Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

Biden Destroying U.S. Constitution

August 25, 2021 Jeff Dowdle Episode 85
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
Biden Destroying U.S. Constitution
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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This episode we discuss how the Biden Regime is trying to tear up the Constitution.  We discuss the case of the Rare Breed FRT - 15 Trigger.

Rare Breed Telling Their Story

How the Trigger Works

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We the government of the United States in order to control the people, redefine justice, ensure domestic obedience provide for our own security, promote the general growth of the government and secure the control. Do ordain and destroy this constitution for the United States. Of America. Well, welcome to the live to shoot podcast. And my name is Jeff Dowdell. And on this podcast, we talk about all things related to the second amendment and that what I just read, it's my revised version of the preamble to our constitution based on the Joe Biden regime that is in place and what they are wanting to do to our country. The, it just continues to, to astonish me about how little. They respect the constitution, how they, I believe they see it as, as something that's hindering them going forward. And I think if they can possibly, they will do everything they can to eliminate the us constitution and, and go into full tyranny. A tyrannical regime in charge is that I do believe that. Why do I say that? Well let's just go through a few things. So Let's go back to the CDC. Eviction notice that the the U S Supreme court told the Biden administration that they did not have the authority. The CDC did not have the authority, but no, the Biden administration side, that they were going to nationalize private property. And that the us government was now going to be able to control our property rights and what we can do with that property. And. By doing so there they are trampling on the constitution. Part. Property is what is premier things that this country was founded on the right to own property and, and to do what we want. That is how we've become a great nation. That's what differentiates us from the socialists. And the communists is our right to own property, because that is the thing that once you start going down, that socialists and comedies route, they want to eliminate private property. They want the government to control Raul, and there is an example of where the government is taking. They're they're steps to do that. Then we, we go back to all the things that the ATF is trying to do. So the first thing, you know, they are Joe Biden came in and, and he, he wanted to eliminate. Firearms. He said it, he said, yes. If somebody said, we're going to come after your AR fifteens and your AK 40 sevens and he intended to, but then he realized there's there's this little Nashville thing called second amendment. And it was getting in his way. So he said, well, we're just going to bypass that. We're going to ignore it. We're going to thumb our nose at the constitution. Tell people, just try and stop us. So what for saying, all things ATF has done is they've gone about now and they've issued. Like proposed rule where they're essentially redefining what the definition of firearm is and by doing so then they can start eliminating and making certain firearms illegal. And that was what, the definition of a frame or receiver that they just proposed. And they're doing that without going through Congress. The definition of firearm is defined in code is part of law. And now that they're trying to redefine it. Eliminate their, you know, the need for Congress and bypassing Congress. And that is again, you know, trying to just eliminate the different branches of government because the Ms. The executive branch is where all they want to do is because they want to be a baby attorney. Now they did put the comment period. It finally did end on that. And the, I think, you know, Biden administration is finding it's harder and harder for them to, to do these things because the American people. We're not going to stand for it. And there was over 300,000 comments on the proposal for the ATS revision of the frame and receiver definition. And so now that's going to mean that the ATFs go through those comments. They have to respond to them. So we are going to delay that a little bit. What's the next thing that they're doing? Well, there's a case out there going on right now with a rare breed triggers. I don't know if you've heard about it. It's new I'll link to their website and some of the videos that they put out on it, but they have come out with a new trigger and the ATF has decided that that is a, a machine gun. And while it does not meet the definition of a machine gun you go through their videos. They show how the trigger completely resets. Every time every round has to require a. Pull to fire that weapon. It is not a full auto scenario or one trigger pole fires, multiple rounds, a single trigger pull far as a single round, and every round has to have a trigger pull. That is how it's designed. It does allow for faster firing much like the bump stocks, did the bump stocks, again, allowed you to fire the weapon quicker than with a traditional method. But again, you had to fire the bullets trigger one time for every round that goes out, but the ATF went and said, no, this is illegal. It meets definition of a machine gun. And while it does not meet the definition of machine gun, they went ahead and. And eliminated the manufacturer of those bump stocks. Now they have not prosecuted anybody yet for the ownership they've tried, but they know that the case was a few of the cases they've done. They've dropped those cases because they know that they have no case. So, and this is the same route they're going with the rubbery trigger. It's the same thing that's trying to do. They're trying to redefine what it is, because it looks like a machine gun. Again, it goes back to what we talked about. The assault weapons, those AR 15 look like a machine gun. They look like the M 16, they look bad. They look evil. They're just some automatic rivals. And again, that is what the the why of the Biden administration is going after them. They're going after these by redefining what the definition of machine gun is, is by one that fires quickly. That's not what's current definition is if you want that to be the definition of a machine gun, then you have to go through. The legal and through Congress and redefine what the definition of a machine gun is because that is currently in code. And you can't just do that on the fly. So if you want to define a machine, gun is one that can power fast or looks bad, then you've got to go through Congress, but until then you have to follow the process. I don't know where this is all gonna end up. I will link to the rare breed so you can go out and see, you can support them if you need to, if you want to this feckless administration that we have, what they've done in Afghanistan is horrible. We're not going to go into that. Right now. Because again, they have no respect for American citizens. This is they, again, we are just our rights and our freedoms are something that gets in the way of them executing their control. And, but again, they do have a force to reckon with when it comes to the marriage. Citizen and in what we are willing to tolerate they have failed at the cast and they have failed at the border United States. They have failed with COVID. They have failed at everything they've done. The economy is collapsing around us and Joe Biden is incapable of leading. Foreign governments out there recognize it. I fear for Taiwan. And we cannot let Taiwan fall to China. So while the government that they're focused on taking away all of our rights we have to keep fighting. And that's what this podcast is about. They're going to try and redefine and eliminate the constitution. They they've shown that it's evident and we have to fight for it and we have to stand up for it. That is why we have to do things right. We'll have to look at the 20, 22 elections and completely wipe out all the Democrats and all these establishment Republicans that just want to get their paychecks and get their donations and go to their fancy dinners. So just another little venting session online. I did want to get the message out about rare breed. So you could go out and check out what's going on with them. It is a new, a new event happening with the ATF. And again, I'm run another referral. For them to try and take away our, our weapons. So I'll get this uploaded. We'll have the links in the show notes. I appreciate everything contact me. If you have questions, if there's something you want me to cover, if you disagree with me on anything and just let me know and have a great rest of your week, and I will talk to you all.