Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

Firearm companies advocating for individuals to sacrifice their freedoms and Alec Baldwin

October 24, 2021 Jeff Dowdle Episode 93
Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights
Firearm companies advocating for individuals to sacrifice their freedoms and Alec Baldwin
Show Notes Transcript

In this episode we discuss  two firearm industry companies advocating that individuals need to sacrifice their freedoms and I give a few thoughts on Alec Baldwin.
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Well, welcome to the live to sheet podcast. My name is Jeff Dow and I've been a licensed firearm dealer for the last 14 years in this podcast. We talk about all things related to the second amendment and anything that might be going on in today's political environment, as well as in sports stories or other news that might be. Of interest. So welcome. Welcome. Welcome. It is a great a week. I hope everybody had a good week. This last, this weekend was homecoming for my kids. And so my oldest came back to reunite with some of his graduating class or at the football game on Friday, my youngest, he was actually in the home, the junior homecoming queen. Then last night was homecoming dance. And so it's been a busy, busy weekend for us. And just trying to find a little time to squeeze in some time to work on this podcast, do my newsletter, things like that. But it has been a great week. Great weather and everything. And so the first thing I wanted to start off talking about on this podcast is. Brief thing about Alec Baldwin and his situation first, and obviously we pray for the victims and their families for comfort and for any healing and recovery that they may have with bright for the Baldwin as well. This is a tough time. There has been a lot of talk around in the firearm to a community. About this. And, you know, obviously y'all has not been a proponent of the second amendment and has been quite vocal about what his thoughts are. And so there's been people it kind of gloating a little bit and saying, you know, also if he had taken any firearm safety classes, I may not have happened. And that is all true. I'm really kind of reserving judgment until all the facts are known about how this works, because the way I understand it, things. Very, there are very specific rules and processes and procedures that have to take place on a movie set, as it pertains to firearms. There's different situations, whether they're using blanks or they're actually having an actual live rounds and how all that may have gotten mixed up is still unknown. And you know, what was did he, the story I've heard stories about, you know, how things happen, but until it gets some facts, you know, I'm not gonna. Eviscerate anybody or attack them. But I do know that you know, Alec is even in a tough spot as the as the actor, you know, he's facing in the person that committed the, the incident. I guess I'm not going to call it a crime at this point, but he, you know, he could be facing a criminal criminal, and as well as civil. Penalties along with this up to, you know, manslaughter, but then his the other sticking point is that he was Oxford actually the producer. So Alec can't push this off onto the producer and blame them for, you know, poor procedures and safety on the set, because that was ultimately his responsibility. And I think ultimately the one thing that can be seen, I don't know if we'll see Alec Baldwin on the screen anymore, because one of the biggest thing is his actors have to get into. And movies have to get insurance. And if they feel that you know, based on previous things that they're not, it's not safe to secure provide insurance. They're not gonna do it. And I see companies going forward. It can be very difficult after the, all the, you know, there are going to be a lot of litigation around this and a lot of money is going to be paid out to the victims, families. I'm sure. And Alex. Probably not be able to get insured either as producer or as an actor going forward. And that will make him very difficult for him to find a work in the future. So those are my thoughts right now. Now a little bit more pressing matters, more pressing matters are what's going on in the firearm industry. Got a couple of companies that have come back and they're really out there. And they're giving indications about, you know, what their thoughts are on early our human Liberty as, as it pertains to these vaccines and that the freedom that American people should have to to exercise those routes, those beliefs. So first one is out of north American arms farm company. It makes it so small, little revolvers and pistols, little Berenger type puzzles. And Sandy Chisholm who runs it on the website has always had, I guess, his Sandy soap box and each month he puts you know, kind of his thoughts out on the web and, and. And looking at it as a lot, sometimes it looks like it's been really the mode of a therapy session for him. And especially Intel looking back through some of his posts, he's had some tough times and struggles really with depression and things like that around what's happened with COVID and everything, but in September, his post. Really caught fire because he did a rant and he went on about those that have, I have not gotten the vaccine. And here's just a little bit of what he says. Quote, I continue to believe in vaccinations. I believe they are far and away. The most effective means of protecting oneself from contracting the COVID virus. And it's a key tool and named the ongoing threat of the virus. And it's increasingly more threatening variants worldwide. I also believe that if a vaccinated. Does con contract the virus. He, she, they will suffer far, fewer and less severe symptoms than those who are not vaccinated. If there are any doubt over the past few months, by thoughts about those who don't believe in the value of vaccination, it's gone from dissident or simply to contempt. I'll, I'll say that. And he he's surprised that there is such a large. People that have not got vaccinated. So one first here's my beliefs, my feelings about vaccines. I have, I am not an anti-vaxxer most people that have not, I believe most people that have gotten the vaccine or not. And I have extras there, there I've gotten vaccines in the past, but they have concerns about this particular vaccine. No I'm safe. It is how well it works, the necessity for it. And they're just giving it a little bit closer. Look, our eyes have been open about the medical community and we've looked at people that looked at it and so, you know, that's my position. And so he goes in and give some arguments in here and I'm going to, you know, everything he says, I believe is totally false. So it gives some reasons, some arguments about the the reasons why people say that they're not getting vaccinated. I don't believe the vaccines are safe. And he says, how much data gathered over what period of time will it take to put this false narrative to bed? Well, unless he, you go has actually looked at the various data. And can say that. Yes, I've looked at. I understand, I see that the, the, the theater this year, the outlier, you can't say that there's something going on. So I don't believe the vaccines are effective. Again, evidence are showing that people there are breakout cases, people are getting it. So this is a valid argument. I have already contracted the UN. And so I already have some level of immunity and see no benefit in vaccination. He says right on the first count, wrong. You can be certain that your immunity will only be bolstered with a vaccination. That's also been proven to be not true. I'm afraid of suffering side effects. My circumstance put me in a heightened risk for being vaccinated. And he goes, I don't know what circumstances that is. Most certainly does not apply to those attempting to become pregnant. For example, I have a history of. Allergic reactions I claim, or he goes, I claim a religious exemption for the life of me. I can't under space, stay on the basis of such thing. What religion would advocate against something that will protect your life and that of others? Certainly none that I've heard of go half the Pope. So he goes on and on and on while those are concerning you know, he fits in. And he wrote a new one and he kind of comes back and says that it is same feelings, different tone is what he goes about. And he kind of backs off. So of the statements and we'll give north American arms credit. They have not put in a vaccine mandate for their employees, but in, in the, he goes into defendant himself. Then he said, one thing he said in there, probably the thing that concerns me the most about all the statements. And in that he says in his argument, he, he basically says that at some point in time, you have to give up some of your freedoms for those, for the greater good and be willing to sacrifice your freedom for the greater good. And right there is when he, he shows his true colors because of that is exactly what the, the gun control group is, has always argued that we need to give up our freedoms. For the overwhelming good of the people and what is good for particular for me. And my protection is needs to be ignored as, as it pertains to the greater good. And so right there, I think Sandy may have revealed his true colors because it is very concerning that he would be willing to give up his freedoms that has been given to him and ask people to give up their freedoms as it pertains to the, to any. And he acknowledges that in his post that, you know, you can vote with your pocket book and I'm not, I'm not calling for a boycott of Northern American harms. And I call them for any of that. I'm just raising some concerns about what's going on in industry. Another big concern is Hornady ammo manufacturer. They have actually put into place on October 11th. They sent a note out to their employees about a workplace mandate. And what's concerning about this is again, is their facts are wrong. So. We have been formed that we will be subject to a vaccine mandate as early as December eight. Not true. President Biden has not done anything. He had a press conference and that is it. And so in there then they, they say, I w I am asking you, and this is from Mr. Hornaday himself. He says, I am asking you to please, please, please get the vaccine. At the end, he says that another thing that's contributing that it says it is, this is a good place to work and have value the contribution each of you makes to this company, we are on track to have an even better year than. We do not want you or us to be faced with career devastating decisions as the final days before the mandate is in effect. If they end it right there, go get vaccinated or you're going to be fired. And. That is a very concerning to me because there's nothing that's forcing them to do that there's not a mandate. And so, you know, he may want to use, maybe they've got some contracts with the government, but sometimes you have to make the tough decisions. And if you don't and you show where your true colors lie, then. It's very revealing about what type of company owns it. He actually may be, again, not comparable. You make your own decisions, research it, but it is very concerning that we've got, you know, here we have two, two people, two companies in the industry that are actually telling people to give up their freedoms and their Liberty to protect what they do for their body. Just because the government is potentially even in, have not even done it yet. I say that it's mandated for the gut. Common. Good. It's not right. And nobody should be put in that position. Those are my thoughts. People are going to disagree. And I understand that and, you know, cancel people, blah, blah, blah. You know, I'm not really concerned about any of that. So let me know your thoughts and I appreciate it. And everybody have a great rest of their day and a great upcoming week. Talk to you.