Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

Texas Lieutenant Governor Candidate Coming For Our Guns

October 15, 2021 Jeff Dowdle Episode 92
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
Texas Lieutenant Governor Candidate Coming For Our Guns
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In this episode we discuss  the latest candidate in Texas coming after our 2nd Amendment rights.
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Well, welcome to the live to shoot podcast. My name is Jeff and I've been a licensed firearm dealer for the last 14 years. And this podcast, we talk about all things related to the second amendment, as well as anything that might be going on in local politics or in the country in general. So welcome. Welcome. Welcome today is Friday, October 15th and. That's an Eyeful day here in Texas. Finally we've gotten to our potentially to our fall. I think last week we talked about the 12 different seasons in Texas. And so we've pass through, I think our, our second session. And now we're back into, into fall. And so I've got a busy weekend ahead of me with baseball and everything. So I'm going to try and get this short podcast out and get it edited and get it up before I have to leave early in the morning to go down to south Texas. So lots, lots of things happening around here. And a few weeks ago, we talked about the Texas gubernatorial race and how Oh, Rourke has a throne or talked about throwing his hat in the rain, along with Matthew McConaughey on the Democrat side. And then we've got a whole host of Republicans looking to try and primary governor Abbott Allen west Chad prey, Thur Huffines to name a few to name a few of them as well as governor Abbott, but now a new hat has actually gotten thrown into the ring for the Texas Lieutenant governor race. And if you Aren't from Texas or are from Texas and aren't, aren't familiar. The Lieutenant governor is actually considered a lot of times to be more powerful than, than the governor. The Lieutenant governor is also a president of the Senate. He sets the legislation agenda and he's also in control of the budget. So he's got a lot of power in, in dictating policy. In Texas. And so Matthew Dowd, who is the leftist news commentator, he used to be a speech writer for George W. Bush and then kind of had fallen out with the Bush family and with I guess the Republican party in general, a little bit over Afghanistan and things like that. So he has gone to the left and he has thrown his hat into the ring for Lieutenant governor going after Dan Patrick, who is a current Lieutenant governor. And he's going all in and he is going in with. Serious leftist agenda, definitely attacking our second amendment rights. He is going to be a threat to us from our second amendment rights. And so if just want to listen to, this is just a short clip from his announcement and campaign video that he put out earlier this week, the aftermath of mass shootings in Texas, he pushed through a bill to make it easier for people to openly carry handguns without a. More training. A lot, a lot of comments in there. You can see, he is definitely going after constitutional carry. He talks about the aftermath of mass shootings in Texas, and he's going to go after people who openly carry and do everything seriously to threaten our second amendment. And if you I just play the clip. If you go listen to the ad that he's got and you can find it on YouTube and on his. Website, I'm not going to promote it. I don't really want to give him any more looks, but he's going after not only guns, but he's talking about the Texas heartbeat bill, our election integrity laws, the way we've had the way COVID was handled in Texas by not following the quote unquote science. And I think that in allowing a, he says he he's attacking the governor Abbott. Mandates that he's put about, you know, the no math mandate and now no vaccine saying how he's preventing local areas to dictate how they protect their citizens. Versus the truth is this is we're trying to give our, our citizens free will. And that goes right along with taking, try and take away your second amendment rights. 'cause you take away that take your ability to protect yourself and you get as a society that's even more ability to control. And even in, you know, you look in other interviews and I'm in his, an interview with inside Texas politics. He's a. He he's wanting to put in several new restrictions. He believes that Texans who carry guns, elevate the chance of mass shootings. And he's also wanting to put in more red flag laws, universal background checks and eliminating personal care. In Texas to make Texas a safer place. So he's not only tacking that he is attacking. You know, he believes that, you know, definitely more guns, equal more crime and he's dramatically crime has, has definitely decreased since the shallow shoe conceal carry back in 95. So it, you know, he is a definite threat to our second amendment and we need to keep an eye on him as he runs for Lieutenant governor. And while we're all gonna be focused on the governor, governor. He is definitely going to be a threat and that Lieutenant governor spot does come with a lot of, a lot of power. And so it's definitely threatened. I know I'm getting a lot of my listeners are not from Texas and I am so sometimes Texas issues are a little closer to my heart, but again, we're Texas goes, so does the country, and we have to continue to keep this country, you know, we need to take it back. You know, we. And we definitely need to take it back. We need to regain our rights get this these governments out of our lives eliminate these mandates pursue, you know, our second mineral rights pursue more freedoms and also definitely, you know, get our elections in line. And the left is is against all those things. So I appreciate you listening. You know, quick little video update. I just want to keep you updated on what's going on in Texas in particular, you know, we'll talk about other races you know, what's going on in Virginia. Things like that are coming up is going to be a hot race. You know, Herschel Walker is out there, run for Senate and, you know, I think he's going to be an excellent candidate. There are a lot of good candidates out there and we've got to keep the pressure on, we can't let our foot off the gas. I can't think of any more, any more cliches, but we're we are going to. And we're going to win. We've got to keep it up. Gotta keep winning. We are against this feckless regime that's in place and we have to definitely just keep fighting and fighting and fighting. I thank you all for listening. I appreciate the time you give me and just keep listening and I will talk to you next week.