Live to Shoot - Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

Merry Christmas

December 22, 2021 Jeff Dowdle Episode 99
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Welcome to the leadership podcast. My name is Jeff doddle and I've been a licensed firearm dealer for the last 14 years in this podcast. We talk about all things related to the second amendment, as well as what's going on in the news and my throw in a sports story or something going on in my personal life as well. So welcome. Welcome, welcome. December 22nd. And I just want to take a moment to wish everybody a very, very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. I'm taking a little break off from the podcast, and honestly, I'm kind of reassessing. What do I want to do with this podcast? Do I want to continue it? A dialogue changed the direction. Do I want to change the frequency changed subject matter a little bit? Thinking about all those things. It is going on January on January one. It will be exactly two years that I've been doing this podcast. And I will have, this will be, I think episode 113, that I've uploaded. So, you know, and never really thought I would be on doing it for two years. Didn't know what I'm going to do when I started it. So now I'm looking to see, you know, what I want to do. I want to keep dealing with it. People I do, you know, people are listening, I'd have listeners, it's it's been kind of steady. The growth has tapered off. So you know exactly what I want to do. And I welcome your feedback. My contact information is in the show notes. So any feedback that you all have, you know, I be saying shut it down. Will tire hearing it from you? Or if you've got other thoughts or ways that you know, you want this to move forward feel, feel free to let me know. I'd love to hear whatever I thought. Thanks. So I'm gonna, you know, just take a few weeks off relax try and return. And, you know, say what the creator Jesus, tell me as well as, you know, feedback I get from, from, from y'all. We'll definitely take that in consideration, but more importantly, I want everybody that just have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year, be safe and jewel your time with your families. I know this can be a stressful time. It has been for me in the past. But I'm looking for a forward to a nice. A week or so with my family being off work and such. And so I just hope everybody else has the same opportunity. And just again, enjoy this time and have a mirror Christmas, and I may or may not talk to you again next year. We will, that is yet to be determined. Thank you. And thanks for listening.