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Olympics Symbolic of Society

July 29, 2021 Jeff Dowdle Episode 81
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Welcome to the live to shoot podcast. My name is Jeff Dowdell and I have been a licensed firearm dealer for the last 14 years. And this podcast talk about all things, really the second amendment, or it might talk about what's going on in in the news or a sports story or something going on in my life. So welcome. Welcome. Welcome today is Thursday, July 28th, and I did not release a podcast last week. Took a little break you know talking about some of our baseball adventure over the last summer with my, with my youngest and we were in Houston last week and in a tournament. So we wrapped that up and we are now back is summer baseball is now done. He's going to take a little break school, be starting up here in about three weeks and we, he will then get back into his fall. Fall baseball. I'm not sure when that'll start, but we'll get, we'll get a little break here, but so I did take a little break and just kind of clear my head and, you know, we are now about a, almost a week now into the Tokyo 20, 20 Olympics. And. You know, I love the Olympics. I have, I have grown up loving the Olympics. I go back to the point in time when the winter and the summer games were done at the same time. And then you had to wait four years and then you'd get another, you know, beginning, basically February through August, you know, you'd have the Olympic. On and you would w just, you know, key in every night. And a lot of it, you know, was at a time when the news wasn't as, as fast. And so even though something may be happening. Horror happened at six, 12 hours earlier. You didn't know about it. So you're watching it, you know, at seven o'clock at night and you have no idea what has happened. And you know, so now, you know, they they've alternated the years. So I, you know, I have I have enjoyed that, so you're not having to wait. Hang on four years in wait two years, but then you get the winter games and the summer games and, you know, and, and back and forth. And so I've, I've I've enjoyed that change. The internet, you know, speeding up the delivery and the 24 hour news, you know, it's hard to get as excited about some of it, but I have to say this year, I am completely tuned out on the Olympics and it is just a statement of what's going on in our country. The fact that, you know, there is so much anti patriotism around the U S that is been turned up by the left, the black lives matter and TIVA the 16, 19 project that Believing that, you know, the U S is a flawed country is just so disappointing. And then when we've got, so we've got the fuck that girl's soccer team kneeling for the Anthem, all those types of things, it just turned me off the Olympics. And it is just a statement of what's going on in this world. And you know, this country we're on the brink and, you know, You know, the second amendment is key to that. And that, that is why I continue to do this podcast because we have got to continue to protect our second amendment. You know, speaking of the second amendment, you know, our, our Olympic shooting team they're, they're doing well. But again, you know, so on Monday. We had Amber English win, win gold, and women's skeet. We also had a Vincent Hancock when gold in skeet and then we'll Shaner one goal in the 10 meter rifle. And so the, you know, the, the you know, Olympic shooting team is, is, is, is excelling as always, we are the leader in that feel, but, you know, again, yeah. Can't can't you're shy of the politics of it. So we had the piers Morgan tweeting out that, you know, it's no wonder that the country of 330 million people with an estimated 400 million guns in circulation and a serious homicide problem is good at shooting. So again can avoid the politics of it, but we are the leader in the, in the field over China and Russia. And so we need to make, we made the name, maintain that dominance, but you know, if I just sit here and think about this country and wherever we're at with things like COVID and a president that is is not well and. The media is continuing to, to cover for him and cover for the life and that the, we have, you know the election in question, we have controversy over a quote unquote insurrection, but then we have the left just burning down cities and people are standing up and cheering that. So. It is very disturbing to me. And it's all coming out in the Olympics. I can't watch it because I just don't even know when somebody is going to do something to disrespect our country. And, and then, you know, Simone Biles given me, don't get me started on that. You know, it's another statement of kind of where our youth are and what is going on in this country in terms of. Our, our desire, competitive desire are a will. And that, you know, that she's, you know, too stressed out to compete. Yeah, again, that's just another statement about how are we have just cuddled these kids. And we are creating a generation that is not going to be able to stand up and not willing to stand up for our country. So where are we going to be? I mean, how long is it going to be before China takes over? I don't know. It is, it is scary for me. I worry about my kids. I worry about their, their kids. And this is just you know, the Olympics is, is a. It is, it is a sign of, of, of where we're at. And so, you know, I say that to say, yeah, you know, we have still got things going on out there and that we have to continue to fight for our second amendment. I, you know, the country, if, if, if they had an impasse. You know, we have to get involved, continue to get involved at our local level. I've continued to say that and stand up for these things. Stand up for our kids. You know, we've got the Delta variant thing, you know, picking up speed again, and it's just. All in an effort to control us. There's actually studies out there and, and opinions that the vaccine is actually making people more vulnerable to, to the disease. I am a, I am not getting the vaccine. My kids aren't getting the vaccine because I just don't trust it. I don't think it's effective. And I don't understand why. You know, if, if, if if it is such a great thing, then why do we have to wear a mask? Why are we doing all the things and trying to out those that, that haven't gotten the vaccine and it's all around control and they're wanting to bring back the mask again. So that we can all demonstrate that, that, that we are subjects to, to the great power of the government, but I'm not gonna stand for it. So we're going on a little trip here today to, to new Orleans. And I'm going to be curious about how things are in Louisiana in regards to mask and everything, because we may run into some, some trouble because we are not taking mass. We aren't going to be wearing masks and. It would be definitely interesting. So if I miss a podcast next week, because maybe I have been put in math prison, you will know why. But you know, this, we are, again, I continue to say we're in a tough, tough spot and we have to continue to fight for it. We have to stand up for do not kowtow to them, do not give in to not acquiesce, just because you want to get along. I said, oh, that's, you know, I went and got started off at the Olympics. Because I just think it's, it's just a point to me that I can't watch him. I love the Olympics. I love the competition. And but we have got to get the pride for our country back and, and it's not going to happen with the leadership that we have in there because they hate our country. So we have to bring back Donald Trump. We have to get a America first agenda. Going and we have to, we have to take over the media and the high-tech. And so those are agenda items that I believe that we have to follow through. So we will be talking about more of that in the future. I appreciate you listening share this podcast, subscribe to it. I'll enjoy it. Thank you. And I will talk to you next week.