Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

US Constitution Is 234 Years Old and Under Attack

September 15, 2021 Jeff Dowdle Episode 88
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
US Constitution Is 234 Years Old and Under Attack
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In this episode we discuss  US Constitution Day on 9/17 and the attack on the Constitution.
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We the people of the United States in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity do ordain and establish this constitution of the United States of America. Well, welcome to the live sheet podcast. Welcome. Welcome home. My name is Jeff Dowdell and this podcast is dedicated to all things related to the second amendment, as well as we might talk about other things that are going on into the investment. Going on in our political environment or in our everyday lives. So why don't I start off with the preamble to the constitution will come Friday, September 17th is us constitution day. Today that is put in place to celebrate the the assault. Of the U S constitution in September 17th, 1787. And you know, unfortunately it's really a day that just mostly goes unnoticed by, by many people. And that's unfortunate. We've got, you know, the 4th of July, we now have Juneteenth that we're supposed to be celebrate. And then, you know, we come through September, we have labor day nine 11, you know, obviously gets celebrated now, but, or remembered. And, but unfortunately the signing of the U S constitution goes by the wayside and, you know, I mean, really wasn't you know, Many bigger things that have happened in our history then that, so I just thought first I would in recognition of the constitution, we can kind of go through a timeline of our of our independence. And so. It was April 19th, 1775. That's when that first shot at Lexington Concord, the shot heard around the world was, was first fired. So April 19th, 1775 kind of kicked off everything. You know, we can back up a few years. And things like the stamp act and things like that that went into effect really, you know, put the wheels in motion. This is what initiated it. At that point in time we all know July 4th, 1776 declaration of independence. We declared our independence from England and you know, we are now officially at war with England. And that went from 17, we'll say 75 all the way through 1782 have November 30th when the final surrender occurred and The troops began leaving back for England. And then we fast forward to September 17th, 1787. So we go almost five years. And we agree on a us constitution, what our form of government is going to be. And then it takes it till June 21st, 1788. That's when the ninth state New Hampshire finally ratified the constitution, thus making it official the 13th state, which was a Rhode Island. Finally ratified the constitution on May 29th, 1790. So you go from 1775 to 1788 is when, you know, from the time the first shot was fired to, to when we have the government that we have today. And you know, I think about that time period and what was going on, that was a 13 year, time period. You know people were born during that time period, much hockey look, think about nine 11 that people were not even alive when it first happened. Today as we remember back 20 years and, you know, there was that time period then as well. So we've got, you know kids 13 years old that have kind of only known the revolution. We have kids that were certainly born after that, that didn't know anything about it, but didn't. Well, you know, we were still a very new country. And then you had those people, you know, that we lost during that time period. But also, you know, the story is, is that, you know, we signed the 17, 17, the September 17th sign the constitution, and then they sent out, copies out across the country, out to the colonies and people, you know, began reading it and they got their hands on this document. And. It was, as they would sit around with their families and they would be reading it. And I'm thinking about what is that like reading the us constitution for the first time when you, you know, a lot of them have been under the you know, ironically the tyrannical rule of the king of England as we all sit here in our tyrannical rule that we're undergoing and what, what it was like to realize what the future was going to hold in, the opportunities that you might have. And I just. Yeah, that's so encouraging, but it's, it's, you know, if I looked at our time right now, Constitution is under attack. And I tell you this. So the story came out just a few days ago, the national archives and records administration in our era has now, when you go onto the digital version of the archives of, of the documents, such as constitution, bill of rights and declaration of independence There is now a banner, a warning that says that harmful language alert, PHY NAR, a statement on potentially harmful language. This is placed on our founding documents. And so now we're giving trigger warnings to people and you know what. What does this mean? So if you go to their statement on this harmful or difficult content includes anything that reflects racist, sexist, ableist, misogynistic, xenophobic opinions, and attitudes, discretionary discriminatory towards or excluded diverse views on sexuality, gender, religion, and more include graphic content of historical events, such as violent death, medical procedures, crime, or Tara sacks, natural disasters, and more. Bias and exclusion and institutional collecting and digitizing policies. So now I don't know what it is. They don't tell you what, what they've done. From the national archives perspective, it appears that they believe that our founding documents are racist, sexist, misogynistic, and xenophobic, and they're discriminatory and they have graphic content. They, they almost go, they don't go all the way to saying that this is fake news. That is false. And. As we're seeing in law or social media posts, and if you've been listening to my podcast, you have now been hearing, you know, operated several times and I make, I want to continue to probably do this, my new version. I started this podcast off with the version of the preamble. This is my, the new version that I've, I've come up with on the preamble as we sit today. And it says we, the government in the United States and in order to hold the. Redefined justice insured, domestic obedience provide for our own security, promote the general growth of the government and secure the control. Do ordain and destroy this United States con this constitution in the United States of America. That's my new preamble. That's what we're living under. When the Biden regime you know, we've got stories coming out now that general. Trader has aided and abetted the enemy in my opinion. And by telling them that, Hey, we will give you a heads up if we're going to attack. And you know, we already know the Biden family and their communist ties with China and what's going on. I mean, we, and none of this is, is, is what's been reported and nothing's been done about it. And then we have the Biden regime going right out and in basically. The man you know, forcing people to inject things into their bodies, they're taking control of private property. And, and we continue to say in this podcast, the very next thing is going to be our guns. They've said that they made no secrets that they want to keep it, that argument that they're not going to come out for our guns. They've been very clear that they want to, and that will be happening. And so, you know, wow. In to him here, we're going to be celebrating the signing of the us constitution. W the, the, probably the greatest document in history, Alonda longest standing founding document that is in place. And it's really what we stand on. It is where our hope lies. And we have to continue to defend and fight for this constitution and what it means. And we cannot let these tyrannical governments and regime such as Biden destroy it for us. And so. Again, I want to celebrate the constitution, honor it today and ask that we continue to fight for it. That is what we need to do, because if we don't fight for it, It will be destroyed. So I guess, happy birthday us constitution. And I appreciate it by listening. If you like this podcast, subscribe to it rate it forward it to people. Do all those things help me get my listeners up and I appreciate you and have a great week.