Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

Surge in Gun Violence not related to Gun Sales

July 18, 2021 Jeff Dowdle Episode 80
Surge in Gun Violence not related to Gun Sales
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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A new study shows increases in gun violence not caused by increase in gun sales.

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Well, welcome to the live to sheet podcast. My name is Jeff dowel and I've been a licensed firearm dealer for the last 13 years in this podcast. We talk about all things, second amendment, as well as we might throw in a sports story or something going on in the, in the news or something in my personal life. So welcome. Welcome. Welcome. It is Friday, July 16th. We are blown through the summer. Here in Texas has been pretty much. Some are so far knock on wood. It is, like I said, Friday is the one I'm recording this. I don't know exactly when I'm going to get this out. We have what has been, you know, the, the tradition here for the last several weeks, we have baseball today. So we are going to you. And head down to around Athens, Texas to play play game this afternoon. And so I don't know I'm going to get this recorded, but I don't know when I'm going to get it edited and upload. So I'm recording on Friday. You may not be getting this until Saturday or Sunday. This weekend, I'll see if we can get it out today, but You know, over the last, you know, four, five years, really, since Trump came on the scene I have been extremely frustrated with really a lack of truth out there. And. Seeing, you know, what the mainstream media is reporting and versus what we know is the truth. And even when things come out as, as being factual, they continued the same old narrative and that, you know, this goes back to Russia, collusion Spying on Trump the Ukraine call all those things, the impeachment one impeachment to just story after story. And now, you know, we've got coronavirus and the election and January 6th and on and on and on and thing though, that is I've always been hopeful for, is that the. The truth is it's like a, you know, a beach ball and that you can only hold it under water so long. And if you've been watching the news here in the last several days and watching some of the stories, you can see that the tr they're having a difficult time holding down the truth. Even some of the most liberal papers are starting to eat out reluctantly. Some, some stories that, you know, that they really hate to report on. You know, one line of constitutional journals finally reported on that. You know, there was 200 ballots that were running through. Duplicate times in, in Fulton county. And, but, you know, still nothing here to see, you know, there was no, you know fraud in the election, but we did a small sample and did find out that that small sample, there was 200 ballots, but you know, there's nothing else to see. We are starting to see some truth coming out about the vaccine and that, you know, there are some adverse effects that aren't being told We are getting reports, finally, some truthful reports around Dr. Fowchee and what his background has been. And what's some of his motivations might've been, so while it's limited, the truth has started to leak out ever. So, so been able to look at ever so much. So and so that leads me to a story. The guardian has put out. And this is by far not one of your conservative right. Waning. It is much more left leaning. And the title of it is pandemic gun violence. Surge was not linked to rise in gun sales study fines. So what has been the narrative? Gun sales are out of control. They've gone up and that is why we've seen so much violent crime over the last year and a half. And then the Biden administration says, you know, we have got to do something about that. We have this we're all there. Their gun control narrative has come through banning the quote unquote assault rifles, because, you know, we, it's just getting out of control these guns, you know, violent crime gun violence is out of control. Yeah. Got to control it by bringing in and outlying all these guns. But here comes a little story that gets leaked out that you know, that it's not quite the, the, the facts. So story starts off the bites. It's by Lois Beckett in the guardian gun homicide searched across the United States during the coronavirus pandemic in the same year that Americans bought a record breaking number of guns, but some American leading gun violence researchers concluded that that might not that well, it might seem like an obvious. Cause and effect. Yes. They've always, you know, cause and effect. A surgeon in gun buying leads to a surge in gun violence is not supported by the data. And that is one of the things to the left. They, they don't like to do sophisticated thinking, you know crime. Is guns equal guns, guns are bad and the equal crime. And if it's, if it's not because of guns is because of racism and those are there, they're there go tos. It says the findings, just that quote. We need to be looking at other factors like job loss, economic change, the closure of schools, community organizations, non-profit and civil unrest. So again, what we've always said along that same time, is that the guns? Aren't the problem. It's it's what's going on in society. It's these fatherless homes it's Poor economic conditions and that we have to go out after the criminals and not the guns. The study is what it's out of the I guess it's the injury epidemiology journal, I guess is what the paper is. And it was by a Julius slammer and just a few things right out of the study. So in the background, a quote, it says we sought to estimate the state level association in between firearm purchasing and interpersonal firearm violence. During the pandemic, they studied 48 contiguous states and the district of Columbia from January, 2018 through July, 2020. Data was obtained from the national instant criminal background system check and the gun violence archive using negative binomial regression models. We estimated the association between cumulative excess foreign purchases in March through July, 2020. We estimated that there were 4.3 million excess firearm purchase purchases. So from March through July, 2020 and a total of 400,075 more firearm injuries than expected from April through June. 20 and we. This is where the key we found no relationship between state level, excess purchasing and non domestic firearms, and said the state level, the magnitude of increase in purchasing with Nazi, not associated with the magnitude of the increase in firearm violence. So the study goes on and on, but it shows you right. That increase in gun sales. Not, it's not the cause, but for the increase in the gun violence. So some things that were interesting, you know, in the, in the article, you know, show, this is the results of the new study are an unexpected addition to the fierce political battle on how to explain last year, this made 25% increase in homicides, which experts say they expect will be the single worst increase in the year. It says. The even though the homicide rate across big cities remains close to half of what it was in 1990, some politicians have used a single year jump and killing pink Democrats and the Biden administration as soft on crime, you know, using an old political playbook tricks, but it also says Joe Biden has responded by focusing on firearm access and calling for new gun control laws. He is soft on crime. That that is not unusual because here his approach to the increase in the murder rate is to go after guns. And this study shows right here that that's a waste of time because going after the guns and the increase in the guns, if not what caused the increase in crime so that he is soft on crime, they're giving her no bail. They're releasing people on my bill charges are being dropped across the country on all the violent protestors and in Minnesota and in. Portland and in Washington because they, they helped push the narrative. It says it made sense that that politicians and other figures would point to the increase in gun buying in 2020 as a potential reason, shooting 70 increase last year. Yeah, it makes sense because that's their playbook. And so, but we go on and start. You know, looking at, you know, other reasons and one of the things is it says it was possible that in some states may have additional gun sales annoying. When two people had already owned multiple farms, meaning certain sales did not necessarily contribute to an increase in the overall prevalence of gun ownership. Well, what needs to be fed if the surgeon gun ownership went to legal gun buyer? We have plenty of laws already in the place that help prevent criminals from being able to purchase firearms through the mechanisms that they are tracking in these studies. Whenever you're looking at either, you're looking at how legal and tracking the purchases of legal gun owners. And these people are not committing the crimes. It says the role that guns are playing in, in increased of homicides may have more to do with increases in illegal gun carrying or the legal possession of guns. So again, we need to go after the criminals, not the guns. But you know, I, I bring this article up as just a little bit of good news that some of the bit of the truth is starting to get out there. And that is because of People out there, like people in this audience that are actually being active and pushing the message and we have to continue to push the message and that we have to support the second amendment and the importance of the second amendment. So I appreciate it by listening to his podcast. Take take these things, these little bits of nuggets, share them with your friends, share this podcast. We have to get the truth out. The truth is what, you know, the whole thing. The truth will set you free. It is we have to start getting the truth out about what is going on in this country. And. What then that is the only way that we can actually get to two solutions to these problems and the solutions one is not taking away our guns. So thank you for listening. Share this podcast. Follow me on social media. I appreciate everybody listening. Contact me. If you have any comments, I appreciate your feedback and have a great weekend.

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