Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

Constitutional Carry Is In Affect in Texas

September 10, 2021 Jeff Dowdle Episode 87
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
Constitutional Carry Is In Affect in Texas
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
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In this episode we discuss Constitutional Carry going into affect in Texas.
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Well, welcome to the live to shoot podcast. My name is Jeff Dowdell and I've been a licensed firearm dealer for the last 13 years. And this podcast, we're talking about all things related to the second amendment and mold. You might throw in a sports story or anything else going on in the world around us today. So welcome. Welcome. Welcome today is Wednesday, September 8th and. It is a feeling a little bit like fall out there this morning. I'm still going to be in the nineties here in Texas. So I am still ready for it to cool off. But you know, football season has started the my horn frogs won their first game last week against Duquesne. I think the cane university don't know anything about them. 42 to nothing. The only thing that, you know, where they made some news was the professor had a professor saying that he thought it was okay for white people to kill themselves. But other than that then knows too much about them play Cal Berkeley this weekend taken away. Going to the technique, my youngest there, his brother, who's a freshmen. There will be there. So we'll, we'll take in that game as a family and we'll see how it goes. And then tomorrow my Cowboys start off against the box and T B12 that look good. You know, So bowl champs return all 22 back to the, to their starting lineup. So we'll see what the Cowboys do, but if you watch hard knocks, you know, Hey, we got a chance out there. So it has now been a week since constitutional carry went into effect in the state of Texas. And. Contrary to what people are were fearing. There has not been blood in the streets. Mayhem has not taken over. It has been relatively calm. And thank you. No, I think we'll, we'll approve out as we anticipate that constitutional carry is just like, it is it's constitutional and that it will make us safer and that in the long run protecting our second amendment. Right. Is the, is the quickest way to protect ourselves. So. What's key. And I know a lot of my good number. Most of my listeners actually, aren't good in Texas. They're everywhere in this. A lot of them from California. So California, please eat this. I mean this, the, these are things that you need to hear that's going on in the real world out there. Well, so what's constitutional care. Do one. It allows individuals over 20. To carry handgun openly in a holster or concealed in a non prohibited places for protectionism themselves, without having to first obtain a license to carry keeps all the same penalties. It has prohibitions on who can carry still and where you can carry. If you're on there's still the, the signs that can be posted. There are prohibited places. You can, you may see a in Texas, you're used to seeing what we call the 36 and the 37 sign 36 says, Hey, you can't. Licensed to you. Can't conceal carry 38 7 says you can't open carry. And a lot of times you will see one or both. If you see a 37 more than likely you'll have a 36 There's well, sometimes you may just have a 30 out six or 37, but I'm one or the other, or both is, is prohibited. Now there is a 35 that restricts people without a license to carry to conceal carry in there. So 35 is kind of the highest level that you see that sign. Then that means me as the licensed to carry holder can still carry within that place. And, and so on. So And if you have a 37 that's means you're open carry with a license to carry. So there are some differences or some nuances about it, but you know, licensed to carry is still there. For those reasons people can still get it. You can also have the reciprocity to con be able to carry concealed in those states that don't have open carry. It makes buying a farm easier. All those things are positive things about why we put in. Constitutional carry. And again, like I said, it's been a week and, you know, while it's kind of thundering and lightning out here in the back, the world right here, the world has not come to an end. And this is just one thing where the state of Texas is, you know, out there protecting her rights and. You know, given for those people that are my listeners in other states, especially those in California, you need to listen. You need to listen to what people in Texas is doing. We've had a lot of controversy here in Texas. I haven't agreed to everything governor Abbott has done. But he still, you know, the legislature gone through got constitutional carry, got the heartbeat bill passed. So you can't abort a baby once their heartbeat is, is, is hell you know, we don't have any state income tax. We've got constitutional carry. We've got some election integrity laws that got passed. So, you know, w we're out there trying to keep this state free and free and safe. And and you know, we're, we're fighting against it. We're fighting uphill. We got, you know the border that we were struggling with, that we're trying to protect ourselves from, but, you know, without any help from the federal government, All the listeners out there. You need to encourage your state. Start following Texas and Florida lead, especially California. And my message G all my California listeners is get out and recall. Gavin Newsome the elections coming up next week. First step vote. Yes. On recall. Then after that you get a list of, I think 42 candidates to choose from my choice was Larry elder. I think he'll do great things for the state of California and you need to get out there and, and do it and that's, and that will be another shot across the bow of these leftist Biden regime that they, they aren't. They aren't they're, their ideas are not what the public wants. Just because they have control over the media and they can control these, this narrative, but when he needed to continue to fight for these things. And so it encouraged her state legislatures to get out there and pass things like constitutional care. Duplicate the heartbeat, bill protect our unborn, keep them safe. They are precious precious commodities that we need to continue to, to Protect for those that cannot protect themselves. Recall Gavin Newsom, election integrity. Let's have audits of our elections. I don't care. Texas, that could be the blues blue are red and red. I'm sorry. Lose my mind there, but I still believe we need to audit these elections. It only makes sense what, I don't understand what, you know, I never ensued when we're certifying these elections and we're sitting there and they're openly thing. Hey, well, yeah, we had more people vote than are registered or right there. You ought to stop that I can say that's not possible. How can I certify this? All the numbers need to add up and we need to make sure that we keep our elections safe and secure. So just a little more ranting. But I did want to let y'all know that things are safe and sound here in Texas. Once we've opened up the wild, wild west of the law and constitutional carry and. We'll be out on the main streets and again, encourage your own state legislatures to start passing these types of laws. It will definitely benefit the country as a whole take care. And I will talk to you next week.