Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

School Shooting vs A Shooting At A School

October 08, 2021 Jeff Dowdle Episode 91
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
School Shooting vs A Shooting At A School
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In this episode we discuss whether there is a difference between a school shooting and a shooting at a school.
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Well, welcome to the live to shoot podcast. My name is Jeff Dowdell and I've been licensed firearm dealer for the last 14 years. This podcast, we talk about all things related to the second amendment, as well as my throw in a sports story or discuss topics about what's going on in our country and around the world. And. Anything else that might be of interest, but welcome. Welcome. Welcome. It is October 8th, 2021 Friday. And it's a, we are in our second summer. Here in Texas, we have 12 seasons that we we go through and it is we are now entering our second summer. So, so the seasons that we have, and if you live in Texas, you know that these are very accurate. You have winter, you have fools. And you will have second winter and spring of deception. Third winter, the Pallone actual spring, summer Hills, front porch, false fall, which is what we just have been in, or you're now entering second summer as we are going to be hitting highs in the. Over the next few days, and then you have actual actual thought. So that is where we are today. Just a little bit about what's going on with the joy of living in, in Texas, you know, people talk about not having seasons as much, you know, from people moving down to the north. But when you get here, you realize that there are probably more seasons here in Texas, and there are in other places they're just not a stark. And sometimes maybe not as. Long-lasting they come and burst across in terms of sometimes weeks at a time. So welcome. Welcome, welcome. Eh, I we talked about, you know, here I live in Texas and this Wednesday, unfortunately there was a shooting at a school here in the Dallas Fort worth area in Mansfield. Yeah, it's actually in this, I believe it's the limits of Arlington and, but that's the Manfield ISD. Mansfield is a, just a little bit south of Arlington. If you're familiar with Dallas Fort worth area at all, so you've got Dallas and then Western Dallas Fort worth, those are the two major that's what makes up the DFW Metro. Dallas Fort worth, but within all that, there are a lot of different municipalities and that reside in between the two cities and Arlington actually kind of fits in the middle of between Dallas and Fort worth. And it is the place where the Rangers play Dallas Cowboys. That's where we, they have their stadium, six flags a lot of things like that, that is where our antonym. So it's kind of right in the middle of Dallas Fort worth and the area that they're in, you know, it's a pretty nice area that that's the schools in probably. Middle to upper middle-class. And, but what, you know, the thing I want to discuss here is, and it's a question, and I know my answer, but is there a difference between a school shooting and a shooting at a school? And I asked that because. To me, there's a big difference. And whenever we talk about a school shooting, I believe that everybody in the media gets the, and in w everywhere you get the visions of a, of a Columbine Sandy hook where a kid that has had some type of you know, emotional problems as planned out and. Brings a cache of weapons with him that he's gotten from wherever and begins shooting spree with the intent of killing as many people as possible and potentially and actually then himself being killed to me that is a school shooting and those are horrible. And we don't want those to happen. That's why we have encouraged, I believe in the You know, arming of, and training of teachers making sure that there is an armed presence at school, using all the physical security that's possible. But then also being, local law enforcement working to help identify you know, trouble, trouble kids, and most cases the kids have been on the radar to some degree of local law enforcement, but then you have a shooting at a school. And that's just where there is a shooting that happens, that happens to be at a school. And that, that the intent was nothing other than whatever may have prompted that shooting. And that's really what happened this weekend, but our, this week, but the media. The gun control act. If it's the leftist that they latch onto this. And again, they use it as propaganda to attack our second amendment and our right to bear arms and use it as an example of just how horrible firearms are. And again, any shooting is. Horrible. And in this particular one one student was shot. I believe four times he's still in critical condition and the teacher was shot. He's doing better. There was, I think three or four injuries so far, no deaths and the suspect was apprehended. And we'll talk a little bit about more of the details here around that, but around the suspect and such, but, but the media. It has latched onto it. And you know, some of them they've got their, their tweets and things that have come out. So George Takaki to tech tech high, you know, from star Trek thing, he came out and he said, another school shooting. This one in Texas, multiple victims reported my heart, goes out to the victims and their families devastating. Horrific. My anger goes out to the Texas GOP and their governor who enacted open, carry and promote a culture of gun. And violent another Shannon Watts. Who's the founder of moms demand action for gun sense in America. She tweeted out earlier this year, Texas lawmakers further weaken the state's gun laws by passing permitless carry to allow people to carry hidden loaded handguns in public with no background checked or safety training and other, I'm not sure. A lie masterful. Think I'm a journalist says, is this the time I mentioned that Texas into his gun licensing laws, making it immeasurably easier for students to get access to a gun, or is that not information people are supposed to ever bring up Fred Gutenberg? I'm not sure who he is. Oh, he's another ad gun, gun control activists. Most Americans recently focused on Texas and a woman's right to choose. It is wars was mining all that. While people focus on that under Greg Abbott laws were passed, making it easier for anyone to in Texas have a gun and commit gun Vaughn, even in a school. Oh, that is completely false. Has nothing to do with the incident that occurred here. And that's the problem with the left half with anything is that they will not acknowledge. We have existing laws. And when these events occur that the existing laws were broken in Texas. You cannot purchase a handgun unless you're 21, you cannot open carry or carry a handgun under the new laws, unless you're 21, the student was 18 so far already breaking the laws. I believe the school was probably in a gun free zone. Breaking that law. I even, I, as a licensed to carry holder, can't carry a weapon on a school. Don't agree with it completely, but I, I follow, I, I respect that law and I don't carry when I'm on the school property. But as you can see. And this incident, multiple laws were broken that have existed and have been in place forever. I believe Chicago in a three month period has already had 1600 gun homicides, but we don't talk about that because the gun violence in Chicago, that's just, it's just rampant is in a place where they have the most stringent gun laws. But don't want to talk about that because. That just shows we can't necessarily make laws and ban things and solve the problem that this is a people problem, not a gun problem. And you know, if the, the left continues to latch onto this, they they're using this incident as an example of how these new Texas laws and they've just been waiting. They've been waiting to show that Texas has become just an out of control, wild west, just gunslingers left and right. And the thought this was the perfect one, but it makes no sense. It has nothing to do with the new loss. The other thing that's a little, I'm going to admit there's still details coming out about this, but according to the family of the, of the shooter the reason he carried that he brought that gun was for protection. He was being bullied. And if you look at the video. The incident was, was according to the witnesses, the shooter was sitting in class, minding his own business. A kid comes in and starts beating on him. And then we do have a videos shortly after that, of this, of this fight. That was prior to the shooting and the shooter is getting pummeled by this kid. He is just getting pummeled and I can only suspect this is something that he's been dealing with every day for probably a period of time. And that he finally knew that he had something to protect himself. It came and unfortunately he made a poor choice. That is what has happened in this situation. He made a poor choice. But there was probably multiple things that people thought could have stepped in to help this kid, but they didn't and a skin it's just another failure of the system. It's not a failure of guns or gun laws continue to, we, we pray we for all the victims and even the shooter this again, like I said, There the difference between a school shooting and a school, a shooting at a school, and this was a shooting at a school that was unfortunate. Didn't need to happen. And now people's lives are gonna be changed forever, but it has nothing to do with guns or the existing gun laws or quote, unquote, lack of gun laws. We need to continue to get that message out. To make sure that we make the left, understand what the differences are and continue to protect our second amendment rights and not let instance like this be something that they hold up as evidence of the, of what why we need gun control. So I appreciate you listening. This is my little rant. I just was thinking about that, that, you know, Got to distinguish between events. And this is definitely not a, a school shootings, a shooting at the school. Take care, have a great weekend. Follow my podcast, share it with others. And I just appreciate everybody listening. You.