and what the existence of the second amendment is really about. The. Truth of the matter is that it's not the second amendment that is racist, but it's been all, it's been historically the gun control efforts that have been put in place that that is truly racist. So following the civil war After the civil war Southern states started enacting what were called black codes designed to keep ex slaves in slavery and submission. And the, for example, in Mississippi, it said no freedmen, freed man freed slaves shall keep or carry farms of any kind or any ammunition without police permission in areas where the Klu Klux, Klan to control. Almost universally. The first thing done what's to disarm the Negroes and leave them defenseless in a sense, the KU Klux Klan, which is an arm of the democratic party. I say it still exists. The Democrat party was the party of the KU Klux Klan. The KU Klux Klans was first con gun control group, as well as America's first domestic terrorist organization. So at least laws started. Propagating Congress stepped in and created the freedom bureau act insisting that the comfortable right. Constitutional right to bear arms shall be secured and enjoyed by all citizens. Congress followed up with civil rights and the 14th amendment to ensure that no state would ever violate the civil rights of Americans. So after. The, the 14th amendment for states to repeal a lot of these laws that were explicitly forbidding black people from owning guns. So then the white democratic white supremacists legislatures, like in Tennessee enacted a rule called the army and Navy law. And what it did, was it barred the sale of any handgun except the army and Navy. The cult the ex Confederate soldiers already had had had these high quality guns, but poor black Americans could not bear, could not afford these expensive guns. And so they were unable to have guns available to them that that they could afford to buy other states followed. With these neutral laws, banning inexpensive guns or acquiring permits to own a gun. At one Florida judge, explain the laws were passed for the purpose of disarming, the Negro laborers, and never intended to be applied to the white population. Jim Crow loss also became the foundation of gun control in America. Again, Jim Crow laws were part of the democratic party. These laws spread in the north in the early decades of the 20th century aimed primarily at immigrants, Italians, and Jews or labor agitators, or in response to blacks having defended themselves against race rights at the, so again, Whenever you hear somebody say that something is, is racist. First, let's take, you need to take the race out of the scenario and determine what the cause of could be that caused that situation. And we get, have to continue to not let the left the democratic, the Marxists that are trying to take over this country to rewrite history and flip it and say, and that is, they continue to. The perspective and saying that, you know, they completely distance themselves from the fact that the democratic party was the one that created the KU Klux Klan. They created Jim Crow laws. They were, they are racist. They're still really founded in racism and they're, they're trying to cover it up with things like critical race theory and changing, you know, your perspective on things. But. And then saying that the second amendment was actually racist. So this is this time and I, you know, it's hard to talk about this in this 4th of July like this, but you know, this time is critical in our nation. We have to stand up, we have to continue to fight night, keep that's a mantra of this podcast. We have to fight. We have to keep people educated out there. And any, any narrative that the second amendment was. Is racist needs to be squelched and put down. And people need to understand that our founding fathers created the second amendment because they had lived in an area where the first thing that they did was the bridge bridge government tried to take away our arms. That was first part how the F how the revolutionary war started was efforts to Capture munition stashes that the columnists had had stored away and take away their arms so that they knew that they could not rebel and stand up against the British monarchy. But and what does that sound like? That sounds like exactly what we're gonna say today. I'm gonna come and take your AR fifteens whenever Brian was questioned, you know, people think that you're going to be out there taking away their their guns. And he said, bingo, you have no right to own these guns. So, and that, unless you've got an F 15 or nuclear weapons, and you're not going to be able to take down the U S government. So That is what they're trying to do. They're trying to squelch us and keep us down. And our founding fathers knew the importance of the second amendment in that it was the one right that we had that would protect all of our other rights and without it all the other start fall. So continue to be diligent out there, protect our second amendment. And we have to fight, fight, fight. So I hope everybody out there has a great 4th of July. Enjoy your weekend. And I ask you to share this podcast. If you haven't subscribed to it, subscribed to it, no cost and subscribing to it. Follow it. It's another. It's terminology. Follow me on social media. I'll put the link to Mr. Guidance Ted talk in this in the show notes. So you can go listen to it. I highly encourage you to listen to it. It's short, it's only about 12 minutes long or maybe 20 minutes or so long. It's not very long. It's very good. Very well-spoken and, and it's entertaining. So I encourage you to go watch that, share that with your friends, because again, we have to change our mindset in terms of how we look at these issues. Again, have a great 4th of July and I will talk to you later.