Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

Gun Sales Continue To Be Strong

July 10, 2021 Jeff Dowdle Episode 79
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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Welcome to the live sheep podcast.My name is Jeff Dowdell and I been a licensed firearm dealer for the last14years.And it's podcasts.We talked,but all things related to the second amendment,as well as I might throw throwing some sports stories or something going on in my personal life.Well,welcome.Welcome.Welcome today is the10th Saturday getting this out just a little later than I normally do.Just because of baseball and things like that,that I've told you about going on this summer.And but I hope everybody had a great4th of July.We did,we saw some fireworks,spend time with some family just.Took it easy.My wife has a new project for me and we are expanding our patio.So I have been working on that over the last week or so,and I've been fortunate.We've had some really nice weather here in Texas.It isn't that we have been just barely getting into the nineties,which is unusual for July,but I thought I'd,I'd have a quick jump on,you have a quick podcast just kinda update everybody on the,on firearm sales and where we're at and how things are looking for the,for the industry.So Some numbers that come out,you know each month.And I,I don't think I got a chance to update everybody about may,but so may sales came in to be about1.3million guns in the month of may as a22%decrease from April of this year and a17%drop.From may of2020,but it is still a very,very strong number.The you know,I know from experience that the summer beginning may,June,July,even August things slow down people go on vacation.They're not really looking into buying guns and,you know,things start picking up in the fall as,you know,hunting season.Picks up and people start planning for the holidays and gifts and,and things like that.And so while at1.3,why they drop,it was still out five may,20,20,the largest Macon sales that we've we've ever seen.And the same goes for June.So June sales came in at1.2million,which is a drop from may.And it was a significant drop from the June,2020,which is about900,000.Gun sold it last June in2020.I mean that was an enormous month.It was over2million guns sold in the month of June,2020.But it's still represent a strong strong June outside of again the20,20the largest gun sales for the month of June.NSSF NSSF has S made that in the second quarter of2021,we was one,almost one,4.3million guns,which puts it down significantly from2020from every other.But from every other year recorded.So here's the pattern that we're seeing that,you know,we are down definitely from2020,but2021is proving to be a,a big year.Outside of,you know,the second biggest year outside of what we experienced during the2020.And,you know,if you look through and you know,some other numbers,and these are through the may we've sold that9.2million guns in may.Now we are actually on pace,Esther may to outpace20,20by8.7million.But that was.January was a huge a month.And so,as we can already see in June,we're starting to taper off.And I think that once we get through,you know,get past this,that things are definitely going to drop down to where2021is less than what we experienced in2020.But,you know,the thing that encourages.The one thing that encouraged me through2020,and I'm still seeing some of it here in2021are the first time buyers.They are out there buying guns and,you know,last year kind of just,you know,the one thing it shows is that Democrat Democrat policies are some of the best gun sales that,that we can ever see.So,you know,20,20fails we're up for a variety of reasons.We had COVID there was just an overall uneasiness,but then the.Rampant riots and defunding of the police mantras that were going on,made everybody nervous and realizing that,you know,we've got to pray,you've got to be able to protect yourself.And I,I thought was this echoed many,many times people coming in here first time buyers and picking up guns,because they were concerned about their personal safety.And then w need one to do something about it because they didn't know when they might be the next class case with a riot of people showing up on their front yard.And that is not an exaggeration.So,you know,I think what people were experienced in the Democrats turned a blind high and not denouncing what was going on and actually encouraging the defund,the police mantras definitely,you know,contributed to large gun sales.And then we had the election.And,you know,it,it proves over and over again that when we have a democratic president and they start in on their gun control rhetoric and they're going to take away or here,her fifteens,assault,weapons,you know,high capacity magazines,they are the best gun sales men that we could ever have.So I've been doing this for14years.I got my FFL in2007.And when Obama was elected almost the day after.The election,the number of requests that I got for a firearm transfers doubled,and it continued on for about eight months and people were experiencing the same thing that they'd been experiencing over the last18months.If it got to a point where there was no inventory.And I think right now gun sales will probably still be a little stronger than they are today.If the manufacturers were able to keep up,but,you know,they're,they're behind.They're doing the best that they can,you know,you're seeing this with ammo as well,and that that they're,they're doing all they can,but if they can never,if they never get it back up to where it's,it's a balanced part,but,you know,it's,it's tough for them.They don't really want to invest in the infrastructure,the plants and things like that to meet this demand because you,again,you don't,that's significant enough.You don't want to build a whole new factory and then have things drop off in two years and you've got to close that factory.So they're running multiple shifts.They're doing everything they can to get things out,but I think they were going to continue to right now,production and manufacturing are continue to lag behind the man for quite some time.At least until we can get Trump back into the office and people can take a sigh of relief.And maybe back down a little bit,but you know that is yet to be seen.So,but again,you know the,the encouraging thing is the new people coming into to the,to the sport,to the industry,because that will significantly help at least move forward with these having to defend our second amendment rights against the Oligarchies and the,the fascists who want to come and take our guns,the communists that want to control us in the democratic party.It will the more voices we have out there,the voting block gets bigger and it can definitely help us.I am.I'm encouraged by that.And I think we all should be,you know,I've recently gotten involved in the court.Industry not involved,interested,I guess I'm not,not doing it as a business or anything,but I investing a little bit in Bitcoin and things like that.And yeah.But as I've studied that,you know,adoption awareness is very key in that industry,more and more people becoming aware of it.And that is helping drive that industry forward.And while the farms have been around for hundreds of years,and it's not a new industry as such as the digital currency,Digital assets are again,getting more people involved,more people aware of how important it is to protect their second amendment rights.Be able to protect themselves.Their families will continue to benefit the the industry.And our ability to protect our settlement rights.So,you know,these numbers they're encouraging we'll keep them strong,you know,keep the manufacturers,you know,being profitable.And you know,gun stores staying in business and,you know,little FFL like me being able to continue to do transfers.So the whole positive thing,and we continue to the more guns we can get out there.You know,the left is going to tell you more guns,being more,more violent crime.And again,that is not the true case.More violent criminals equals more violent crime,and we've got to deal with the criminal.To deal with the crime.That's my,my stance.So appreciate you all listening,you know,again,some very good news going on there as continue about Gunfield and where we are with the industry.And it's all positive.As long as we can continue to keep and protect our second amendment rights in that,or we all have to get out there and have our voices heard again.Action,action.Action.We have to get out there and.What it takes to protect our second amendment rights,contact your Congressman,your senators local work with your local Sheriff's.Even because those people are on the front lines of protecting our second amendment rights.So appreciate you listening,you know,again,subscribe to this podcast,like it,follow me on social media now and get her.I'll put that in the show notes as well,and just appreciate you listening to me and I'd have a great week.