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Left Losing Their Mind and Good Guys with Guns

December 03, 2021 Jeff Dowdle Episode 98
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Well, welcome to the live sheep podcast. My name is Jeff dowel and I've been a licensed firearm dealer for the last 14 years. And this podcast, we talk about all things related to the second amendment. So those might fill a sports story in or something going on in my personal life or touch on other news topics that are going on during the day. So welcome. Welcome. Welcome. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving for those of you listening to this podcast in the U S anyway, those that don't and I do actually. Yeah. Quite a few listeners that are outside the U S international. And so Thanksgiving is a, a us holiday where we we just kinda get together and we give thanks for what's transpired during the year. And it's just a time for family to get together. Watch football and really, it's kind of the kickoff of the Christmas season for us. And the very next day it's considered a black Friday and that's when historically all of the sales would go on and people go out and start buying their Christmas gifts, but that's pushed up and, you know, black Friday is now. Started weeks before in a lot of cases, but thank you. I didn't do a podcast last week. I needed a break. I took a break from that. I took a break from my newsletter. I took a break from all news. I didn't listen to my most of my podcast or news podcasts anyway, and I stayed away from most news-based websites. And so, you know, I just needed to detox a little bit and get away from. The negativity that goes on up here in the news. Doesn't matter which side of the story you're on left or right. It is still, there's quite a bit of negativity, but so this week I just want to touch on some, some of these stories that have been going on out there and just kinda. Quick rundown of those. And so first, you know, we've had, we had the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and his acquittal and the left is still just losing their minds over Kyle. And so for example Lee Levi Strauss is offering their employees and opportunities. To engage in a quote, fireside chat and Q and a with a racial trauma specialist following Kyle's acquittal. They sent an email out, it says with the news that Kyle Rittenhouse was not convicted in the shooting of three individuals, two of them lost their. During racial injustice protest last year, this is a difficult day for many female continues the pain and trauma of race, identity, and, and belief based tragedies is a reality that many of us are struggling with on an ongoing basis. It can feel physically, mentally, and emotionally draining to continue to relate to these moments. And I want you to know it's okay. Not to be okay. Please also know that my team and I are here for you and our. Working hard to create opportunities for you to express how you were feeling to help promote safety sharing and encouraging. I'll be hosting a fireside chat and Q and a with Dr. Amilla Codrington, a licensed psychologist and racial trauma specialist in early December. Dr. Jay. And I will talk about the mental and physical impacts of back-to-back social and racial justice events and trauma coping mechanisms. During our discussion though, I really would love to be a fly on the wall on that I would love to listen in. If anybody out there has any ends with Levi-Strauss and we can get us some way to listen in on that, I would really love to hear what this racial trauma specialists has to say about Dealing with the acquittal of an innocent man at Arizona state university. There's several Oregon student organizations that are trying to withdraw Kyle from the university, the eight students for socialism at Arizona state university. Spokesperson. I told Fox news that the ultimate goal of the demands is to let the university administer it ministration, know that they do not feel safe. Knowing that I quote mass shooter is admitted to the school quote, the goal of these man's. The ASU administration know that we are the issue community. Do you not feel safe knowing that a mass shooter who was expressing violent intentions about protecting property over people is so carelessly allowed to be admitted to the school at all. The spokesperson said our campus is already unsafe as it is. And we would like to abate the standard as much as possible. Maybe it might be a little safer if we. You know, what, what I think a lot of these places could use a little bit of of our protection and a little justice. That is no, the difference between right and wrong. But on the flip side, Oklahoma state, Senator Nathan Dom, he's filed Kyle's. Last week to sh to shield state residents from politically driven prosecution in situations where they act and self defense Senator Dom noted in his bill, SB 1120, if it becomes law, it would also guarantee that victims of malicious prosecution would be able to receive compensation for expenses and damages. That's a big one, you know, Carlos experienced quite a bit of slander and libel against him. And, you know, you can see people. Can I kick him out of the school he's in and you know, it's going to go on and on. And for him to be able to. You know, receive compensation means to be an OSU would be big, talked about black Friday earlier. The gun sales are, are, were strong during a black Friday in the year long frenzy of gun buying. It went into overdrive. Now set to guarantee that 2021 will be the second best year for sales. After last year's record, binge urge by the industry to extend sales over the week. The FBI wouldn't be overwhelming on breakfast. Black Friday, the national shooting sports said that there were 687,785 background checks that week, even with sales lasting, several days, industry represents that book probably was one of the top 10 busiest for background checks behind next recorded 187,000 checks on black Friday alone making among the top 10 high stays for Knicks. And I thought half, half of a percent increase from black Friday 20. And the numbers from the national instant criminal, the next system suggests that sales for other firearms related applications for concealed carry weapons. I says this year has already been shaping up to be the second strongest year for firearm sales and record second, only to 2020. And we anticipate based on annual data that firearm sales will arrive during the final month of the year, coinciding with hunting season and holiday sales. So there you go. Got the sales. And you know, that that's a good thing online. The more people would get out there that are believers. The stronger that we, that the second amendment gets, and just in time for Christmas Dana lash, she's got a new children's book out there called paws off my canons. And in the book paws off my couch, it tells the story of Bango, a gorilla who loves cupcakes. Yeah. When hyenas armed with coconut, Canaan's come to steal the cupcakes. Bango has to use a Canon of his own to chase them away. Half of the town wants to band cannons, bongo insists on keeping his and his heroism saves the day, bongo and bodies, the type of care. Everyone wants to cultivate in their children. Lash says he is genuinely concerned about protecting everyone in his town, even those who disagree with him. And then finally heard this on the bearing arms, I guess, in their website. They there was an article, a blog post about the 2021 national firearm servery. And this was on the slow fax blog. Put links all this on there. And it says this in the blog that he states the news media sells shock and revolution revulsion to keep us watching watching through their mini advertising, those politicians slider, frighteningly dangerous. And it would say for most honest, citizens were disarmed, like tempted to believe that it, that is all we know we are tempted to believe them. If that is all. Now we have data that calls their story. And the question we confirm something we'd long suspected about good men and women who will really carry in personal farms and public. Now we know that concealed carry and armed defense is common. So they did a survey and the study shows that roughly on average, on any given day 17 million gun owners are carrying their, their gun. That's basically what. Every 12.5 adults. So when you're in a convenient store, there's a good chance that at least one person in there as arm, the survey also said that a third of all gun owners in the survey report using a firearm for personal offense, but more than 80% of the incidents ended without the defender firing a shot. So. Yeah, this is good news that good men and women are out there carrying their farms, that they are everywhere and they're using them over a million times a year to defend themselves and protect us and keep us safe. And again, go back to what I said about at Arizona state university. So those are just a few things that are going on. And this week things I found. Interesting. I appreciate you listening and thank you as always subscribe to the podcast. If you haven't share it with others, follow me on social media. I'll put links to these stories in the show notes, and I appreciate you listening. And everybody have a great day.