Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

CDC Coming For our guns

September 01, 2021 Jeff Dowdle Episode 86
CDC Coming For our guns
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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In this episode we discuss the CDC plan to come for our guns under the guise of it being a public health crisis.
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We the government of the United States in order to control it. We'd find justice ensure domestic obedience provide for our own security promote the general growth of the government and secure control do ordain and destroy this constitution of the United States of America. Well, welcome to the leadership podcast, and that is my revised preamble to the constitution based on the Biden regime and what their version of the constitution is. I played that last week and I may continue to play at the beginning of this podcast for the next coming weeks. This podcast is about the second amendment and, and that we talk about all things related to second amendment. I've been a licensed firearm dealer for the last 13 years, and I am passionate about our second amendment right in public and our podcast a few weeks ago. I am absolutely furious with what is going on in our country today. And in particular, what's going on with our leadership. And in particular, our president the things that have transpired over the last week or two with Afghanistan losing 13 Marines and Navy personnel in Afghanistan the way the president has handled it, his disrespect for those families, his just inability to portray a leader. That we can have confidence in poor decision-making. No, decision-making we have no idea who is in control of this government and it just goes on and on and on. I have not seen an eight month. Timeframe for a president like this. And if your objective, you would agree with me as, as well, this is just, it's ridiculous. We have to do something and this man is not fit to lead. He wasn't meant to lead this. Talked about this, this election was stolen. That's what'll get me up, obviously banned from any social media, but it's, it's the truth and it's sad. He's he's unfit. He's incapable of probably saying that past five o'clock that's when I've lost press conferences or at. Three o'clock 2 45, whoever heard of a president addressing the nation at three o'clock in the afternoon. This is meant to be everybody sitting around the TV, all the kids family, looking at the president in the oval office when we have these national tragic events and going to him for assurance that there's somebody with their hand on the wheel that we're control and this great nation is going to persevere. W we're not getting that message, not, not from this president. And so I mean, it's just ridiculous what's going on. And you know, I have been echoing, you know, that they are coming after our guns and the things that have been happening has just been leading up to this from the left. Two or three podcasts to go. I speculated, you know, this was after the CDC put in there more Torian on evictions, completely overstepping their mound and basically nationalizing private property that now the next thing that the CDC would probably want to be able to do is use that power to come after their guns and boom, it starting to happen. So the CDC director, Dr. Rochelle Willinsky, she had a sit down with CMS. And what is on her agenda next? The public safety, the public health threat. It's a serious public health threat. Posed by gun violence. So now we're going to use the guise of public health and public public health to go after our guns. Just the way they've used it to make us get wear mask where we go shut down businesses, keep land property owners from foreclosing on their, on other people's homes around forcing people to get shots. Making kids stay at home six feet distance and closing restaurants. Canceling concerts, all that for the benefit of public health. And I think they, they use that as a trial balloon and they realize, wow, we have found a weapon here and we can utilize this now. Bingo, we're going after our guns. So you know, she it says in here that it's a serious public health, that, and something has to be done about this now is the time it's pedal to the metal. What that means is, is we've got you trained. You're obedient to us. We're gonna keep this message going. She says the scope of the problem is bigger than we're hearing about. And when you hurt your heart wrenches every day, you turn on the news. You're only hearing the tip of the iceberg. We haven't spent the time, energy, and frankly, the resources to understand the problem, because it's been so divided. Now, she does say in this interview, she says things that sound all about all the right things. I'm not here about gun control. I'm here about preventing gun violence and guns. AKA gun control. And it's not a coincidence. It is not a coincidence. This is coming from the CDC. It's not a coincidence. This is the time the president has been faltering on his his efforts to control guns. The ATF has been again overstepping their bounds and trying to rewrite gun laws, redefining a frame going after redefining what a machine gun is. And, and this is all of this regimes attempt to grab power and, and control from the executive branch foregoing, all the constitutional checks and balances that we have in place. And again, that belief. Like I've talked about that. You know, we, I predicted this, I see it coming that guns, it's going to become now a public health issue and that the CDC is going to be creating gun laws to, to improve because it's a public health issue and we've already indicated that we've got an appetite for preserving public health. It is, it is important for public health, but we also have a constitution. We have liberties, we have rights. And you cannot just arbitrarily initiate laws to say that we're, this is the, say public health. Whenever in reality, you're just looking for control. She said her push is not about gun control, even as she oversees an agency spending millions. On tracking gun-related incidents and gun violence. So they're already there. They're going to be spending millions to track what is going on with the guns. They're going to start probably spending millions to try and track who owns these guns. And then they're going to spend millions to say, Hey, you either turn them in because there it's public health issue. This is not about the second amendment. This is more of a public health and the forefathers could not foresee foresee this. And so again, I employ. To continue to share this information get the, get the word out that they're coming for our guns and they're doing it from every angle that they possibly can except the legitimate one. And that is through ex Congress and either amending the constitution or writing new laws that are constitutional. But again, it is all about. And this regime is about control, and I've said that over and over again. And they, their, their hand on it is, is slipping a little bit because they do have a feckless leader and they're having to try and prop him up. But They still, they still move forward. They are not deterred and they're going to use every means they have possible. So again, this is just an, I want to get the messages out. I like to keep my podcast short. I do. I really do. I want the message to be short and brief, and I want you to understand the importance of it. Yeah. Comment on it, share this with somebody, please. People have got to see this. If they're not seeing what's going on, we've got to open their eyes. And again appreciate you. If you have questions, comments let me know. My contact information is in the show notes and I always have a great afternoon and I will talk to you again next week.

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