Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

Will the CDC Come For Our Guns?

August 07, 2021 Jeff Dowdle Episode 83
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
Will the CDC Come For Our Guns?
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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This episode we talk about the CDC and the threat of them using their power to confiscate guns.

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Welcome to the live shoot podcast. My name is Jeff Donal and I've been a licensed firearm dealer for the last 13 years in this podcast. We talk about all things related to the second amendment. So I as gonna throw in a sports story, something going on in other areas of politics or just anything going on in my personal life. Well welcome. Welcome, welcome. Let's say another awesome day here. And just jumping on because I just had to express some of my frustration with the the Biden regime that we have going on and their entire approach to, to running this country. Outside of being an NFL, my real job is I work in default lending. Alright. The vault, the vault default loan servicing not to get too into the weeds, but our company deals with the creditors big financial institutions the financial lenders out there, the big banks, every one of them that's on, on their corner and you can. Say and thank what you will. I have some own opinions about, about them and what their approach to our country is as well. But in that we deal with mortgage foreclosures, bankruptcies and things of that such. And so, as you know, since COVID started, there has been a moratorium put out there on foreclosing, on people's homes and a victim. People out of their homes renters and such and understand it to a degree. Then they kept extending it. I think they extended it far too long. At some point time people have to pay their bills. People have to be responsible for what their obligations are one way or the other. Yeah. I understand when the government forces a, a lockdown and essentially shuts down the economy, there is some responsibility on the governor's part, you know? So the foreclosures didn't, the more Torrens did make sense, but you know, we need to get everything back to them. And so those moratoriums expired and but that does not, did not stop the the Biden regime and the CDC to go ahead and extend the eviction moratorium that they had, they had put in place. And it needs to be noted that the Supreme court had already told them that this was unconstitutional, that the CDC doesn't have the powers to do that. The CDC, none of the people at the CDC were elected. They're not legislators. They are not lawmakers. They have no authority to do, to do this. They had just gone out and used it. What they're calling a public health crisis and are putting in rules in place. Are far outside their area of, of authority and Joe Biden even acknowledged it and said he knew it was unconstitutional, but it flipped his middle finger at, at the S Supreme court and the us constitution. And let them go ahead and go about it anyway. And that is their entire approach to, to this country and the way they are. As a regime and we need to continue to, to stand up and fight against them and, and which we've talked about this in other areas where they've gone about the, the proposal that they've gotten placed from the ATF. Receivers and frames and ghost guns where they've actually gone and they've rewritten the law. And so finding a, what a firearm is to, to then be able to fit their new rule into that, into that definition. And again Congress is the one that wrote that law and wrote that definition. Yeah. It can't be redefined without going through Congress. You know, they continue to do these types of things where they just have no authority for the rule of law. And they're just going to continue to push and push and push. And here here's an example not to go crazy. So I mean, where if you know, the CDC can continue to declare that gun violence is a public health issue and the CDC, they're going to say, we're going to ban all. No different than what they're doing with the eviction moratorium and with no regard for, for law. And we are, you know, I don't, I don't see it. I, I can see that this is just a test bed where they are going to go. They're seeing how far they can push us. How far will we let them, how much will they will away with? And we have to stand up. I mean, we have to continue to fight and that's what, you know, my message has always been, we've got to continue to fight. We cannot allow them to get away with this. This is a dictatorial. Regime. I mean, it is a total, you know, they're out of control. Biden is a he's, he, he's not even there mentally and he has no idea what's going on around him. He's got all these rooms that are running the country that we don't know who they are. We don't know we did not elect them. And they are setting policy and creating laws and rules that we have. No input on and you know, and they're spinning the country into, to oblivion the the amount of debt and the, that we've taken on over the last 12 months is ridiculous. And they're, they're, they're going to collapse this country. They're going to come and take our firearms. You know, I did the podcast on the history the night of the broken glass. Yeah. It is again, those types of things that were their tone. They letting the country get completely out of hand and a tour. Then they're going to come in and out of the idea that we've got to bring in order, they're going to start. Putting in these restrictions, you know, we've seen it, you know, with the lockdowns and curfews, and they're going to start saying, you know, you gotta turn in your guns and all these things under the guise that they're trying to protect us. Whenever they've gone ahead and they've let the country get out of control. And that is what all of this is, is about. COVID. People keep asking me, what are they trying to get out of? It it's fear. They want us to be afraid. They want us to turn to the be afraid and the only solution is government. And so. You know, this is a continued, you know, this is a playbook that they always use and we can't allow it to happen. We have to stand up. And so, you know, I am frustrated the CDC thing. It has just really pushed me over the edge. Don't understand how how we're allowing this to happen. I, I, I am a landlord. I have a rent house and I can tell you if, you know, fortunately my tenants have been paying, but if they weren't, it would be a very big burden upon me. If I was having to make those mortgage payments without the associated. Come saving rent from my tenants and with no, no, no. Means of cure for it. I couldn't, I can't even sell the house. You know, if I, you know, if you know, what, in a normal market, if, if for some reason I can't work the house and a few months go by and I haven't been able to get a, there, you have me just put it on the market. And so I can't even do that. This moratorium in place. And that is, you know, what is so detrimental and what they're doing to these a small landlords, and then. Destroying them financially. And so with no regard, and again, that is the Biden regime has no regard for the, for the common man. They have no regard for the constitution. And I just encourage you, you know, if, if, if you're on the fence about. You know what to do or who to support, you know, we have to continue to, to contact our Congressman fight, you know, go to your school board to prevent, you know, your kids from being brainwashed with the critical race theory. And, you know, we have to keep an eye on them. We cannot allow them to get away with this kind of stuff, because ultimately they have their sights set on our guns and they're going to be coming for them and we have to protect them and we have to prevent them from doing it. Just a little vent venting on my part tonight or this morning. I appreciate y'all listening. Thank you for tuning into this podcast. Hope there's some entertainment. I hope there's some value. I hope my venting helps you get some things off your chest. Give you other things to its waste, express things to other people. I don't know. I just hope there's some good that comes out of what this is. It'll at least it's therapeutic for me. So thank you. And y'all have a good good.