Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

We Need To Know Our History

August 06, 2021 Jeff Dowdle Episode 82
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
We Need To Know Our History
Show Notes Transcript

This episode we talk about a few things in history and how we need to be aware of our history to understand our present.

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Well, welcome to the live sheep podcast. My name is Jeff Dowdell and I've been a licensed firearm dealer for the last 13 years. And this podcast, we talk about all things related to the second amendment. Also might throw in a sports story or something going on in politics or just anything in interest that might be of interest to me or to you. So. Welcome welcome to this this first week of August. It's actually still kinda nice. We are having, we only hit a hundred, a few times here in Texas. Now we just got back from new Orleans and we spent three or four days there and that was miserable. It was humid. It's just like a wall hot. And just felt like I was sweating all the time was there. And while we were there on a Saturday, our second, our last full day there the one, yeah, for city of new Orleans Institute there, a mass mandate across all stores. And it for internal dwellings or internal buildings. And so as we're walking along in bourbon street on, in the French quarter, you know, everybody had all the stores that put up their mass required and while some people were following it, some stores were enforcing it, some others weren't it just, you know, and we did go into one, one store that we had a, a tour a cookie. Demo that we were scheduled to be a part and they wanted us to wear mask. And we politely said that we were going to cancel our reservation and we, we left and went on and did something else that afternoon. And so, you know, it's, it's draconian in terms of what the approach is and, and, and it makes no sense what the approach is to this, this virus and it, and it reminds me a lot of, a lot of things. But You know, there was the meme I saw, I may know that my wife sent me a TP to people walking in the rain. One lady had her umbrella up. None of them hand had no umbrella and she's yelling at him to put up his umbrella because if he doesn't put up his umbrella, hers won't work. And that, and that's exact position that people are taking in it. You know, you know, I have no problem with people wearing a mask. I have no people, probably with people taking the vaccination. You do what you think is best for your health and to take care of yourself. But don't, don't say that, that you taking care of your health is relying on me doing something. Let me worry about me. You worry about you. I don't get up, come to you and, and critique, you know, in terms of how much you weigh, are you smoking? How much are you exercising? Because that is none of my business and that, that also, you know, your health in that sense, that impacts me in a sense that it raises my healthcare costs and all those types of things. I'm not coming to you and telling you, Hey, you need to get out and run because if you run, if you don't, unless you run, I'm not going to be in better shape. So, you know, it is crazy. Now the, one of the things that we did do at new Orleans and there's a point to all this is we went to a world war II museum and that museum is awesome. It is on the left. Of the air and space museum at the Smithsonian, which is one of my most favorite museums of all time the world war two museums. Awesome. And it leads you through all of the aspects of the war. And one of the things that. You know, goes through with all the buildup across, you know, Europe and Germany and, and then the, you know, how the United States ended up getting into the war and, you know, there's this event that happened November of 1938, which is called the the night of broken glass. And it was kind of a combination and it, it, it, it reminds me of a lot of things that are going on here in the United States where. Nazi officials, Nazi sympathizers began a full-out attack on that night against Jews, against their homes. Their synagogues are placed the businesses just total vandalism and the Nazis had officials had told the police and fire, if it, unless it's a Nazi or area and race for a location. Do not do anything to save it, let it burn to the ground. And, and that was really the beginning of the, of the attack on the combination when the attack of the Jews, because shortly after that, that is when they started gathering them up. But proceeding all that with, with what was being put in place and The first thing, which relates to this podcast was in 1932, the Nazis issued a law that required everybody to register their, their weapons. And so everybody had to go in and register their weapons and then proceeding up to the night of the broken glass in November of 19 30, 8 weeks and months before that. Jews started getting arrested for being in possession of firearms illegally, even though at this point in time, no official law had been put in place that making it illegal to be in possession, but how did they know which Jews had firearms? Because they had gone and registered them and they all got arrested. And this was just one of those steps where they slowly started and like this armed the Jews. The attacks began in like the night of the broken glass. They had no method to defend themselves. Another thing that started happening is prior to this, a whole campaign, a propaganda campaign against the Jews began to form. And one of the kind of combination of it with as Hershel Greenspan, who was 17 was frustrated and acts out despair. Over his parents and he shoots Ernest Vaughn, Rob Roth who is who was a German minor German diplomat. And what the Nazis then said is that, that Greenspan, he didn't act alone. He was part of a wider conspiracy against Germany. And so this again just led up to the fervor. Against the Nazi against the Jews by the Nazis. This is very S you know, symbolic of what they're doing with conservatives Trump supporters. And they're trying to turn us all against each other. And part of this is this massive mandate and. Vaccinations and saying that it's the, the conservative, right. That is, it is causing all of this and that, if you're, if you're going to, if there's going to be lockdowns, it's because of the right. And that, you know, again, you see Joe Biden going about trying to. Confiscate firearms. He is trying to make pistol braces illegal. He's trying to do everything he can to take what we need for ourselves protection out of our hands. So, and I don't want to, I don't want to sound like I am saying that, you know, Hitler is right around the corner and the Nazi that this is the same as, as Nazis, but history repeats itself. And we need to look back at history and see how certain acts and what they lead to and how they are, can impact what we're doing today. And we can see how people use certain techniques and certain. Events to manipulate and control a group of people to begin to act like they want. And that is what we're happening today. And so this is again, you know, as I walked through the, you know, new Orleans and I walked through that, you know, I walked through that at war II museum and my wife made the comment to what would these young men that were sent off to war. Think about us having to wear a mask against a virus that doesn't eat. You know, ha is, is very low risk to most people. And that the chances of surviving are extremely high, much, very similar to the, just the common flu. And that it's just a part of things going. But here we are all walking around with our masks on and we were sending them off to war with, you know very limited equipment and off to another country and they didn't ask questions. And so, I mean, where have we gotten to? And so I say this to say that, you know, the, the techniques that are being used are again, more techniques to control it. And at first it's going to be, they're complicating our farms. They want to find out who they are. They want to make it illegal so that we can't defend ourselves very similar to things that have happened in the past. They're making us turn against one another. They're saying, you know, those that don't comply with certain mandates are, are hurting or threatening those others. Hey, and if you see your neighbor doing it, not doing it, you know, they're asking us to report on people. And so we are in a very tenuous time and we have to stand up and fight against it. And I, I know. People think these are conspiracy theories and some of us are just wing, nuts, crazy out there, but th this is happening and people have to start listening and recognizing it because. If we don't, we're going to find ourselves in a situation that none of us want to be in. This is just my rant for the week. I wanted to get this off my chest. The whole mass mandate that we hit in new Orleans is really irritated me. And to see that they're talking about lockdowns again and, you know, forced vaccinations. And all those types of things that are out there in the news from this regime, that it just is frustrating to me. And again, we cannot stand for it. We cannot stand for it. I appreciate you all listening. You know, we gotta to stand up. Most importantly, we gotta keep them protect our second amendment rights. We'll be probably doing another podcast here about the crazy ATF director and them trying to get him approved by the Senate and where that is. I'm standing here. And what's the status of that is, but until then, thank you for listening and I appreciate you. Thank you.